Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Christian Right takes on Target

Last year Target banned the Salvation Army from ringing around their store and now it appears that appears that you can't say "Merry Christmas" in the stores either.

Now Christian Right kook Donald Wildmon via his American Family Assocation is calling on Christians to boycot Target Stores in hopes that they will learn the errors of their "politically correct" ways.

Look I am not one of those people who supports polticial correctness in order to make world such a happy and nice place while the powerlords suck the life out of the rest of us. Freedom of Speech is offence and so is life. However Target is a private company and as such they make the rules and right now they want to encompass the entire hollday season. You Christians keep forgetting about that Holiday with "eight crazy nights." By the way Chanukah starts late this year on December 25 Christmas Day. Also those who have no belief or Neo-Pagan would celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Now I would take issue with Kwanza because its a phoney holliday and its founder had ties to the Black Panthers and also embraces Marxism but I shall save that for another blog. In the meantime you can read about Ron Karenga who created this holiday.

I wish Wildboy Wildom the best in convincing Target to embrace Christmas once again. However not every boycot worked with this group. Maybe this one will.

This blog however will respect anyone who believes in the foundation of this country and limited goverment. Those people may encompass those of the Christian faith but their may be Jewish and of other faiths. To that end I say

Happy Holidays and Keep up the Fight to prevent collective from assimilating us into their "utopia."


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