Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Quick Read

Their are those who want to stifle us when it comes to poltical speech. Their goal to keep holding on to the securty blanket as much as they can and stick to the rest of us. Nevermind it belongs to the "people" and the people deserve "fairness."

Yea but who decides what is fair?

You have to keep the fight up people. Otherwise you will not be as "thankful" in the long run.

This link is a MUST READ!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay tuned to my blog

I will hold off on my comments regarding the sweeps. Its just as I feared. One show and I do like it will not cross the "Threshold." I will hold off on comments until December..or if CBS pulls it this week. If not for sure after the next.

Too Bad. Sometimes the people don't know a good show when they see it. Then again Jennifer Finnigan (Close To Home) may not have to look for a new show for awhile, and its a better fit with "Numb3rs." I shall explain when I do my sweeps post.

This Just In: ABC will end the 5 year Spy-Fi Drama Alias in May. This is what I have hoped for. A good send off for that show which it truly deserves. Its a crying shame when shows end unresolved...The ones I like at least.


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