Friday, November 25, 2005

Barack Obama stands by KKK Byrd

Yes my dear friends that is a true statement, but it should be no surprise to anyone who knows how the Democratic Party works and operates.

Obama unlike many Black Democrat operatives, is not the bitter and angry person that many of them are but he is still a Democrat and Obama tows the line of the agenda that the Democrats have. That also includes NOT bitting the hands of those who can make an impact and/or have been loyal to cause of the DNC.

In a fund raising letter Obama says:

"In 2006, Senator Byrd will be the target of Republicans because he stands up for what he believes. Will you join me in supporting Senator Byrd's campaign for re-election?"

As I have said before Robert Byrd is first and foremost a Democrat. As long as he is such his friends and supporters will forgive the man for his past deeds. It has nothing with him seeing the errors of ways via an "act of God." Its all about the Democrat Party and their goal of gaining power in our goverment, and Obama is not going to denounce the formor Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Should Byrd switch to the Republican Party the next day then Obama might say something about Byrd being a Klansman.

Byrd in any case has been in the Senate for way too long. Its time for him to retire.

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