Friday, November 25, 2005

Now I Shall Talk About The November Sweeps 2005

Say Goodbye to Threshold???

I said I would talk about the sweeps if "Threshold" got the shaft. Not quite their but CBS did pull the show off the air but expect it to vanish.

Its too that bad cause out of the three shows dealing with alien threats, I felt that Threshold stood out among the three as did many critics. It was well written and well acted. I never really got into NBC's Surface (my father did however) and I am losing intrest in ABC's Invasion. Those two got a full season pickup, and I expect both to not go beyond a Freshman year. Sci-Fi has always been a hard sell on broadcast TV.

Close To Home better fit with Numb3rs

"Close To Home" had a hard time on Tuesday nights. Law & Order: SVU and Boston Legal proved too much for the show so it was moved to Friday's sandwiched inbetween Ghost Whisper and Numb3rs. While Treshold could not keep the Whisper audience, Home has proven to be a complement to Numb3rs both to the show and in the ratings Numb3rs :). Here is why?

In Home Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan) is a Prosecution Lawyer who recently became a new mom, and being that also plays into her profession. In Numb3rs we see the relationship of two brothers Don and Charile Eppes (played respectfuly by Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz) in their professional and everyday family lifes. Father Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch) is also their to lend his support to his sons.

Bottom Line: Home and Numb3rs are both Crime Dramas in which we see the home lifes of the main characters. Fridays nights are NOT dead yet and CBS proves it.

At least it will get a good send off

After five years the Spy-Fi cult fav Alias will come to an end, but will finish off its current season. Alias was never a show to get the numbers like a Desperate Housewives or a Grey's Anatomy but it did have a loyal and "young" following that convinced ABC to run with the show. Now that the cast and crew would given a midseason notice the show will get a closer that this series truly deserves. Make it Good!!! JJ Abrams still has Lost which truly took off.

CBS King of the Hill

CBS really now has bragging rights.

Number 1 show on Monday: CSI: Miami

Number 1 show on Tuesday: NCIS

Number 1 New show on Wednesday: "Criminal Minds"

Number 1 show on Thursdays AND Overall: CSI

Number 1 show on Friday: Numb3rs

Number 1 Comedy: Two and a Half Men

Number 1 Newsmagazine: 60 Minutes

Number 1 Reality Show: Survivor (at least when American Karaoke (Idol) on FOX is not on)

As long as you have many plus you can say your the most watched network. The Tiffany Network got back its crown and is doing well in the 21st Century. Could not say that ten years ago. 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago you could say CBS was the most watched network too. One thing that CBS could do is add a few more series to Sunday nights. That might give them a run for the money with ABC which right now wins the Sunday Night fights. Most of time ABC and NBC overtake CBS during the times CBS has somekind of movie on. It would still be a challange since NBC pulls in decent numbers for Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. Prediction CBS will hold on the TV Movies for a few more years on Sunday nights until they know they can overtake NBC and maybe ABC on that respected night.

Now that Threshold is gone, one can only hope that Still Standing and Yes Dear will end after this season. At least me. Sadly Yes Dear went beyond a point in which it can be stripped for syndcation and Still Standing will gain the honor next year. Please CBS don't add more to the respected "cans." Oh well its least they will not go and on like a Friends, a Senfeld or a Raymond since all three are in the Syndcation top ten, and have proven to be keepers for quite sometime.


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