Friday, January 06, 2006

Earl Slips BUT Hang Tough, American Office gets a slight Gain

As I said watch NBC to see how its attempt to revive "Must See TV" is going.

Well NBC gets a third place overall win behind ABC and the current king of Thursday Nights (and then some) CBS. ABC I shall explain in a moment, but lets talk about NBC.

The W&G/Four Kings Hour got around a 5.8 adverage with Four Kings with a slight lead. Earl got a 7.0 below adverage than what it got on Tuesday but does not put the show in danger. The Office which never has been able to keep the Earl crowd did get a slight gain with a 5.5.

Why did ABC do so well. Four Words...Dancing With The Stars. The second season of this show proves that it can do well outside of summertime. It also does better than the cult Spy-Fi Series Alias which ends its run in May. It won the first hour only beating a repeat of CSI on CBS. I predict that Survivor will have a run for the audience the money with this one. ABC hung tough in the second hour with a second place finish. With a first run episode of CSI and CBS I don't have to tell you who won.

I still like to see NBC put Earl where it need to go. 7/8 is the slot that it should be in. It should be one to kick off NBC Thursday nights. If you must make Will & Grace the lead off for its final months of be it, but move that "Four Kings" to 8/9 and put Earl at 7:30/8:30.

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