Friday, January 06, 2006

Will Someone put a lid on Pat Robertson's Pie Hole Please???

Look I support Israel and the rights of the Jewish people their, and I don't buy into the crap that the Palestinians want to make peace. The Palestinians want to take over the country and make Israel null and void. Will Israel let that happen? Over their dead bodies.

With that said can someone shut up Pat Robertson about Sharon paying the price for this fake peace by an "act of God?" People for the Socialist Way (founded by Norman Lear) is piching a fit again. This freaking idiot who runs the 700 Club makes people like me look dumb.

Remember what else he said? Lets Recap his best moments from last year.

  • In October he talked about the recent increases in the Natural Disasters and that ment the second comming drawith. It can happen but not yet.

  • Before that in August he called for the assassnation of Venezuela Prez Hugh Chavez. Make no mistake Chavez is Fidel Castro's "min-me" but until he throws dirt as us, we get on our knees and plead for this oil. Does make any Democrats out their oh so happy??? I hope so since you will not allow drilling in AWAR and then some (like NEW oil refineries).

  • Robertson also said that God is not going to help the people of Dover, Pennsylvania because the replaced their local school with people that support SCIENCE (the theory of Evolution) instead of something that is based in Religious Faith (Intelligent Design i.e. Creationism).

For the record the Jewish People here in America (at least the liberal ones) have turned on their own people and have taken the side of Palestine.

Make no mistake, these 'Milltant Arabs' want no Jews in the middle east. Not all Arabs are bad people so don't call me a racist, for pointing out the truth. Notice I said MILLTANT Arabs.

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On a related story, The President-Elect of Iran says he hope for the Death of Sharon. See what I mean about MILLTANT ARABS? He has called for Israel to be wiped off the map.


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