Friday, January 06, 2006

Here is a Dumb Statement

"Students using vouchers will now be welcomed back into Florida public schools, It decides with finality that the voucher program is unconstitutional."
Ron Meyer

This guy (a Lawyer by the way) was on side of the Teacher Unions and then some in trying to get Florida's School Voucher Law unconstitutional. Guess what THEY WON!!! Click those words to find out why.

It is amazing on how so many states got dupped into this thing called "Free Education" which helped create this thing called "Government Schools." Oh yea the kids will be welcome back into those schools, but will they get the education they deserve? I doubt it. At least when they come out of the system, hopfuly you will have some sheeple that will lead America into this brave new world called a Socialist Paradise. According the TalkMaster Neal Boortz, they only people to blame is OURSELVES!!!

"a setback for those parents and children trapped in failing schools."
Clark Nelly--A Lawyer on the side of vouchers

Don't ever forget that "free education" was part of the Communist Manefesto. If we can't have school choice/vouchers, then its time to change our state constitutions and call for a seperation of School and State.

By the way its the same state court who tried to give Albert Gore Jr. a win in 2000. Don't ever forget that. That is why the Dems are looking for a way to stick it to Bush big time. In times past the Dems have be able to steal elections. They demand recounts until they know that the have done such an act, and when the Dems win they fold, get the "securty blanket of power" and suck the money out of the taxpayers.


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