Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well it looks like Ariel Sharon is hanging tough, but it may not be enough. I shall talk about it when it becomes nesscary.

Tonight NBC attempts to revive its "Must See TV" night which has taken a backseat to CBS. Speaking of CBS, new episodes of CSI and Without a Trace are on tonight. Meanwhile NBC is hoping to build on Earl and Office, but it giving the anchor to David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Those two created Will & Grace (which will end its run this year), and hopes to keep them in the driver's seat with Four Kings. I am hoping that they give Earl the driver's seat somewere down the road. That is the show that has the numbers. I would not count out CSI just yet. I am looking forward to seeing the numbers on Friday.

Speaking of numbers the return of Scrubs (which my father thinks is a great comedy) did not make impresive numbers. This could be the year that Scrubs get canned. Also CBS's Still Standing is going to have a shorter run than expect has CBS cuts its order to around 12 to 13 episodes. Could cancelation be next for this sitcom? I sure hope so. One less crappy sitcom to deal with.


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