Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Follow up on my John Murtha Piece

Yesterday on Darth Fargo's radio talk program (Ed Schultz), he put Murtha on the hot seat for giving the right the words to use to go after the left in saying that they are anti-Milltary.

I don't how this man can call himself a liberal so many on the left are moving more and more towards the left and with that a growing hatered of the milltary. Sure they can say they don't want to join because of Bush and would join if Gore, Kerry were in the Whitehouse instead. The milltary right now is all-volunteer and certain people that have served our country wound tend to vote Democrat. Always had them and always will.

One thing Schultz is right about. Serving your country does not grant you an exemption from people being crtical of what you say and do especially if your in the walls of our government. Murtha should have not be a blut as was with ABC News. However it does show the anti-milltary stance within the Democrat Party.


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