Tuesday, January 03, 2006

John Murtha says he would not JOIN the Milltary NOW

Well that is OK Rep. Murtha. The milltary right now is all-volunteer. We really now know were you sit regarding the Iraq War. You see it as a Republican War and that in of itself is bad.

This war unwinable. Wish you would shut up and leave along with Howard Dean and John Kerry. Oh well if you have pockets of idiot Democrat these people will still have jobs.

People like me however will not let this become another Vietnam.

Story from Reuters

Click Here to access video clips from ABC News

Speaking of which...

The Vietnam War was started by a Democrat but could have been won by a Republican. Could not let that happen. Walter Cronkite had to remind us of Watergate, and Cronkite's friends in the Vietcong would eventually win. Today Vietnam is still Communist, and no sign for change yet. Cronkite...yea he still believes in World Goverment, which is a means to an end in promoting Global Communism/Socialism.

I can never bash Uncle Walt enough, since he was a stealth commentator when he was in the big chair at CBS News and the news media at large are stealth commentators mostly towards the left.

Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of Talk Radio truly deserves the title "American's Anchorman." Don't know if HE declared himself to be or if someone else gave him the title


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