Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some Recomended Reading for Tonight!!!

First it was Michael Graham, now it has happened to Hal Lindsey. Click here to read a piece from World Net Daily in which Lindsey cutting off ties with no remorse, but will continue to warn people about the dangers of the religion called Islam. Graham by the way now has a new radio gig in Boston working at WTKK-FM, which does a News/Talk format naturally.

Cal Thomas says the recent court desision should finally convince you parents to pull your children out of the Government Schools once and all. Thomas says the days of "Leave it To Beaver" are not comming back anytime soon and likly NOT AT ALL!!!

Funny I just got Nickelback's lastest CD and hearing song about a man getting on with likley a teenage girl (Animals). I am a fan of Nickelback...even if they are from the Great White North.


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