Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Readings

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz.

The AP's Take on Katie Cookie Cutter's Free Speech Segement.

The Dems hope that a Texas Court desision in keeping Tom DeLay on the ballot will help them win his seat. It also could blow up in their faces.

The chances for the Dems to take over the U.S. House and Senate look very good right now. Larry Sabato and David Wasserman explain why.

Are some opponents of the War on Terror resonable people??? Believe it or not David Limbaugh says YES, but reminds us that the Global Jihad is unappeasable and these resonable people don't know the whole story.

Does Israel know the ramifications if they lose the war??? Charles Krauthammer says NO and that Failure is not a choice.

Want to learn about what is reallying going on behind the Qana incident??? Read this piece from David Warren and if your releying on the Mainline/Liberal Media...FORGET IT!!!

Larry Kudlow supports the War on Terror, but still wants congressional oversight.

Oliver North has a message for those who want Peace in the Middle East. Their is None. The leftys will not see the Islamic Terrorists as the danger they are.

Melanie Morgan reminds us ONCE AGAIN about the dangers of turning a blind eye to evil.

Great Piece from Debra Saunders about the thinking of College Professors, especially the handful of Republican Profs.

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm has taken heat from statements he made in his recent book. Mike Rosen says the criticism is unjust.

While the media goes after Mel Gibson and his hateful remarks about Jews (especially the Liberal Jews who are Liberal but not nesscary Jewish), Brent Bozell shows how two faced the media is when they consistanly go after Christians and Catholics and try to see how far they can mock them.


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