Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz and his intern Christina Gonzalez.

Liberals in our Media, Congress and more importantly the UN are in a Propaganda War aganist not only Israel's Milltary but our Milltary and Bush. Herman Cain says they continue to show sympthiy towards the enemy by call the terrorists militiamen, militia fighters, insurgents, guerrillas. Anything but TERRORISTS!!!

Speaking of liberals siding with the Terrorists, Larry Elder tells it like it is in his piece this week. Points out how Governments all over the world bow down or apease to terrorists. Does anyone want to call them EVIL??? Cause that is what they are.

Why does the United States put limits on Israel while at the same time WE would not accept the limits??? Frank Gaffney asks that question. Just let Israel bomb the heck out of Hezbollah. They need to be taken out or THEY will do it to us.

Increased Competition or just Liberal Bias night after night??? Brent Bozell looks at the falling Network News ratings.

A Compromise or just confusision??? Robert Novak looks at a proposed minimum wage hike that also includes "tax cuts."

If the above is flawed Jeff Sessions U.S. Senator from Alabama says the Pence-Hutchison immigration-reform proposal is also flawed and sould never become law.

The Terrorists can't beat Israel Milltary wise, but they can win in many other ways. Jonah Goldberg explains.

What is the Israel vs. Muslim Terrorists are all about? Victor Davs Hanson says its more that just about land.

Somebodys has to tell us this. Spending under Bush is 5X more than under Bill Clinton. Would belive a Reagan Revolution architect if she or he told you that we now are in the era of 'obese government.' Never mind Bush is a good Republican, well he might be but he is no Consertitve nor Libertarian. Also be on the look out for the book "Conservatives Betrayed," by Richard Viguerie. In fact click the title and you can buy it from World Net Daily.

Want to know what Ann Coulter did on her summer vacation??? Its the topic of her piece this week.

Dems change their stragegy on Iraq. How about leaving after WE WON!!!???


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