Thursday, August 03, 2006

Late Thursday Readings

Here is a good reason to fight Public/Government subsidized TV all over the world. BBC aires a show mocking the 9/11 attacks, only this time they set them in London. As much as I love Doctor Who (which BBC owns) and some other BBC Produced shows, this stunt really goes too far. You think PBS and NPR is Bad. BBC takes the cake regarding the state of the world. One can hope the futures on Doctor Who do come true. Anything better than an world under Radical Islam.

Check out the offical website of Time Trumpet. This show has the mock 9/11 attacks.

Katie Cookie Cutter's show will do a "Free Speech" commentary. Hey Miss Cookie Cutter how about making sure we righties have our say. Plus keep your lefty friends from trying to bring back "Fairness" cause we know you want a Media Monopoly.


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