Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Readings

Charles Krauthammer says the cowboy has been retired Multilateralism Diplomacy is back and shows the good, the bad and uglyness of this.

Will America survive by 2050??? Patrick Buchanan says no if the trends regarding the Mexican Invasion and its supporters continue.

Melanie Morgan seperates the Boys from the Men when it comes to the War on Terror. Their are a lot of Boys in the Media, and once again women who accually understand what is at stake like Morgan to take up their guns and warning sirens to remind us why we need to WIN THIS WAR!!!

David Limbaugh hammers Johnny McCain for his Machiavellian miscalculation.

Mike Rosen puts a columist that is also featured in the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado) in his place. "Terrorism is just a tactic. Islamofascism is a movement, a cause, and it's no illusion; it's all too real." You tell him Mike.

Here is the piece Rosen was refering too. His name is Paul Campos and he is the token lefty today.

When it comes to Wal-Mart it drives Dems and liberals nuts...even if SOME OF THEM shop their. Speaking of leftys shoping their some big wigs served on the board and held stock and Jonah Goldberg points out.

Why all this attack on Wal-Mart??? Simple, they don't allow The Borg (Labor Unions)in the company. It would contrdict their support of the "Individual" which the Union is not. Like the Borg the Union is a collective and its the Union Boss who pull the strings.

I linked this one Wednesday but since Goldberg refers to Minority grocery stores, here is the Thomas Sowell did about these types of stores and why they charge so high prices.

Since we don't put sexual perverts to death, Mike Gallagher (or should I say his wive) sugesests sending these people to some kind of Island.

Never mind them how about sending Bob Enyart and his followers to such a place so they can live in their Christian Theonomy they would like the United States to live under.

Allison Kasic is someone who is trying to return feminists back to its suffragist roots, and pointing out the double standing regarding the "empowerment" of women. Don't need a Man...Fine but don't force everyone else to pay for your needs via the Government. Kasic is a MUST READ!!!!

Mike Adams explans why homosexual should not be able to adopt or teach young children. Their actions towards the Hetrosexuals speak louder than words, and Adams says they do have a mental breakdown big time. Other than that personally I don't have a problem with Gays and Lesbians.

Neal Boortz wants you to support the WSB-AM Care-A-Thon plus comment from him and his Crack Staff.

Democrats always say they are heading for a BIG WIN!!! MonaCharen says its a likes this every year and its always turns out WRONG!!!


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