Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Amnesty International wants Israel investigated. Israel attacks the poor old civilians in Lebanon. How about going after Hezbollah for using those poor ole civillians as SHIELDS!!!! See how the Dems throw Joe L. to the dongs and then you understand why leftys choice the wrong sides and why they admire dictators all over the planet.

Patrick Buchanan has a number one best selling at This link takes you to the Washigton Times by the way.

How does the left handle crime??? Thomas Sowell answers that question and says that Appeasement is years old and I mean Years.

Think Righty Women don't buy Costmetics??? THINK AGAIN!!! Michelle Malkin takes them to the woodshed as Darth Fargo always like to say and do.

Walter Williams deals with the issue of terrorism this week. Will the west defent itself. It can win this, but will would rather be cowards than "killers." Keep this up and we will be EX-TERM-NATED!!!

Today's Comment from Neal Boortz and he does like to hear all the John Mark Karr stuff either. I agree let us find out if he did kill JonBenet Ramsey and then I might link something here.

Who is Anna Diggs Taylor and what does she have against national security? This is the question Paul Greenberg answer in this piece. By the way thank the Peanut Farmer for apointing this lefty activist judge. The same one who allowed Islamo Extemism take over Iran in the first place.

Lets face it the world hates America SO WHAT??? You still want to embrace your socialist utopia ideals and dreams and your going no where. Michael Medved has his take on why America is hated by the international community.

Ben Shapiro goes after Billy Boy for complaining about turning 60 and wonders why America still admires him.

One thing you hear from liberals is that the Consitution is a living document, rather than an absolute document. So you can interpet anyway you like it even if it does not make sense...expect to a lefty. Jonah Goldberg talks about it.

John Stossel tells the Government especially the sue happy ex-employerss and courts to; "Leave the Decadent Business Man Alone!" Are you prudes and just a bunch of idiots are what. You don't have to work for this man.

Are Bush's Critics Right? Tony Blankley looks at those critcisms they are making and if they make good points.


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