Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Todays Comments from Neal Boortz.

Lieberman's Independent Run Challenged. Might as well get exiled cause the Dems have left Lieberman.

Kevin Rennie shows how Joe Lieberman might help the Republicans win

Their are not many reasons why the right should admire WWII leaders, or so says Patrick Buchanan.

Why the Democrats don't have the guts to use a flow chart in order to convince us why the war in Iraq is wrong???? David Limbaugh offers that as an ideal and why they will NOT USE ANY CHART. It is as though the Dems are supporting the terrorists.

North Korea may have WMD's but are we doing anything about it??? Thomas Sowell answers that question.

Other than the War on Terror Bush is right about low tax economy. Lawrence Kudlow has his thoughts on this since the media does not want you to know this.

Hate the current group of Republicans??? Bill Murchison says keep them in power. It will only help the Dems.

Why most in Hollywood tend to vote and act Democrat??? Burt Prelutsky says that the Dems mirror them.


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