Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Readings

Hugh Hewitt recently had interview with General Peter Pace. He features a few questions and a link to whole interview. Unlike the liberal media Hewitt does ask the right questions.

Before you elect the Democrats to power in Novermber read this piece by Larry Elder. Cut and Run, Appeasing the Enemmy, Higher Taxes, More Government, and maybe one step closer to making this country the New Soviet Union.

What part of theWar on Terrorism does the left support??? We know its None, but I still want to link this piece from Ann Coulter.

Did you know that other than Death, "Oil" is driving the Islamo Facist machine??? Victor Davis Hanson talks about it.

Andrew Young made statements about Blacks getting rip off by the Jews, Koreans, and Arabs got him the shaft. Thomas Sowell now presents some economic realites why these minority groups charge high prices in these Getto Stores.

Here is Part 2 of Thomas Sowell's piece on leftys and Crime for MUST READ!!!

Liberal Politics are creeping into PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!! Matt Towery looks into this and I have to say this is a MUST READ!!!! I don't like Goverment Education in General but it still shows that Parents need to be involved in their children's education.

Liberals Love Hillary, Those who Love Freedom Hate Her. How about FEAR HER you nitwits??? Brent Bozell takes Time Magazine to task. Give me National Review, American Spectator, Reason, Newsmax, and Insight any day.

The Anti-Defamation League does something right for once. Click these words to find out what they did right.


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