Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman Down and Disowned by Dems But Far From Out

Well it has been big news today. Those Democrats in Connecticut who felt that Joe Lieberman was too close to the evil George W. Bush let the voice be heard and sure enough THEIR man, anti-war business man Ned Lamont won the primary and now is the Dems man to win the Senate Seat in of them at least.

For those who want to see us win in Iraq this event should show most people were the Democrat Party truly stands. This has become a party that is so in love with Dictators and then some who would use their power to exploit the poorer masses. They loved Saddam, Castro, Lenin, Kim Ill, Hugo Chavez, you name it. Why so many of these people fall for these rich and powerful control freaks God only knows...Yea they claim that they care about the "people." This is too a codeword used by Communist/Socialists; "The People."

Anyway Ned Lamont won and so had the Howard Dean,George McGoven, Soros, Al Frankenstein etc element of the party. Those thinkers truly run the Democrat party now, and should you decent you must be corrected or taken out just like Lieberman. However if the adverage person does look carefuly they will see the the Dems truly have moved to the LEFT WING, and if you read The Nation, Daily Kos, etc one can hope they they make sure the Dems don't "take back" this beloved country.

While FDR and JFK made bedfellows with Communist/Socialists alike and/or tried to play paddycake with them at least FDR understood the need to fight the Nazis in Germany and JFK understood that cuting tax rates was a win win for the American People. Sadly the Democrats are so blinded by their vision of a Socialist Utopia to see any logic at all.



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