Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Readings

Make no mistake the left LOVES Fidel Castro. However the Wall Street Journal says they love him from a distance. Still the left see him as hope for achving a utopia society they dream of.

James Taranto talks about a Republican from the liberal state of Connecticut.

Bolton's Backers, Mitt Rommey may be a rising star, Robert Byrd and his health, John Murtha's mistake, and Melvin R. Laird's take on Rummy. This week's recap from Robert Novak.

Welfare Kings siting on Tractors. Jonah Goldberg takes on Government moneys going to the farms, and how that stifles the free market overall. Did you know that our Government pays certain farmers NOT to produce???

Billy lays down some facts about the key liberal newspaper in the country.'s Jonathan Garthwaite calls the right to arms reminding us its time to fight and not to give up and head home.

Mark Alexander warns Hillary Clinton that the Dems will eat their own to get what they want. Ned Lemont is a classic exsample, as the party come under the thinking of McGovernism, and Howard Dean, Al Frankensten, The Kerry are just a few leading the charge.

Speaking of McGovernism Henry Lamb wonder if most Americans still have to will to win the The War on Terror aka Islamic Radicalism.

Pat Boone wants the Mel Gibson haters to put a sock in it and tells them he worships the greatest Jew of all time.

Ted Byfield takes on those who would call Israeli generals "War Criminals" in his weekley Oh Canada piece. Yep their are some from the Great White North that would agree with this. All I can say is TAKE OFF!!!

No surprise that the Dems turned in Israel. Joseph Farah takes them to task.

We Are Dracula and Israel is Hitler. Do I have to remind you that Hugo Chavez is a dangerous and very Evil man??? Meanwhile the American Jews in name only will distory their own for the sake of socialism thriving here and all over the world. These Socialists are becoming the Modern Day Hitlers...CAN YOU SEE THIS!!!

Liberal Judges Gerrymander a Texas Disrtict and the GOP takes a loss.


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