Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Readings

Mike Rosen talks about the Death Tax and calls it legal theft.

Does the left have an answer to yesterday's planned terrortist attacks??? Mike Gallagher says NO, and shows that the left is giving confort to the terrorists still while blaming US for their actions.

Studies Prove Part III by Thomas Sowell

You can count on UN for defeating Freedom. Oliver North shows its latest example.

Up next pieces regarding Ned Lamont Joe Lieberman, and the direction of the Democrat Party

Charles Krauthammer

David Limbaugh

Ross Mackenzie


Lorie Byrd warns about the Unhinged Dems that will lose it.

Townhall has an excerpt from Melanie Phillips new book "Londonistan."

Melanie Morgan talks about the media's lack of support of Israel and an interview she did with a Hezbollah terrorist back in 1983.

Winston Churchill said that Truth is the first casualty of war, Hal Lindsey agrees and shows the media's support for Hezbollah. However he is convendent in his faith that Israel will previle especially if they get pushed too far.

Kevin McCullough's thoughts regarding the war on terror.

Last but not least, Bush calls a spade a spade. This is more from Neal Boortz today.


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