Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments by Neal Boortz. Read the part on why should NOT Vote Republican, Democrat, OR Libertarian.

Click Here on why Jimmy Carter should be ignored. He is going after Tony Blair. Yes we should submit ourselves to Dictators, since many of them are Carter's friends.

Gas Prices down 15 Cents. I shall point that out since the evening news will not.

See how Al Gore is SO BITTER that he is not President. Try in 2008 and who knows your Socalist Utopia, that you want to impose on the rest of us still can come true. By the way Kerry and his supporters OUTspent Bush and his supporters...George Soros anyone????

The Judge who stuck down the NSA eavesdropping program might have done the right a favor as Robert Novak explains.

Mary Katharine Ham on why we don't believe the Mainline Media. MUST READ!!! This media monster is doing it can to help the Muslim Extremists overtake Israel.

Howard Dean tries to blame Bush for Katrian and says that he lost any chance to reach out to the Black Community, but what about Nagin, Blanco and Brown??? Rich Galen reminds us of how THEY screwed things up.

Thomas Smith shows why we can't pull out of this current war. He recalls what happened after we pulled out of Vietnam.

Michael Barone says the winds may be changing in favor of the Republicans.

Sebastian Mallaby warns the Dems of their anti-Wal-Mart campaign and how that will backfire. Dumb economic populism...Don't Fall For it. This is why I am not a Populist.


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