Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Readings

People think Jimmy Carter is irrelevant. David Limbaugh says otherwise and thank goodness he writes about the weasle because this man is wreaking many lifes still, and commiting treason towards the United States.

Jack Kemp is helping Joe Lieberman keep his Senate seat. Kemp also says the reason why they went with Ned Lement (as Rush Limbuagh likes to call Lemont) is to please the anti-war crowd and hope it will give them the security blanket of power so they can suck the life out of the rest of us.

Dennis Prager like the rest of us have to remind you of who we are fighting and why we are fighting.

Paul Weyrich expands on his comments regarding why the Democrats are postitve in their quest to reclaim power.

Thomas Sowell has random thoughts this time around.

This Woman wants to be House Speaker, and believe me she is DANGEROUS!!!! Not much to say about her but its enough to work hard to keep the Democrats out of power.

$1 Billion That is how much your Goverment spent on Anti-Drug ads.

Sen. Santorum: 'Islamic Fascism' the Common Enemy. He could lose his job if the people are foolish enough to elect the son of Bob Casey.

Finally they are up. Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Katie Cookie Cutter: Not Hired to 'Save the Network'. Guess who is introducing her on her first show??? Walter Crankenhouse Cronkite, that Global Socialist Citzen who would sell out America if he could.

Jack Kelly reviews a book put out by two liberal journalists regarding Plame Name Game.

Byron York says Plame Game has gone nowhere.

Learn who Jospeh Willson REALLY IS by clicking here. Chances are he would have a job in the Kerry Admistration had Kerry got the Oval Office.

NBC Regents their actions Sunday Night regarding the Lost takeoff and the real world plane crash. Hey it did not happen in New York or L.A. so big deal. Should show that those two places don't give a Funk about Middle America.

Sam's Club to reinstate 'Christmas'. There is no Shame in saying the word, and all you who are offended by this can go to HELL!!!


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