Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Readings

Again Mike Rosen deals with something that is Colorado, but I am going to link it because it deal with one of the lefts favorate issues. Rasing the Minimum Wage. It appears that most people don't understand this thing called a starters wage, economic realities and then some.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Roger Kimball talks about Germany shuting down an Opera Production because of the fear it would offended Muslims.

The Dems have seizied upon the National Intelligence Estimate (Thanks for nothing Gray Lady). David Limbaugh that this is just the Democrat helping the Enemy WIN!!!!

Hal Lindsey also has his take on NIE and points out the number of death on 9/11 and in recent wars.

Melanie Morgan hammers the point that Iraq is the center of the war on Terror

Daniel Henninger warns the Dems using the Anti-Iraq as policy will not give them the win they grave so much.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch talks about the flap between Pope Benedict XVI and the Muslims. Also he reminds us about what is at stake. Koch is a Dem but yet his own party refuses to listen.

Patrick Buchanan who is a Protectionist. Offer his advice on bring Job back to the states. Here is one for ya, LESS REGULATION HERE IN AMERICA!!!! In order words don't overegulate business domesticly. That is why they are moving away.

Mona Charen is worried about the lack of Grown Ups especially when you have young girls expressing themselves Sexually. Women's Lib Gone Too Far???

In spite the fact that Joseph Lieberman support the War on Terror, William F. Buckley reminds us that he is still a lefty. Just not a Moveon type.


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