Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Readings

Robert Novak has his newsroundup. Thoughts on Clinton, Democrat Discorde, Bush support for Lieberman

Democrats always like to place the race card in hopes it will get them votes and a win, but Star Parker says that the real rascists love to play political games while the black community continues to suffer as they are a growing underclass. Remeber that Bill Clinton takes credit for being the FIRST Black President.

Lawrence Kudlow gives us facts over Democratic Fantasies.

Henry Lamb looks at the Climate hype vs. Climate facts and points out the double standards by our leaders regarding soluations INCLUDING "Alternative Energy." Can't built a windmill were they live. Shows them for the sobs they are.

Did you know that in the country of Germany (my mother's home land by the way) it is illegal to homeschool??? Well a European Union Court has upheld a rulling making one family guily of this "crime" of prevening their children of becoming part of the German "society." This ban on homeschooling can be traced back to Nazi Germany.

Bush: NIE Leak Caused 'Misimpressions'


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