Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Readings

One thing Democrats will try to do is stifle talk radio. George Will talks about what happened to two local talkers in liberal Seattle regarding this.

Did you know that Louise Slaughter who by the way is one of the biggest advocates for the "fairness doctine" is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus??? One of its Co-Founders is Self Avowed Socialist Bernard Sanders. CPC also has ties to Democratic Socialists of America and the DSA is an affliate of the Socialist International Party.

And want to tell me that these people are NOT COMMUNISTS!!!??? The words are interchangable as proven by the founders of this Communist/Socialist movement itself. Yet The Chain Smoker (Edward R. Morrow) helped many Commies in this country from getting cast out of our Government and society. Sure McCarthey was a loose cannon, but it was proven that the people we went after were communists. Now we have the problems we have now, and sadly the Republicans are not taking charge in stopping these jerks cause they have so much control of our Government, Media (Old/Drive By Media still have power), and the Education system.

First it will be Talk Radio, then it will be Blogs like this one. Just wait, and you will see what Socialists really mean by serving "The People."

The Wall Street Journal looks at the failures of the Republican Controled Congress.

The Latest regarding Castro's Mini-Me. See what happens when you elect Communist Socialists.
Howard Scream Dean acvocates for Mail-In Ballots. Both parties trying to buy votes and a Minorty group is taking over the Southwest. Got to love it.

Sen. Barack Obama says the Dems need to embrace the National Secuity debate. Forget it, they along with yourself are Utopians.

Keeping Felons out of the Ports??? Forget It!!! Thanks to the labor unions who have lots of crooks in their ranks.


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