Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Election Aftermath

I wanted to calm down and hear some thoughts for key talkers. I was out and could not hear Darth Fargo's take on whole thing allthough I would say he was happy with a Democratic Victory.

Did the Republicans get what was comming to them...YES big time and thanks to those who sat out and or wanted to punish the party they now have to go on defense. The GOP sadly moved away from the princples of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich in what got the GOP elected to the majority in the first place.

Yes the Iraq War is a factor but NOT the only one. Illegal Immgration, Compromising with the Dems on certain things which fattned our Government rather than cut the fat. I know that in Government "compromise" is the thing but did the Dems Compromise on keeping the tax rate cuts while rasing the minum wage...NO!!! Now they can raise the wage and raise taxes on EVERY WORKING STIFF. You Mr. and Miss. Working Stiff YOU ARE RICH!!!

Meanwhile the slackers and those who don't work will very lkely be catered by the Dems in order to get votes and make sure they have yet another victim group to keep them in power.

As for the Iraq War I can promise you the left is very likely are going to have a Vietnam Redux. We will very likely to cut and run and that will make Islamo-Facists very happy. We might just spit on our milltary like we did when they came home from Vietnam.

The question is unlike the Vietcong who took over the country and its sourounding nations, will the terrorists live and let live in America. I am afraid that the answer will be no. I can tell that one of my closeest friends hope that major cites come under attack by these people in maybe the Dems will grow somekind of spine like FDR did and fight back. FDR began the Democrats journey towards Marxism but at least would do the right thing in defending this country from those who would domnate and distory if given a chance. One can hope for more FDR and less McGoven in this factor. I am not holding my breath however.

Another concern is the upcoming attack on the new media. You can count on Congresswoman Louise The Ripper out of New York to try once again to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. If our founders knew about an electronic media down the road it would have given the same 1st Amendment Protections as the Newspaper and other print media. However it was the 1930's the Dems were in control and in the name of Scarcity the media would come under the control of the FCC and say that the airwaves belong the public. The reality is the airwaves are owned by the Government and people like Louise think they should be able to control them in their favor. Control the media and hopfuly the people who dumb enough to keep certain people in power and then some. It will not stop with Talk Radio and it will move on to attacks on Cable especially on that dreaded FOX News and Blogs like this one which deal with public policy.

The Dems know that old media is on their side, and because they will be granted an expection. Watch the Dems when it comes to their double standards.

This is not a time to give up fight if you still believe in freedom and liberty and limited government and less taxes. The fight NEVER ENDS and as the old saying goes.

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.

We in the new media will fight...YOU DO THE SAME!!!!

P.S. If you were one of those who vote for the Dems in Protest, Sat out, or voted third party...SHAME!!!

Now I hope you learned your listen about that one...Its the Dems or the GOP. Their are very few fluks allthough they are their.


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