Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Neal Boortz says the Republicans get a well earned derseved kicked in gut following the loss of the house. Trouble is that the Dems will do what they can to make Progress towards a Socialist Utopia and Boortz knows it.

This race is Key. It could tilt the Majority rule in the Senate.

Bush disappointed at Republicans' losses.

A guide to the New Democratic House Chairmen.

Fred Barnes tells what the Republicans COULD HAVE done in order to keep power.

Michael Medved has some hard lessons for the Republicans to learn after last night.

Walter Williams has something a little different from the rest...a book about econmics that is simple to read.

Carrie Lukas talks about soon to be House Speaker and wonders if Pelosi is a another victiry for women. Any lefty/socialist woman that accomplishs something big is indeed a victory...and the Media will go wild about it. However you will soon learn that this lady has a Socialist bent and will hurt many women and children and their familes...MUST READ!!!

Pelosi is a member of the Progressive Caucus as this profile on her from points out. Progressive = Socialism

Joseph Farah calls Pelosi a Caviar Commie. This was written BEFORE the Election but still a MUST READ!!! Their are things you better be prepared for cause the Hard Left is running the Democratic Party and if not careful the NEW Soviet Union could be errected HERE!!!


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