Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Readings

Democrat and Bush Supporter Ed Koch predicts that Bush WILL be Impeached.

Possible Minority leaders of the GOP. One from the Reagan School.

Neal Boortz tells us who the big winners are in the election of the Democratic Party and other thoughts.

Just because the Country elected the Dems does not mean they have accepted their Progressive/Socialist agenda. George Will points out three areas in which conservatism/limited government prevailed. Still the former will be forwarded.

Robert Novak points out three reasons why the Republicans lost.

Once again the norm of the siting Prez Party has been forefilled. Ann Coulter tells the Dems not to get THAT exicted.

Herman Cain talks about the Failures of Compassionate Conservatism, and why that is the reasons Republicans lost control.

Liberal Bias at its best. Talk Radio hosts licking the wounds. Even if they are we shall fight in spite of Louise The Ripper's attempts to gag them and Me (my Blog). Too Bad our Founders did not envision a day when electronics would also become an elements of the Media. The Government Took ownership of that.

Joseph Farah talks about how clean this election was. The Dems won and no screams of Vote Fraud. So make sure you keep voting Democratic for the rest of America's Days.

Jane Chastain defends the ideal of a two party system.


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