Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Linda Chavez talks about how the Union Moverment still had its mussle in last week's elections, and the need still for 'Right to Work' Laws.

If its one thing about leftys they so show their true colors on how they feel about Middle America. They think their better then them. Herman Cain says get ready for more of this now that they are in command.

Nancy Pelosi said we needed a woman to run things. Well she is now and she is backing John Murtha who has some Skul Duggry of his own. Oh well if they can make that Vietnam Redux happen, that what is MORE important. Michelle Malkin calls Pelosi bluff showing her for the beltway power hungry WITCH she really is. This is Witch with a B.

Speaking of Murtha, Neal Boortz has some comments about him and other subjects.

Tony Blankley talks how the Republicans can built their majorty. Maybe it is time to not bow or bend to the "drive by media" and stand on the convictions of limited government. Reagan, Goldwater and Gingrich did.

John Stossel talks about a new book regarding racism and how white guilt has never helped the Black Man out of the rut.

For years the Black Community voted Democratic because they thought they are the party that would raise them up with Government Programs that clam that they would get ahead. Walter Willams shows however that the poverty rate was declining long before Goverment took "action."

We still have LOTS OF OIL in spite of what the Envior-Socialists say.

Most Doubt that the Dems have a plan for Iraq. Fool if you sat out or voted Democratic.


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