Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Readings

Pat Boone has his post election thoughts

Joseph Farah talks about George McGoven's comeback and how the 2006 Elections could very well be the revenge of the McGovernites.

Star Parker has her post election thoughts and why the GOP lost Congress.

I have a token lefty piece from John Nichols of the Hard Left rag The Nation. It says that the Democratic House Freshmen are NOT Consertitve and hold the princples of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Sadly he is right.

Here is a profile on the CPC from Discover The Network

CPC also had ties to THIS group as well. The The Democratic SOCIALISTS of America. We are truly in for a ride.

Did you know that The Nation supported the Russian Revoultion Revolution and was first U.S. magazine to publish the Soviet Constitution??? Since I featured someone from The Nation, you should understand what this rag REALLY THINKS!!!

Again we are in for a ride. The voters may have rejected the GOP and not for it stands for but don't hold breath thinking that the Dems will not advance some of its Progressive Agenda.

Just remember that in mind of the lefty, Progressive mean higher taxes, more government, things run by the government like Health Care and Progress towards a SOCIALIST UTOPIA!!!!
They may not be able to recreated the Soviet Union in this country but they will try to come close.


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