Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CBS Twieks Monday Nights

Well their weak link anyway which is the 8/7 hour

The Class and How I Met Your Mother will be switching places with Mother kicking things off and Class goes to the :30 mark. Will this help CBS win the hour???

Not for awhile but the hopes are that Mother's audience will sit through the Class. NBC currently wins this hour with the game show Deal or No Deal. By the way Mother kicking things off on Monday was the original plan when CBS presented its upfronts in May.

I am also surprised that Mother is up slightley from last season. Mother is such a darling of the TV elites (maybe it has to do with Alyson Hannigan and the guy who was once Doogie), and the numbers show that is not sinking but in no way its a "Two and Half Men" numbers wise. Old Christine benfits from Men, and without them the Senifeld curse would have not been lifted. CSI: Miami holds its own.

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We are stilling waiting for the FIRST NEW show to get canceled. Any ideals right now???

I am still going with ABC's "Men In Trees."


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