Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Readings

Comments from Neal Boortz

George Will says its over for the House Republicans this fall. Good News for Money Hungry Resdistrubtion Dems.

Robert Novak looks at the House Republicans calling them disfuntional.

Check libertarian magazine "Reason" take on the Foley issue.

What if Foley was a Dem. Ann Coulter looks at the double standards of the Democratic Party regarding perverts.

Right or Wrong the Democrats are playing this in hopes they will win the House. Their tax, spend, regulate agenda has not changed and once again it is the DEMS that go to greath lengths to win power. They hope your stupid enough to believe the propganda by the Unofficial PR firms (Drive-By Media) to get them elected. Sadly their are enough stupid people out their. Lovers of Freedom YOU MUST VOTE and you must Vote Republican to keep the Socialist Dems at bay.


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