Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Readings

It seems that Clinton's sex life was a trival issue to the media. When it comes to Republicans and Mark Foley it is not. David Limbaugh points out the Distractions and hypocrisy.

Mona Charen shows that not only you can not trust Congress with your money. You can't trust them with your children Either.

Melanie Morgan says they can beat the Foley flap but making the "War on Terror" the focus of their campigan from new until Election Day. Go on Offense, cause the Dems love it when you plan Defenese.

Hal Lindsey has his take on the Foley flap and says the Dems are living in a glass house .

Nancy Pelosi Objects to Louis Freeh. Freeh is the one Dennis Hastart wants to head up an investigation into the congressional page program. Trouble is Freesh was cridical of the of the Clinton Administration's actions. What can I say...It seems that the Clinton's are still in control.

It seems that Foley will use the Oprah-King card. Patrick Buchanan talks about this.

Neal Boortz is tied of the Mark Foley flap. That and other comments of the day.

Michael Farris who is an advocate of parents who homeschool is concerned about the use of International Law by OUR Highest Court, especially when the EU courts upheld a German law barring homeschooling.


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