Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Readings

The Godfather of Talk Radio says the Attacks by Democrats 'Totally Coordinated.'

Very likely that the Foley story was shopped to the media. Lovers of Freedom KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!!! The DEMS are proving THEY are doing anything to win.

Please don't fall for the hype from the Dems since they protect their perverts.

Yes Foley did the right thing and step down but remember the Dems can get away with such acts since the Mainline News Media does PR for Democrats anyway.

Comments regarding the Foley flap. Not just any but many will tell you that the Dems do this and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

Ben Shapiro

Michelle Malkin

Brent Bozell

Linda Chavez

Other Issues

Walter Williams says minimum wage laws tie into racism. Did you know that certain minimum wage laws were intented for white workers to be protected from competition from BLACK workers??? MUST READ!!!

John Stossel praise those who realize that DDT is not the evil pesticide that it was made out to be. Tell that to those who died from killer mosquitoes.

Thought provking comments from Neal Boortz


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