Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

George Will talks about Bob Woodward's latest book "State of Denial."

Thomas Sowell shows how Socialism benifits the Rich while damages the Poor. The super rich also can adapt to these rules to benfit themselves. MUST READ!!! Especially for those who can't see through the propganda of these Socialist Advocates.

David Limbaugh says we must push the Democrats regarding their "plan" for Iraq, which they have not lined out clearly so I have to say they really want to cut and run and should they be blunt about that; the Dems use of the Mark Foley tatic would not give them the Security Blanket of Power.

Speaking of Foley I have a few pieces about that guy

Cal Thomas looks at Foley and the double standards that NBC (Veggietales and Madonna) and the Democrats (Remember Gary Studs???) have.

Debra Saunders talks about the Dems using Foley for their gain.

What if a supporter of the Iraq War called for a time table??? You got one in Jack Kelly and he says its time to kick off the training wheels and that we have worn out our welcome.

'Sensitivity training' for U.S. troops in Iraq. If we are losing the war its because of crap like this.


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