Saturday, November 13, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Army Unit Diverted From Fallujah to Mosul

Jury to Choose Life or Death for Peterson

Bush, Blair Back Palestinian Statehood

Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions

CBS News Fires Producer Over Arafat Special Report

Andrew Napolitano aka The FOX News Judge pens blockbuster on 'Constitutional Chaos'

ACLU battles schools' warning over evolution. I do not support the ACLU but that disclamer in the textbooks is dumb. Unlike Neal Boortz I do think that all sides of how we as the human race came to be just as long it stays in the relm of science. I am oposed to religious indoctrination in the goverment schools

Case could pave way for school vouchers. We have a 14 year old prodigy here people

Whenever the PC police is put in their place I am happy


In fairness to what is going on in Georgia regarding the that evolution. I shall link this piece from Kelly Hollwell who supports the disclamer in textbooks and make a very good case.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach talks about 'The pope's disgraceful tribute to Arafat'

Steve Dunleavy says that Arafat died with his boots off and he calls him a toothless tiger.

Daphna Baram is not happy with Israelis celebrating the death of Arafat,3604,1349398,00.html

Could the Dems and GOP merge into one party and not just do the same things. Kyle Willams has this thought and more in this weeks piece.

This week I talked with some students on how bad Kyoto can be. Henry Lamb backs me up.

Hans Zeiger warns of Clinton era PTA activist Ginny Markell and how she could impact the state of Oregon

Tony Norman comes after the ABC stations that pre-empted Private Ryan

Lefty Helen Thomas goes after Bush over Fallujah

Bob Parks takes on the "Progressives" and Dems and they way they play the game in his weekly audio commentary. MP3 player required

Friday, November 12, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Scott Peterson declared guilty and might get death...I HOPE SO!!!! 1st degree murder

Arafat Laid to Rest As West Bank Mourns

Arafat Buried Amid Chaotic Ramallah Scene

Police Lose Control of Mosul Amid Uprising

Bush, Blair See Hope for Palestinian State

Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush

Sixty-Six ABC Stations Skip 'Private Ryan' Hope Neal Boortz still has a job when he gets back to Atlanta. Atlanta was one of the 66.


Got a few more pieces regarding Yasser Arafat

Elan Journo

Dennis Campbell

Kevin McCullough tells the left to carry out their intent to leave

Through the looking glass by Michael Reagan

Eric Engberg recently did a commentary bad mouthing the blogs. I also linked Engberg piece. Noel Sheppard however puts Engberg and the old media in their place.

Robert Garamong talks about "Saving Private Ryan" and the FCC

Bret Stephens talks about why the left feels they have a right to determe what is acceptable to say.

Europe seeks a deal even worse than Clinton's with North Korea. Wall Street Journal is on it

Where's your crown King Nothing? The King this time around is Dan Rather. Daniel Henninger has more.

The President will not reduce the deficit cause his allies in congress will not go along with it. This is what Robert Reich says.

Today’s young voters can lead the Democrats back to power. Takes a youthful idiot to know youthful idiots and Ben Hubbard is for sure a youthful idiot.

Morning News & Commentary

Arafat Buried As West Bank Mourns

Funeral to draw world leaders

Blair, Bush Meet to Discuss Mideast Peace

Did Arafat planfuneral mayhem?

Terror group takes on Arafat's namesake

New York Times gushes over Arafat

There is no need to fear. This piece of Newsmax is here and will tell you about the REAL ARAFAT!!!

Suha (Arafat's wife) to receive $ 22m. a year from PA

Does CBS regret interupting CSI: New York to tell us that Arafat is taking the dirt nap?

Turkey warns of plan to invade Iraq

Retail Sales Rise, but Auto Sales Drop

Secret Service pays visit to Boulder High. Singing Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" and making Bush the target of the song is not keeping your nose clean.,1299,DRMN_15_3323602,00.html

Website apologizes to world for Bush win


More takes on Arafat
Cal Thomas

Joseph Farah

David Dolan

Masha Gessen explains why Russian president Vladmir Putin wanted Bush to win even if they did not support the Iraq war.

Two Sides to Global Warming. Is it proven fact, or just conventional wisdom? Ronald Bailey explains

What Zell Miller can teach Republicans about Arlen Specter

Angry white men and hatefilled Christians winning elections for the GOP??? Charles Krauthammer debunks this.

David Limbaugh talks about morals and our Goverment

This may tick off sports fans but its a MUST READ from Jacob Sullum regarding the need to fund sport stadiums, and what he says hurts. What would Jim Rome say? I wonder.

The media hated John Ashcroft with a passion. Thoughts from Jonah Goldberg

Mike Rosen says that Social Securty must be fixed and that it is not a revolutionary idea,1299,DRMN_86_3322938,00.html

My token lefty piece: Bill Press takes on Jerry Fallwell. Don't like Fallwell either, and the only thing I don't agree with Press is the 'soaking the rich' crap that he and other Dems are known for. Other than that I do agree with Press on other areas of this piece

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Before I began HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!! I am with you in spite of that monster Arafat being dead and being the focus of the old media. I keep my feelings in for now regarding Arafat.

Hamas: Israel poisoned Arafat

Will Arafat be target of 'body snatchers'?

U.N. flag at half-mast for Arafat. Tough luck you globojerks

Arafat's body arrives in Egypt for funeral

Arafat Successors Picked; Questions Remain

Arafat's terror legacy. Went after the Jews since gaining power

U.S. launches 2nd phase in Fallujah

Bush honors 'hidden heroes'

Matthew Shepard murder not hate crime?

Michael Moore bounces back. Sequel is comming


Pieces on Arafat, and all I can say is this. BURN IN HELL AND REST IN PIECES ARAFAT!!!!

Jeff Jacoby

Craige McMillan

Ben Shapiro

Daniel Pipes

James Taranto has his say and then some

The Wall Street Journal has great things to say about Ashcroft

Here is your token lefty piece from yours truly. Sarah Anderson has ten reasons not to move up north. I wish they would take these lefties in still but that just being me. Just shut and fight your Lefist Lunatics!!!!

Morning News & Commentary

Yasser Arafat dies at age 75

Parliament speaker to succeed Arafat

President Bush offers condolences

'Jubilation when the wicked perish' How will the Rabbis celebarate Arafat's death

Arch-terrorist's legacy 'buried' in history

U.S. pressures Israel to release Palestinians

Sharon's Gaza plan prompts questions

Financial adviser: Arafat owns nothing

MattMan Lauer equates U.S. founders with terrorists. No wonder I would rather listen to Neal Boortz instead of watching him or Katie Cookie-Cutter (or Katie Koran as Michael Savage likes to call her) in the morning.

Democrats shellshocked by Bush win over Kerry


In my last links of news I told you about Alberto Gonzales and how he is bad news. Joseph Farah second's, third and fourth's etc etc that emotion

The hot and sexy Ann Coulter takes on Keith Olbermann

Thomas Sowell still has more on Specter

Cal Thomas says the Christian Church has to focus on the power of God rather than an earthly goverment. He also shows that even Ronald Reagan failed in certain areas especially when it came to allowing Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy on the high court. Both are very liberal.

The elite missing the mark on the Bush victory. Larry Elder has more.

Emmertt Tyrrell talks about the Dems problem

Mythology of wages vs. profits. MUST READ by Alan Reynolds

Hal Lindsey says that America dodged a bullet big time

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

U.S. Takes Most of Falluja, PM Cousin Hostage

Major Troop Increase in Iraq Not Needed, Bush Says

Alberto Gonzales Nominated Attorney General. OK from what I have heard this is no good, since he is liberal when it comes to affirmative action. The Republicans are still a bunch of wimps and Bush is afraid of the lefty/liberal/progressives. I am no racist, but it should be the actions of a person and not what they look like. I just hope Gonzales does the right thing when it comes to the war on terror.,2933,138160,00.html

Those who are anti-abortion don't like Gonzales. Funny thing is one of the these "Christian Right" lawyers does support him because of other issues.

OK Gonzales is one thing but we need to keep Specter out of the loop

Why Bush Why??? Sent them back to Mexico for crying outloud.

Judge Removes Foreman From Peterson Jury

He will still be with us for awhile. Got to let nature take its course I guess.

U.S. to Lower Finance Terror Alert Status

Maybe we would be a little more Blue if you had not come out full force you idiots in Hollyweird. Then again we are really Purple are we???

Clinton says Gay Marriage cost Kerry

Yusuf Islam get a Noble Peace Prize??? Guess who awards him that prize. The world's number one socialist Mikhail Gorbachev. Yusuf Islam is better known as Cat Stevens who gave us songs like Peace Train (right), Wild World (you got that one right).

Is Viacom going to dump Rather???

First comes James Kennedy's Reclaming America for Christ, now Jerry Fallwell makes his comeback with the Faith and Values Coalition aka "21st century resurrection of the Moral Majority" Dear God save me from your followers. Kennedy I can put up with but Fallwell, that guy is a loose cannon.


The Wall Street Journal gives Arlen Specter a chance to speak his peace. I hope he is doing more than shooting off his big fat mouth. I do support abortion in certain areas but we still don't need a Jim Jeffords.

Rocco Buttiglione talks about Europe's political establishment and their hatred of Christianity

Random thoughts from James Taranto

J. Matt Barber has an open letter the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd

Bernard Chapin give you the full Noam Chomsky. THIS IS A MUST READ!!!! Youthful and Useful Idiots alike enjoy what Chomsky has to say. Chomsky is threat to liberty and freedom.

Robert Scheer tells the left/progressives to live with the second term. Says Bush is a lame duck

Morning News & Commentary

U.S. Forces Hold 70 Percent of Fallujah

Confusion Over Arafat, Palestinians Prepare Burial

Top court brands Belgian far-right party racist

Ashcroft, Evans Resign from Bush Cabinet

France, U.N. Launch Ivory Coast Evacuation

Fed Expected to Boost Interest Rates

Afghan Kidnappers Say Government Agrees Deal

Could Kerry run for the oval office again???

Gov. Jeb Bush not eyeing presidential run

Arab students rage at College Republicans

The beheading of Demi Moore. This is sick attempt at humor


Mrs. Bush Officially Reopens Pennsylvania Avenue. It counts as a commentary since it comes from her.

Thomas Sowell has more on Arlen Specter

Election night sweats. Brent Bozell has this piece

Why is America divided? Walter Williams answers that question and how to solve that problem.

Do quotas hurt minorties when it comes to higher learning??? Linda Chavez says yes.

Jonah Goldberg says that the Dems need to move to the center. I just wish they stayed their, and that GOP truly supported limited goverment.

Joseph Farah is planing for 2008. He still think Hillary could win the Oval Office and find himself on the chopping block by Hillary's gang.

Arafat's Last Threat to Israel? This by Daniel Pipes

Burt Prelutsky tells you why Hollywood leans to the left. It's long but a MUST READ!!!

Minority Democrats Good. Minority Republicans Bad. Michelle Malkin talks about the media's obsession with Barack Obama (D-Ill.) who was elected to the U.S. Senate and introduces to two minority Republicans who are making waves but the media would never let know about.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

U.S. Forces Take Hold in Center Falluja -Residents

10 US, 2 Iraqi Troops Dead in Falluja -US Military

U.S. Says Insurgent Leaders Likely Fled Falluja

Iraq's Sunni Clerics Call for Election Boycott

Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy

Specter promised to stop Bush picks

Madonna say United States should leave Iraq

Arafat Critical; Vital Organs Functioning

Arafat to be buried in Ramallah

Is Arafat's wife still a Christian? Very important regarding if SHE gets the goods

Bush to seek legal status for illegals. Such as life.

Ashcroft, Evans resign from Cabinet

Terror Lawyer Defends Violence. This lawyer is using terror to combat the free market BIG TIME!!! Scary

Hostage-Taker Shot at Mexican Consulate in L.A.,2933,138044,00.html

FBI probes missing propane tanks


Condemned to hopeless labor: Mychal Massie has this piece

Supreme Court justices need to focus on U.S. Constitution and not what everyone else in the world is doing. Phyllis Schlafly has her 2 cents about this.

Cal Thomas talks about the left's lamentaitons over the loss of their man Kerry. Move on you guys and gals

Ellen Goodman tells her fellow liberals/progressives to take back 'values'

Morning News & Commentary

Arafat's wife delaying announcment regarding her husband's death.

U.S.-China trade war?

'Thou shall not kill' message censored...In the Netherlands. MUST READ because this is connected to the death of Theo van Gogh. He was the great grandson of the ever famous Vincent van Gogh.

Here is the story about his death last week. I will say it again. The religon of Islam needs a reformation or the rest of us is in trouble.

Dean ponders bid to become DNC chairman YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Liberals dismayed by 'moral values' claims

Arctic alert on 'global warming'

Study: Climate-change claims flawed,3604,1346489,00.html

Now this is good news: Motor Vehicle Division in Arizona is not printing drivers manuals in Spanish.


Single mom must pay back school loans, this and other advice from Dave Ramsey

Today's liberals are not the liberals of yesteryear. I shall explain in this piece.

Blogging is typing, not journalism. This from a know-it-all journalist at one time or so he thinks Eric Engberg. Unlike CB we bloggers are going to be around for a long time so don't hold your breath Engberg. Oh and the Cell Phone more likely killed CB radio.

Would Spector mangle the Constitution Thomas Sowell says yes.

Star Parker explains how the GOP get the black vote in the future

Dennis Prager explains why the Dems are tagged the party with no values

David Limbaugh asks if America is lost or is just the left

Jack Kemp talks about Personal Accounts and Social Securty reform and everything else concerning it.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Followup to my Online Newspaper Post

OK I said that you should sign up with the newspapers that stonewall with free registration. Being a human being I can overlook things, and people don't want get spammed.

Their is a website I have been told that can bypass the "registration." However if you do want that website, you will have to E-mail me.

I am going to try to keep this genie lock up as much as possible. I let someone else uncorked the bottle.

Plus if there is a news or commentary piece (right or left) that should be on my blog please e-mail as well.

My e-mail is

I usually try to get news links from the easy sites to access.

Thanks for your support of my blog and be sure to come back often.

Evening News & Commentary

World Net Daily's take on the assault on Fallujah

U.S. Commander Predicts Iraq Confrontation

Rumsfeld: Strike won't kill many civilians

Muslim extremists entering Iraq from Iran,2933,137896,00.html

Feds OK tasers for passenger jets


Bob Parks shows how open minded and nice the progressive all...NOT!!! Parks is another "Oreo" as the enlightned progressives would like to call such people. I have enjoyed his audio pieces and he will be featured on a regular basis on my blog.

Frank Salvato warns the GOP not to put on ideological blinders

J.B. Williams that the Dems are not getting the message, and Bill Clinton seems to understand what is going on.

Ellen Rather is still smiling (her still pic on her piece) even if her man lost (Kerry)

E.J. Graff says that the Dems need to figure out how to sell their vision

U.S. Troops Launch Fallujah Offensive

I will keep up on this and forward anything as it becomes available.

Privatize Social Security, Gay Marriage and other thoughts from the Talkmaster

This might scare certain people and some may think that Wall Street might be in the picture. However the talkmaster Neal Boortz tells it like it is.

Of all the reforms proposed by George Bush during has second term, nothing seems to cause Democrats to hyperventilate quite so much as his plans for Social Security. If you truly understand the collectivist and anti-individualistic mentality of the left this will come as no surprise.

Just what is Bush proposing? Is it truly as hideous and ugly as the Democrats portray it? Will it be the end of our country; the end of life as we know it in America. Hardly. Bush simply plans to allow "younger workers" (however that may be defined) to take some of the money that the government confiscates as Social Security payroll taxes and put that money in a private account.

This account would be owned by the individual. Government can't take it away. If the individual dies before retirement the account goes to his family, not to the government. He earned that money. It's his. It remains his. What, pray tell, is so horrible about this idea?

For Democrats, the issue is control. There is a huge segment of our society that is or will be almost totally dependent on Social Security benefits when they reach retirement age. These people would be shocked to learn that they have absolutely no irrevocable right to any benefits at all. You get those benefits if the politicians want you to get those benefits. Politicians can, without any legal recourse on your part, decide to delay your retirement age. This idea is floated often as a solution to the coming Social Security economic crunch. The motive here is to delay the retirement age so that more old Americans will actually die before they can get any of their money back, or so that they'll collect benefits for a shorter period of time before they go Tango Uniform. That money, you see, isn't yours. Oh yeah ... you worked for it. But before you could even get your hands on it the government snatched it away. And, no again. That money is not resting safely in any Social Security account or trust fund.

When the politicians got their hands on that money they call a Social Security "contribution" they used a part of it to cover the checks there were writing that particular month to Social Security recipients. The rest of it? Gone. Spent. Every single penny of it has been spent. Not invested as a private pension plan would do. They spent it all. Squandered might be a better word.

You will hear Democrats say that we can't partially privatize Social Security because it would be too expensive. What they mean is that if the person who paid the money is actually allowed to put that money into a private account, that money won't be there for the government to spend on its various vote-buying programs. If our politicians had been doing what basic decency mandated all along .... taking Social Security tax and actually setting them aside in the names of future recipients ... there would be no problem with partial privatization today. But nooooooo. That money had to be spent. There were votes to buy and citizens to be made dependent on government handouts! You can't invest in the future of our retirees when there are elections to be won.

Here's an interesting little factoid you might enjoy. Virtually every State has some sort of law that regulates insurance companies. If some private entrepreneur moved to any State in the union and started marketing a retirement and disability plan modeled after Social Security he would be arrested and jailed. No state government would allow such a scheme to exist. It does exist though. It exists as Social Security and it exists because the Imperial Federal Government exercises a monopoly on the use of force. The money is seized from the working man by force, and benefits will be granted, increased, decreased, denied or delayed as the federal government -- or as the politicians see fit.

What in the world can possibly be wrong with allowing a person to actually own a part of their Social Security account? How does this hurt Democrats so badly? In general, Democrats and liberals are hurt whenever a citizen becomes financially independent. Democratic political power is built on a foundation of dependency on government. This dependency is then used as a weapon when elections roll around. Think back as far as you like, and you won't be able to remember one presidential election where Democrats didn't tell the voters that their opponents, the evil Republicans, were going to "destroy" Social Security. Now just how in the world are the Democrats going to be able to convince voters that the evil Republicans are going to take away their private accounts? Truth is, they can't? No more than they could convince voters that Republicans were going to take their checking accounts.

Individuality and independence are poison to collectivist politics. The Democrats must do all they can to prevent those who will depend on Social Security from ever enjoying a sense of independence.

Yep I wish people would understand this, but hey Goverment is our friend right??? Just remember that the Goverment can only take wealth. It can't create the wealth.

Anyway moving on to Gay Marriage here what Boortz has to say about that.

If you listen to the talking heads on TV and read the liberal columnists, the consensus on the left seems to be emerging that George Bush was reelected because everybody was afraid that gay marriage might become the law of the land.

The election isn't even a week old, and they're already trying to revise history. Nice try.You can see exactly what's going on here. Such is the left's hatred for George Bush, he couldn't possibly have been legitimately reelected. It must have been those hateful, mean-spirited, anti-gay evangelical voters! Since they believe The Poodle was the superior candidate, they have to delude themselves with some sort of explanation as to why Bush won. But the truth is it had nothing to do with gay marriage.

The last thing these people want to do is face the possibility that their own agenda, the message they delivered to America, was flawed. Perhaps they would have been well-advised to understand that there are still quite a few people out there who don't believe that America is great because of its government.Remember, Bush had softened his stance on gay marriage toward the end of his campaign, coming out in favor of civil unions. It wasn't really a campaign issue, because Bush and The Poodle had the same position.

Yes, there were 11 states that added gay marriage bans to their constitutions. But of those 11 states, The Poodle carried two; Oregon and Michigan. But what about Florida? Florida had no gay marriage amendment on the ballot, and Bush trounced The Poodle by almost 400,000 votes.

No, the presidential election of 2004 was won because people believed that George Bush's policy of hunting down and killing Islamic terrorists was what was in their best interest. They also believed that John Kerry was a deeply flawed candidate with no record to run on. A man that could not be trusted with the reigns of power.

Of course, the left will never admit it had anything to do with them. It had to be those religious whackos that were scared of the gays.

If only the 'religious whackos' could see...Never Mind, let the Gays go to the Democrats and its just another "group" the Dems can use to win votes and gain power.

Morning News & Commentary

Is Iran supporting al-Qaida terror???

Assault to retake Fallujah begins

BBC reporter weeps over Arafat. BBC Gets complaints

Arafat's wife lashes out

Hezbollah drone flies over Israel

Swiftboat vets celebrate role in Bush win

The vets attack. This from Newsweek

Jenna's nightmare motivated herself and her sister to help their dad get the second term

Does Howard Dean...Yahoo??? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

What's it all about Paramount??? Alife remake flops and they blame the elections for it. Meanwhile as expected Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles take the top.


Would love to have brought this up with Mel and Kevin on KTSC-FM's Talk The Talk. The Hispanics are not entrenched in the Dems plantation. Takes one to know one, and Michael Gonzalez knows.

Pat Buchanan warns of Arlen Specter and ending judicial dictatorship

Doug Powers talks about the Hollywood lefty's. He also started a blog on Blogger as well.

John Fund talks about the Blue State blues

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush. Mark Steyn talks about that

Steyn also says the left has no clue

Grass-roots movement to reclaim U.S. sovereignty. Joseph Farah talks about it.

Dick Morris on why the marketing did not work in the elections

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Radio ID Jingles/Imaging Part 1

One of things I enjoy is Radio ID's set to music. I will be doing a series of posts in which I will do a history of radio ID jingles/imaging and the key people and companies behind them.

Being part 1 (and I have not set the numbers posts as of this post) I will focus on the man and company that put the ID jingles on the map. Bill Meeks and his company P-A-M-S.

Aka PAMS of Dallas.

In the 1930's and 40's "prime time" was on the radio. Radio was the place to hear the sitcoms, action shows, serials, variety shows etc etc. To help pay for the airtime, their was a sponsor for these programs, and in those days you could afford just one brand or company unlike today.

Someone in the world of radio was smart to come up with a catchy song to help people remember a certain brand or product out their regardless if it was cereals, soap, soft drinks, and yet even cigars and cigarettes. It was a great way to recall a product even if you don't remember the talking points by the announcer selling you the product.

We move on now to a man by the name of Bill Meeks. He was born in 1921 and in those days of radio, recorded or "canned" music was taboo. The music had to be done LIVE!!! When Meeks was 14 he was a member of a band that played weekly on WRR in Dallas. He would also play on WFAA and then in 1947 Meeks joined KLIF which at time was a new radio station. Radio was booming and with many radio stations signing on, remembering a certain station calls can be a challenge but someone at KLIF came up with the ideal of writing jingles not only for the sponsors of KLIF, but for KLIF themselves.

The jingles for KLIF were a hit, and Meeks was encouraged to spend more time on creating jingles for his clients.

In 1951 Meeks founded PAMS Advertising Agency Inc. PAMS is an acronym for Production Advertising Merchandising Service. In its early years PAMS focused on commercial jingles for business around the Dallas area rather than radio ID's but eventually PAMS would be known for doing jingles that helped people remember the radio station they listened to.

In 1956 PAMS created their first syndicated radio package. The radio jingle began to explode, and PAMS was taking the radio business by storm on a national level. PAMS laid down the groundwork of the radio jingle blueprint. The 1959 package "Signature Series" had a constant signature melody or logo for the station's call letters in every cut.

One year later PAMS created "Dramatic Signatures" which not only had a constant signature melody logo but that logo could be changed from station to station. In short a station could change the logo from that featured on the demo.

Meeks like any musician would was not afraid to take chances, and when it came to making jingle packages he was not afraid to use off the wall effects. In 1961 PAMS created "Sonosational." This jingle package was built around a device called the sonovox which makes musical instruments sound like they are talking or singing. A variety of singing instruments featured on the package included were organ, flute, saxophone, guitar, and trombone. The sonovox was in use since the 1940's but never appeared in radio ID's until the Sonosational package. The sonovox would remain a part of radio jingles for years to come.

Top 40 radio would use PAMS jingles during the 1960's including Top 40 powerhouse WABC in New York City. WABC in fact would pilot most of PAMS best selling packages including Jet Set, Swiszle, Fun Vibrations, and Tenth Dimension (which was named when PAMS installed a ten track tape machine).

As much as PAMS tried to adapt to the changes in the radio business including competition from rival jingle houses, PAMS suspended operations in 1978. However the company never dissolved or was in bankruptcy. During the 1980's and 90's other parties offered PAMS re-sings but one man would help put a stop to that in 1997. This man also bought the stock of PAMS and had connections to people that worked for PAMS. His name is Jonathan Wolfert.

Wolfert grew up listening to the jingles that were on WABC. He soon learned of PAMS and dreamed of working their...He did.

Although PAMS is still a company in its own right today there will never be any new jingles under the PAMS name. For new jingles from Wolfert you would have to turn to the jingle house he and his wife founded back in 1974. I shall talk about that company in part 2.

PAMS website

Before I go I do want to give a shoutout to the Johnny Mann Singers. Mann and his singing group were key in jingles as we hear them today. In the mid 1960's Bill Drake was one of the people behind the concept of Boss Radio and Drake wanted the jingles to go into the music that was played on the station rather than have the jocks talk around the jingles as many Pre-Drake jingles did. Drake's style of programming would make Los Angeles radio station KHJ the top 40 powerhouse of the 1960's and 70's.

Registration with online newspapers MUST READ!!!

Many online newspapers are really having a love affair with free registration, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Just to warn you in the future I may link important stories and commentary that come from sites that do require its users to register with the site. I would recommend that you do register with the sites.

Usually I do go to,, and for news stories. Worldnetdaily is known for linking stories to other websites and so does Drudge. provides stories without pop ups.

Be sure to visit my blog daily for important news, commentary, and random thoughts for yours truly.

Morning News & Commentary

Iraq Declares State of Emergency

Preliminary Pact Reached on Iran Nukes

Man Shoots, Kills Himself at Ground Zero. Just because Bush is still president and Kerry is not.,0,4065898.story?coll=nyc-topheadlines-span

Arafat Has Liver Failure, Officials Say

Or was he poisoned?

Arafat names successor

Afghan Militants Say Hostages May Be Freed

Kurd officer deserts with Fallujah plans

Israel Plans for Arafat Burial in Gaza. Why don't they just cremate his body for crying out loud.

The views of the Bush and Kerry voters

New federal guidelines exempt immigrants whose last conviction more than 7 years ago

Specter's Comments Rile Senate Conservatives

Van Gogh murder backlash begins

Shock and horror of Iraqi beheadings apparently inspiring groups across the world


John Caldara recaps the Colorado election,1713,BDC_2490_3308423,00.html

The Wall Street Journal asks if Hillary Clinton can make the Dems normal again.

Can Bush reshape policy and politics like Lincoln and FDR did? Michael Barone talks about it.

Jose Maria Aznar says the free world has a second chance becuase of Bush's second term

Bret Stephens says their is not much left of the Palestinian cause

Out to left field now. Yesterday I linked Jerry Fallwell's piece about the Christian Right helping Bush to win. Now William Edelen talks about the myth of family values.