Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not Only Common Sense...The Teachers Unions are Distorying our Country

Want to know why jobs are being shipped to India and them some. One factor the left will never EVER tell you is that one of those reasons is Government Education and the Unions that Cheat our children out of a good education our of their own selfishness and greed. Dumb down students are not a good thing for our economy, and certain coporations who bought into this are fools themselves.

You know their are teachers NOT working that are getting paid. No different than other unions, but push is shoving and America is going over a big cliff.

Click here for John Stossel's piece on Teacher's Union as he continues to highlight his Education program of many weeks ago.

Hope he does that same for the ten myths in America program from last week.

We are the Mainline (Liberal) Media. You Will Obey Us!!!

CBSNBCABC, NYTimes, WashPost, AP etc. You guys JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

Dick Chenny in spite of his tragic mistake is not going to send himself to the wolves and mainline media is anyone with a brain is leftist, supports Democrats no matter what, and will do what they to help their party take power and keep them in power.

Instead Chenny goes to the conforts of Brit Hume and FOX News Channel, A media outlet is somewhat right of center but the left of center as everyone else. Before that Chenny reported this to a local newspaper in Corpus Christi, Texas. At least he was supporting the little people, but that does not make Washington/White House Press Corps any happier. Wish those punks would take a hard look at themselves for once. The world does revolve around you creeps anymore.

Some people consider FOX News part of the new media, and more/less they are. Jack Cafferty calls FNC the "F#$* The World News Channel." Cafferty by the way works for the enlightned Cable News Channel or CNN for short. Hey we had names for CNN for quite awhile. Communist News Channel and Clinton News Channel are so far the best names.

Is the left in favor of the little people as Darth Fargo wants to prove to himself and other people??? The answer once again is a Big Fat NO!!!!

They are once again in favor of the elite. Those who claim to care about those who are not as big as them but again their actions speak louder than their words. Don't believe what a lefty says, believe in what a lefty Does. More often than not the Democrats are doing what they can to buy votes from people and then drain the lifeforce out of these people slowly. The Democrats staying in power depends on keeping people depended on them and a Nanny State Government.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CBS Tries new Comedy Duo on Wednesday as Julia Louis-Dreyfus get the Monday 8:30/9:30 spot

That spot by the way is in between "Two and a Half Men" and CSI: Miami. Both of those shows are the key ratings getters on CBS Monday night right now.

Dreyfus get another shot at her OWN sitcom when she and other Senfield alumni failed at many others. In this show she plays a single mother who ex-husband is dating another woman that shares her first name. Thus the title "The New Adventures of Old Christine." From the marketing it looks it may take the Dramedy route. Knowing CBS however with the pattern of its half hour sitcoms (Love Monkey does not count since it was an hour. 40 minutes without commercials) that may not happen. It will be just like everyone else. Multi-Camera shots, sound stage sets (EVEN Outdoors), and YES that wonderful canned laughter track (hopefully its done live). Christine might live for awhile for as long as CBS keeps it inbetween Men and CSI: Miami.

Meanwhile the former and current holder of the Monday 8:30/9:30 slot; Out of Practice and Counting Alex respectful will move into the 7/8 hour on Wednesday, deposing Still Standing and Yes Dear, both of which have been trending down this season. Yes Dear has passed the 100 episode mark, but Still Standing might not get that chance and could cost its chances of an Off Network Syndcation Daily Strip. Does not bug me one bit, but we have to put up with them for a few weeks. Either one or both will be on a few weeks (unless their have some kind of special program) until March 22 when Practice and Alex take over.

CBS hopes that Practice and Alex will gain in numbers after a few runs on Monday. We shall see if the numbers improve in that 7/8 Wednesday night hour. CBS has done better with the Crime Drama's that precede the Wednesday night sitcoms (Criminal Minds, CSI: NY). Also watch the numbers for "Bones" on FOX, which has gotten a boost from the Wednesday airing of American Idol. With Idol moving to 8/9 and going to a half hour becoming the Ensemble Number/Elimination show; Bones will now have to hold its own as lead in to Wendesday Idol. NBC has gotten so-so ratings with E-Ring, and so-so ratings for George Lopez and Freddie. Also don't count out UPN's "America's Next Top Model" which gets good numbers for the netlet, and very likley will show up on the new CW network.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Awwww!!!! Did we hurt you so badly Mary Mapes

All I can say is...GOOD!!!! I am glad your hurting. For so long CBS News has lead the media and did all they could to smear those who believe in limited government and individual freedom and liberty.

Classic Examples

Edward R. Murrow: Took credit for taking out loose cannon Joseph McCarthy. Say what you want about McCarthy but he did call out many people that REALLY did have Communist ties and/or were Communists. The fact is the words Communist and Socialist are really interchangable. Sadly Murrow was seen as the hero and McCarthy as the bad guy. Ann Coulter may be known for her acid mouth but she says that because of McCarthy we may have had a few more years of freedom. Neverless anyone with socialist ideals were treated as people who just think "differently." However certain elements of these people would still like to force a new Soviet Union on us.

Walter Cronkite: From the late 1960's until the early 1980's people tuned in to the CBS Evening News to hear the new from Uncle Walt. He was called "the most trusted man in America." Guess what America he stabbed you in the back so many times, long after he retired from the anchor chair at CBS News. He told us that we were in stalemate in Vietnam and that we could not win the war. Oh how the Vietcong was so happy that Uncle Walt was telling us that since the claim that the media helped the communists in North Vietnam gain their victory over South Vietnam. Good thing that Nixon had issues cause Uncle Walt used that to make sure that man was removed from office someway somehow. Eventually the Dems that gained control of the congress in the mid 1970's no longer wanted to help fund the Vietnam war and we pulled out, and the Vietcong won. To this day Vietnam remains a communist nation, and guess who you have to thank for it...WALTER CRONKITE!!!! Oh but it does not end their.

Since his retirement Cronkite has advocated for a One World Government under the United Nations and thinks that he should that America should have its veto power taken away at the UN. He knows that the United States will not go along with the many socialist schemes that other countries embrace. Recently he also called for America to abort the mission in Iraq. Can you see that this man is Evil. How many times do I have to tell you that?

Now you Miss Mapes and Dan Rather had to stick to Bush, but now you have to deal with bloggers and other forms of new media what the enlighten ones like Murrow and Cronkite never had to deal with in their primes. We were on to you two losers and you took the fall as you should, while our president got a second term and John Kerry had to stick with his old job being the other Senator in Kennedy Land.

You can no longer slam dunk the America people with your properganda in hopes of making America a Socialist Workers Utopia like you used too. However we work while you elites stomp on us all...OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!

Oh well you Democrat pals could still win back Congress this year. All the polls are in their favor.