Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday Readings

Yesterdays Nuze from Neal Boortz ALWAYS MUST READING!!!

Kevin McCullough defends Ann Coulter in her attack on the 9-11 Widows/Jersey Girls. The loss of your husbands DOES NOT grant you an exemption from people like Coulter. No we will come after you for your support of the Democrats and anti-war leftys and vice versa. We not going to let them protect you at all. I back Coulter all the way on this one.

Tom Delay had a Long Good-Bye speech and certain Dems still were not happy. Here it is.

Yesterday I presented Mike Rosen's view on Al Gore's Properganda movie. Now here is one from Mark Davis.

Canada may help us with Afghanistan but with Iraq. Jonah Goldberg says they Cling to the ideal of "Understanding" the bad guy.

John Murtha wants to be Nancy Pelosi right hand man if the Dems claim power. Think twice before you give these Jack@$$ the Security Blanket of power.

On the other hand maybe he would love to be Speaker of the House.

Christopher Hitchens shows why the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi DOES matter in spite of what the left says.

Poll Says Troops are Supported and Not the War. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY PEOPLE!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Looks Like I Work Late After All

Hey good things do happen sometimes, and that means I get some time to blog, so I will keep on it.

Friday Readings

True to form Barbs is getting on the Global Climate Change Bandwagon.

Also True to form the Dems are trying to BUY the Hispanic/Latino vote at the World Cup.

Dog Droppings left at a Congresswoman's Office, but which One????

Pieces regarding the Old Media and the demise of Zarqawi

David Limbaugh

Mona Charen

Oliver North

Melainie Morgan

OK Zarqawi is Dead Now Pull the Troops, so says John Kerry and John Murtha

Oh and lets hear what Nancy Pelosi says about this as well.

Is Kerry really our President??? Joseph Farah says YES!!!

The Dems use people like Paris Hilton (and YES she wants to sing) to try to keep the Death Tax alive and well. Rick Santorum calls for the end of the Death Tax and shows that its YOU that suffers, not the dimwited Paris.

Charles Krauthamer provides some common scense regarding the Marriage Debates, Federalism, and Sovereignty.

On Fridays, Denver radio Talk Show Host Mike Rosen, does movie reviews. In this weeks piece, Rosen talks about Al Gore's propaganda flick; "An Inconvenient Truth."

Ann Coulter is going to the top, Beginning with Seems that the Old Media can't feather and tar this woman.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ObL May be still alive but Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is officially taking the DIrt Nap

Thursday Readings to follow in the body of This Post.

What do you have to say now All You Pacifist Scum Bags??? Nobody really likes War but certain things TAKE TIME!!!

We also know that many of you Pacifists Hate this Country and would like to see it fall into some kind of "utopia."

Toby Keith said it best: We put a boot in his @$$, and that is the American way. Brought to you courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.

Bush did make mistakes as President, but I confident that if we press on, we can get out of Iraq AS THE WINNERS!!!! Not the losers as the Democrats want us to be. If they make us lose this one like they did with Vietnam (and it does not matter if the Dems started Vietnam) we will be cooked big time.

Click here for Story from AP

I should not be really suprised about the Dems being IRKED about AMA-Z's death. Their Hopes of their pals getting the 'Securty Blanket of Power' so they suck everyone else dry including the "useful idiots" that put them into power. Click here for Story from Newsmax.

Thursday Readings

Glad to see Charlie Rangel get caught knowing that Casto paid for his recent trip to see the Dictator. It should remind you how the Dems LOVE Dictators. They wish they could be like them but pulling OUR STRINGS!!!!

Casto may have brainwashed Ellan Gonzalez real good, but the lawsuit is far over.

The Righty Babe Fires Back at Hidia Beast.

Yesterday I was skimming Ann Coulters's new book. Yes that is the Righy Babe. I am just glad she did not catch me doing it.

The Church of Scientology is going to sponcer a NASCAR Racing Team. That religion is ripping of the rich while the Word of Faith moverment rips off the Middle and Poor classes. But then again some Christian Messages did come across in the world of NASCAR in the past.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday Readings

The San Diego Election is Over (The one Replacing disgraced Duke Cunningham), Kelo clams its first victim and its not one of those Judges that upheld it sadly, Cynthia McKinney gets away with slugging Police Officers (and her people will re-Elect her time and again), bowing to Iran, and lots of his Assigned Readings. Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Walter Williams focuses on overpopulation and Global Warming in his piece this week, plus kind words for the Real World Millard Fillmore's new book.

Speaking of the Real World Millard Fillmore, he talks about the ADA Law in spite of some of its good intentions, it creates Government RED TAPE for business and corporations. After reading this you will see that the Disabled did not make any progress, but the TRIAL Lawyers did.

Listen up Parents. Thomas Sowell has a book for your children to read before the leftys get to them first.

Michelle Malkin takes us to to the Great White North, and how THEY are handling the War on Terror. Yet they are afraid to Call a Spade a Spade. That Spade is that the Terrorists have Muslim Names and pratice Islam.

Speaking of Islam and Canada (and then some), Ben Shapiro has a great ideal. Keep an Eye on the Mosques and make sure they NOT DOING any Monkey Business.

Glad to see Robert Tracinski taking on Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth.' You know how the liberal elites are going ooooh ahhhhh over his Properganda Piece. He might outdue Michael Moore yet. I just they will give THEIR conforts as much as they want the "poor" to give up theirs.

Ed Koch presents us with The Real Problems in Iraq.

Someone is backing off the ideal of Grabing Guns.

Important Reminder

Starting Saturday I have to go in to work a littler earlier cause they need a body around and nobody wants to get up with me it seems, so if I don't have anything posted you can always return in the evening to find out what readings or thoughts I have for you.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


With all of the suff on my mind including work, I forgot to mechion that this was not only D-Day but 666 Day.

June is the sixth month, the Date is 06, and the year 2006.

Well at least I made it though the day.

The Space Race ends for Billy Preston aka 'The Fifth Beatle"

Story from Radio and Records Online

Tuesday Readings

You have to remember that the media hates Bush and with that they want us to fail in Iraq. Cal Thomas has what the media does not want to show.

With all this talk about a Marriage Amendment, Jim Powell shows how it is overeaching and its do different that what Teddy Roosevelt did getting into people's personal lifes.

Great piece from Thomas Sowell regarding our Birthright up for sale just because we want to play nice with the President of Mexico. It should be noted that he clamps down on the Invaders in HIS Country. Vicente Fox is not our friend.

Remember rushing to judgement regarding lefty icons OJ Simpson and Bill Clinton. Notice how the media changes its tune about rushing to judgement when it comes to the Haditha tragedy. David Limbaugh talks about it.

On the same subject Pat Buchanan points out how the Media Rejoyces in this.

Ann Coulter's new book Godless is out. Here is the first chapter for Free.

Brcue Bartlett gives us a History lesson regarding the Democratic party coup back in late 1890's. They were Gangsters then Gangsta's Now, and the Blacks are still being held down.

AFRTS might be considering adding more Hip-Hop to its music services, and less Talk Programing. It shows how our young people really are especially those that serving out Country.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Readings

25 Years of dealing with the AIDS virus. George Will writes his thoughts about it.

His poll numbers are low but Michael Barone points out that Bush knows his history that we are having econmic growth.

Is Hillary in trouble??? Peter Brown says Yes and Florida is key.

Not needing "Papers" for voting or so says Francine Busby, Neal writes better not watching the Morning Cable News Shows, Is Bush Really in Touch, Dems in 2008. This and more from Neal Boortz.

Thomas Sowell shows how lefties will hang on to their ideals even if that means self-distruction to the society.

If you live in Cally, you need to read this piece by Jennifer Roback Morse. Even if you don't you need to read it anyway, your state could be next.

Bush saying that Abu Ghraib was a Big Mistake. Diana West says that Bush Apologizing for it IS the Big Mistake.

Mary Katharine Ham looks at a bill that will create a Government based on RACE.

Wal-Mart may have used Eminent Domain laws to get land they want but the Anti-Wal-Marters have found good use for the ED laws too.

Nathan Tabor talks about a group called Democracy for America and they have no love for Joe Lieberman. The Deanie Babies Truly have taken over.

Awhile back George Will talked about Peter Beinart's book on Classical Liberalism and our Current War on terror. Here is John Leo's take on this.

Sunday Talk Show Recap:

Transcript of FOX News Sunday.

Meet The Press

Face The Nation

Late Edition

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Less Than 10 Years of Life of Earth

It has been said before, but I think the Socialists think they can play that card again and try to regulate our lifestyle again and Spend OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!!!

College Republicans are having a ball.

Well the DNC thinks those College Repubs and just plain Mean.

We shall see if we fall for these Democrat Tricks THIS TIME!!!

They are hoping we do.

Sunday Readings

Some read our Constitution so they know how to get around it. Paul Jacob talks about this.

The importantce of having the right Judges on our Courts. George Will has a good piece on this.

Do we have a A Manchurian Candidate for Treasury Secretary? Jonathon Burns talks about Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson who is also an Enviormental Actvist. Looks like we might have an Al Gore Diciple after all.

Speaking of Al Gore, Henry Lamb talks about him pushing his Envior-Religion on the rest of us.

Want to see some pander to the Hispanics and their Mexican Invader Friends??? Read this piece about how Francine Busby MISspoke. Don't worry the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk (Darth Fargo/Ed Schultz) will keep telling us she is a Democrats and all Democrats are good. Just because they will take money from you who works hard and gives to someone who likely may not work as hard. Does this a bit Maxist to you??? Never Mind.

Are the Ditzy Twits carriers of a different kind of Bird Flu??? Pat Boone talks about it and warns their is no cure for this one. Parents train your children well, cause the Socialists are working overtime and I will include the Twits.