Saturday, September 24, 2005

Refineries See Some Damage, Dodge Bullet

You Thank Goodness for that.

AP News Story

Meanwhile in DC. The Peace Niks aka Anti-American/Anti-War Protesters make a stink including the Deranged Cindy Sheehan

Update on Rita

AP: Rita Hits Gulf Coast, Causing Flooding

AP: Fires Cause Damage in Galveston, Houston

Colorado Springs Gazette: President to monitor storm from NorthCom

WISH-TV, Indianapolis: Drivers Stock Up on Gas Before Rita Price Hike

Keep Your Eye on Rita


National Weather Service

The Weather Channel


Friday, September 23, 2005

Girl is suspended from Christian School in Ontario, California

The Crime??? Her mother is a lesbian.

Look I can understand if a student was doing something amoral or bad that was against the rules of the school that kicking them out would be justified, but it seems that the parents must be morally straight as well. Everyone must be just as holy as this school.

Granted it can do what it likes since its a private school, but don't you think you that your really harming your cause rather than helping it? Could you have help this girl learning the benefits of being a hetrosexual and waiting until marriage to have sex?

No they can't and that is a crying shame. At least the mother will not fight back, and I respect her for that. It is the school's loss, not the student's.

Score One, for the Government Schools. They can use this to make a case for their existance.

Wonder why I don't want to be Christian any longer?

Story from The Associated Press

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: "Head Cases" is the first NEW show to go and random thoughts

Well I did not say anything anything about "Head Cases" on FOX in my predictions, but inside I did believe the show would not last. It gets the honor of being the first show of the fall season to get canned. I never even watched the show.

Ironically TV Guide made this statement in this years Fall Preview issue regarding Head Cases.

Tossed out of court as soon as legally possible.


You can get the Complete story by goiing to and clicking on the TV tab.

The Donald did not do so well last night. Was that just the "Dancing with the Stars" rematch, or a sign will that could help the new Carl Kolchak who competes with Trump in the same time slot? CSI by the way (along with much of the CBS lineup) won hands down, and should do so for the rest of the season.

Next week Jennifer Gardner (who will give birth to Ben Aflack's Demon Child :) ) will return with Season 5 of Alias and will be the lead in to Night Stalker. Can ABC claim second place, or could that even go to FOX??? Speaking of ABC "Commander in Chief" premieres next week on Tuesday, and can that show gain The West (or Left) Wing crowd? Very likley.

Also Chris Rock's sticom higher numbers for UPN lastnight, will those hold???

Criminal Minds on CBS did very well last night, but can they keep the numbers high on Wednesday?

Also expect big numbers regarding ABC's Sunday Night lineup as Season 2 of Desperate Housewives starts this Sunday on ABC. Grey's Anatomy will still benefit.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

All The Lefty Women Gather Around "Commander In Chief"

From The Drudge Report

Diana Carman of the Denver Post and who is also part of the left and attended or WILL attend a screening

I warn you again, its all about rooting for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the real world. Don't let Daily Kos fool ya.

Air America Associates (Followup)

Well has reported on this story and says that Radioequalizer is piching a fit. Yes Rush Limbaugh made without help from adverage folk or begging for money on the air. It should be kept in mind that commerical operations asked for money in the past. AAR is not the first and not the last.

Allaccess reports that Ted Turner (yes THAT Ted Turner) had a beg-athon to save WRET-TV in Charlotte, NC. The people came through and the station was saved. Turner would sell the station and the station is know known as WCNC-TV affliated with the NBC network. Mike Rosen who does a local radio talk show on KOA-AM in Denver stated that the Washington Times (the right leaning newspaper by the way) asked for funds for its readers. The paper is still with us.

I too have seen this in the Colorado Springs radio market as well. One of the early attempts to bring a Christian Adult Contemporary station into the market had the station asking for funds from the listeners. However the station kept losing money and went under. Another commercial radio station broadcasting a Christian AC signed on with the same business plan. Commericals and listener support. Its parent company was technally a Non-Profit. Eventually the station was sold and now gets its money from commerical advertising 100%.

Look if Rush Limbaugh says the left is losing their marbles, then why are certain people on the right afraid of AAR, Stephanie Miller, Lionel, and Darth Fargo?

Are you afraid that the sheeple will believe them instead of us? All we need to show the those who don't know is that the liberal/progressives/leftys will only enslave us to bigger and growing goverment should they get into power. We also need to show that goverment takes wealth and can never create it, and that eventually the goverment will fall apart when they can no longer provide what it has promiced. We must also show that the Class Warfare playbook is nothing but a smoke screen to justify higher taxes and bigger goverment. If we keep sending those messages, we should still be able to keep the Democrats from gaining majority power.

Lets us not forget that the Dems never saw a communist that they ever hated. These commies were the great hope to these people that Socialism would prevail and work for the long term. Hey their always Fidel Castro, the left see him as a man of the "people." Had to kill a few of them to keep the rest in line. Castro is indeed as strong as an ox.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zap2it.Com:No Big Winners on Season's First Night

Nothing broke out of the pack. Signs of Surface on NBC sound like it will be a hit. I looked at the show and its not as good as Threshold on CBS. Well the next few weeks will be the proving ground. I say week by week the numbers for Surface will go down.

Prison Break is holding on to the numbers for FOX, but its sitcoms before that show...No Good.

Link to the story at

Air America Associates

Well, well, well. Their were a few Air America Radio posts that Allan Sniffen removed from his New York Radio Message Board site just a few seconds ago as I typed this. Billy OR is going to talk about how AAR may be on its last legs on his TV show on FOX News. However the AAR supports are still optimistc in hopes that their Socialist Talk Radio Network will still prevaile. Also someone posted this E-Mail on the NYRMB (that too is gone thanks to Sniffen) from AAR CEO Danny Goldberg in how the left can support and get the word out about their beloved network.

Dear Air America Radio Listener,

When we launched the Air America Radio network one year ago, the country was being talked to death by conservative zealots like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and others. Right Wing radio saturated every media market and every community – a dominance of the airwaves that has been a huge part of what allowed the Right Wing to:

Drag America into the Iraq war.
Open up the Arctic National Refuge for oil drilling.
Take over both houses of Congress.
And, of course, win the 2004 Presidential election.
Rather than wait for the Right Wing to run out of breath, we launched Air America Radio to give the country back its voice. Thanks to listeners like you, we have a presence on 70 stations covering 60% of U.S. media markets. Air America Radio currently offers 15 shows and runs 24 hours a day of entertaining – at times irreverent – but always enlightening programming.

To continue this great success story and start shaping the national debate the way that Right Wing talk radio does every day, we've got to reach into every community in this country. We know we can’t achieve this next stage of growth without significant help from you, our loyal listeners.

We’ve also been asked on many occasions by our listeners how they can help out. Today we are launching a new program called AIR AMERICA ASSOCIATES that gives you the opportunity to do just that.

As an Air America Associate, you are a member of a special group of listeners who support Air America Radio and are dedicated to building the Air America community. When you sign up, we will send you a packet of bumper stickers to remind you that your job as an Associate is to spread the word about Air America Radio to other progressives in your workplace, your family, and your neighborhood.

Also, as an Air America Associate, you'll be kept informed of events in your area and receive a monthly Associates insider newsletter with backstage news from our shows and our headquarters. And in time, when we launch our paid services, as an Associate you will be eligible for special discounts for premium content.

Rush Limbaugh didn't take over our airwaves by himself – he had an army of "dittoheads" behind him. We will never reach the same critical mass that he has without our listeners helping us as well. So, please become an Air America Associate today by clicking here:

Thank you very much for your support,

Danny Goldberg
Air America Radio CEO

I have to give credit to these leftys. They are determed to take this country towards the socialist utopia that his been in their heads for years. I do agree with Rush Limbaugh regarding the Dems being honest with the rest of America (outside of their core supporters) regarding their agenda for America. I tend to agree; Just come and say your socialists for once you guys.

How Media Matters twists the truth to make the right look bad

David Brock once a righty that went to the left and these days is doing hack jobs for the left in their attempt to reclam their monopoly on the media, tried to stick it to Neal Boortz in this recent hack statement.

For Boortz its truly water off a duck's back as he explains in this Nealz Nuze Post.

Unlike the Media Research Center which is seen as a conservative group focusing more on how the reporters spin their stories and clam to be "objevtive," Media Matters goes after those who are KNOWN to be commentators. They attack the statements made by Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity ETC, and then go crying to Al Franken and Darth Fargo about how they lie and spin and that ONLY the leftys are telling truth and we must return to an age when the media was "fair." What they want is the goverment to be able to regulate the media so that freedom of speech can be stiffled and only the lefty spin wins out be default.

Granted I have yet to see MRC go after liberal talkers in if they are in DC their is an outlet in which Progressives can speak their message on the radio. Maybe they should, since Brock and his elk work harder to prove their is NO LIBERAL BIAS.

One thing to know about the liberal media. They tag (or state how a certain person thinks) rightys. They for the most part don't tag leftys or lefty groups. A Molly Ivins, a Robert Scheer, a Paul Krugman, a Maureen Dowd, a AARP, a National Education Assocation are never tag as liberals but just level-headed thinking people or groups just trying to help their members.

Most of the boys and girls in the news media are liberals, the NEA and AARP are ran by liberals and at least half of their members toe the lefty line, and Ivins, Krugman, Dowd, and Scheer are seen as liberals. As the old saying goes "Birds of feather, flock together." They just DON'T tell you that up-front.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nicknames that you may see on the Blog

In case you don't know who I am talking about. This guide will help you.

Darth Fargo: This is my favorate of my nicknames here. Darth Fargo refers to Ed Schultz, and tries to prove he is so in touch in with the people by keeping his syndcated show in Fargo, North Dakota. Allthough he was born in Norfolk, VA; Schultz has made Fargo his hometown. The Star Wars/Sith connnection I make is due the fact that Schultz was once a Conservative Talk Show, but become a liberal. How did that happen? It all had to do with a woman who Schultz would eventluly marry with a bleeding heart for the poor and felt that the goverment needed to take care of them. He worked on Schultz just as Palpatine worked on Anakin Skywalker. What can I say? Jones Radio Networks took an interest in this "progressive" talker. If anyone is pulling Darth Fargo's strings, its Wendy Schultz. Thus I call Ed & Wendy the Sith of Progressive Talk (even if Al Franken gets better numbers). I have yet to find a resonable Darth title for Wendy but I when I do I shall add it.

Lady MacBeth or Evita Peron: That would go to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Billy Boy: William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton

George S: A short way of saying George Stephanopoulos. We have a local news anchor were I live who is Greek and also has one of those LONG GREEK NAMES...and Better to look at. One long Greek name is enough for me.

Her name is Georgiann Lymberopoulos, and she works at KOAA-TV which is the NBC affliate in the Colorado Springs-Pueblo market

This list will be a work in progress

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: It offically Starts...well yesterday

We are now going to find out how lineup really stands. However you can always get the overnight results by paying a visit to and click on TV. This will take you to the TV stories page, and click the headline under "Daily Ratings Headline" to find out how the shows did. They update this around 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM Mountain Time.

The print publication USA Today is always the best paper to see the weekly results. This is seen in the Wednesday issues unless holidays delay it until Thursdays...maybe even Fridays.

I shall keep track of my predictions and will find out how I did. Unlike one of our local sportscasters who does a segment in which he makes predictions on who wins the NFL (and Air Force) Football games I will not keep a percentage. I will give a reality check...No pun intented.

Some shows I will have to wait until October. "Close To Home" will start in that month, because CBS aires the finale of Big Brother 6, and after that we have the two hour premiere of one of my favorate reality shows "The Amazing Race" which will have family teams of four...just don't dumb down the race too much people, get them out of the States a bit people.

Some shows will start in November. That 70's Show will have to wait out its likely final season (its 1979 people) until The World Series is over.

A Few Recommended Readings Today

I used to do this alot, and man it was painstaken. However their are stories you should be reading.

Hugo Chavez gets lots of applause after slaming the U.S. at the UN. From one Socialist to many other Socialists, it should not surprise. Their are other ways in dealing with this jerk, other than going in and putting a bullet in his brain...thank you very much Pat Robertson.

Well to looks like Bush is Spend the people's money to help rebuild New Orleans. Socialism is truly on the march, but still he is part of the wrong party. Remember Democrats can NEVER EVER do wrong. Did anyone see Billy Boy on Sunday geting cuddle by George Steff (Who used to work for him by the way) on ABC's This Week

Monday, September 19, 2005

Starving Government???...Yea lets Make it Fat & Bloated

Remember the song that Dave Matthews wrote called "Too Much?" The song attacked corporations through using the metaphors about eating and drinking too much.

However when it comes to making the government nice and fat, it seems that many leftys sing a different tune. Because after all in the mind of a lefty/liberal/progressive the Government is this entity of goodness, the Justice League, making sure that wrong is made right. To that end the Goverment must take in the money it requires to make everything right.

Granted their are some things a goverment needs to do which private enterprise can't do. Those few things include a national defense, and at the local levels police and fire protection, and paving the roads. Those are just a few things that the Government should be involved with.

But for the lefty, they always keep talking about "fairness." When it comes to taxes it is no different. The problem with the left is defining fairness and changing it to fit their own intrests. The real problem is that the left never saw a tax increase they ever hated, and when someone talks about tax cuts then the left throws a fit and says that it is NOT the time for a tax cut. I have to tell you, there is never a RIGHT time for a tax cut for the left.

As I said most leftys love government with a passion, and believe that the goverment must shape and change society as they see fit and solve every problem that is out their. Since the Goverment can't CREATE wealth it must Confiscate and spend as they see fit, which also includes Redistribution of the wealth. As LA Times reporter and commentary Robert Scheer says...

"Let's be blunt: A progressive tax is a good thing for the very reason libertarian and conservative ideologues think it is bad: It redistributes income in a way that ever so slightly makes us more equal and minimally protects the weakest among us."

Not really Mr. Scheer; it makes the "weakest" depended on the goverment and it helps the Democrats at large buy certain votes. Oh yea, how can I forget. Scheer was and still is a Bill Clinton fan (along with Fidel Castro). While I don't want to be cold and heartless to those who may have not been as successful as others, it should be pointed out that so many who masterminded this thing called Socialism came from very wealthy familes, and Scheer I can say beyond reasonable doubt is a Limo Lefty.

Well here is another white collar lefty who is concerned about the government not being feed.

Dave Zweifel: We Must Stop Starving Government

Look Goverment is a necessary evil, but you should fund it reasonably. However these leftys want it funded so it can be the "Nanny" that they envision. You can only do it for awhile however. Like the parable about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand the rains come down and the floods come up, and house comes crashing down...much like New Orleans which was built on sand sort of speak.

The Free Market; give it a chance sometime. It can do great things. It spite of those who abuse it and abuse people, overall the Free Market is truly a house built upon the ROCK!!!

The Vision of a Woman President of the United States: Revisted

Did I not say that this show "Commander In Chief" (ABC) was nothing about a way to help with the ideal of woman president. However if a Maggie Thatcher type comes into play...FORGET IT!!!

They want the Evita Peron and Hillary Rodham Clinton could very well do it, and that includes Geena Davis, Peter Coyote and Rod Lurie. The later co-created the show. The former two star in the show. Hopefuly people will see this as another West Wing, or as James Hirsen calls it "The Left Wing."

James Hirsen of warns us that Hollywood Fantasizes About Hillary.

Also my take in the piece I call, The Vision of a Woman President of the United States.

I will do everything I can to make sure Hillary never gains the title; Ms. President.

Think the arts votes Democrat just because they are concerned about the working folk? Don't believe Darth Fargo for one minute people. I may talk about why I think they vote Democrat.

It all about the expression of their ART!!! While I don't want to ban it, I do need to point it out to ya.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

When Mothers Don't Control Their Children

I really need to get something off my mind with this post. Last week I had to take my mother over to the Hair Style salon because she did not want to drive herself that day. The reasons why are not important here.

What is important here is that a mother came in her youngest kid was kind of wired up, and when we wanted to start a conversation with me, I tried to say in the niceist way possible that I was not intrested in what this boy had to say. For one thing I could not understand what he was saying, an second I was disgusted with his mother for not putting some kind of leash on the kid.

In the end she did take some action but still call me a rude person. Had it not been for my mother I would have punked this woman and told her to control her child better. I have seen better behaved kids, and this was not one of them.

The hair stylist who does my mother's hair also does work in this boy's hair. I am not suprised he has not refused service yet, and he could if he wanted too since he works for himself. He told me that the mother is a real...You get the ideal.

I believe in limiting a child's boundries big time. I would even recomend using a leash until deemed proper. Even if that time is around ten years. This post is not just limited to Mothers but Fathers too. In fact ANYONE with UNRULY CHILDREN!!!

Tony Blair attacks the BBC

So why is the Prime Minister of Britian being so unkind to the state network? Well here is a penny for your thoughts.

It has a bias that is not friendly toward America. Hey ever our media hates our government, or at least who is runing it. Birds of a feather flock together, and this species of birds is called...


Wait is not Tony Blair on that side of that breed? Not enough I guess.

Story from the Guardian (UK)

Story from the AFP

The BBC has put out some great shows in the past and present, but this is very good reason why we don't need a full blown state network here. Sadly we do have semi-state networks in the form of PBS and NPR. They can always hide behind Clifford, Elmo to keep soaking the tax payers for more money.