Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Readings

Be sure to read "Freedom of Speech for Leftys Only???!!!" following today's readings.

World Net Daily Story: Clinton aide says 9/11 film 'correct'

Alson from WND: Anything that prevents the ACLU from getting money from the Taxpayers is a good thing.

Lots of 9/11 Flap stories and links at and

Fascism is making a come back and yet Howard Dean and Dems don't want to see that. Billy O explains.

Robert Novak has thoughts about the 9/11 Miniseries and more in his weekley news roundup.

Bob Casey does not come across as Anti-War but in other things it seems he is an empty suit. Star Parker has her thoughts on this.

When it comes to DC spending more money some to be the cure all especially to the Illegal Immgration issue. Rich Tucker explains.

Man's Best Friend is truly is and can be a great tool on the war on terror. Pat Boone talks about an orgazation called "Pups for Peace."

Direct link to Pups for Peace

Freedom of Speech for LEFTYS ONLY???!!!

Yes I afraid that is becoming a possiblty. As you know the Clintons and the Democratic Party especially five Democrat Senators are making treats to ABC and the head of Disney should they not bow to their Demands. For the record those five Senators are Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, and Byron Dorgan

Here is their letter and they insight the Telecommunations of 1935 to justify their stand.

Sadly our founders did not envision the Mass Communations boom for the 20th Century. When they put the First Amendment togeather they ment Print and verbal speach. So when radio came around, certain powers that be that were embrassing the ideals of Socialism (including FDR) they decided to give this thing called the Federal Communtions Commission more government power than it should have been lauded. Also the sold the ideal that the airwaves belong to the "people." I have always said to be careful of those who use the term "people" especially those in our government and those who are socialists.

The Fairness Doctine which the left would love to bring back goes to 1949. They claim because of the scarctiy of airwaves the media must air both sides of the aguement to key issues of the day. Today we don't have that scarctiy but that is not stopping the left from attempting to bring back to life. I agree with talk show host Jerry Doyle that the NEW Fairness Doctine will not stop with crushing Talk Radio. Fellow Bloggers like myself will also be in danger as well and make to mistake the "New Media" will be endangered. We WILL BE REPLACED by the media nomenklatura should the Dems take control. Katie Cookie Cutter, Dan Blather and all their friends will be untouched. One can hope that Doyle is right about the Dems shooting themselves in foot and convincing freedom loving Americans to go to the polls and keeping them out of power.

It is amazing how liberals think. You can have a radical lefty such as Michael Moore put out a movie that makes Bush look dumb and evil, and anyone on the right in general. Hollywood in general can express themselves in movies that are not in a prudish nature (and I am not prude either). If they could they would do a flim in which couples are enjoying the plesures of having sex (they could still happen). But make a film that shows the Clintonestas as well as the Clinton's in a negative way then you might be in trouble.

One had to wonder what the Democrats are helping them cover up. We know that the Hamburgler (Sandy Burger) took key Documents. It could very well be that Clinton's flings were just a cover up of bigger crimes that he and his cronies commited. We know that they are proping up the Clintons as another powerful family just like the Kennedys.

Rule 2: It is all Clinton's Fault...Keep saying that Darth Fargo, but the trouble is that their are things Clinton did that ushered in 9/11 and the Dems still don't get it. They just as Clinton did when he was in power thought the terrorism was a "law enforcement" problem. Its NOT!!!

Either that are you truly have an alliance with these killers since its been reported that the old Soviet Union had an alliiance with them as well. Just make sure they YOU come out on top and not them.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Readings

Newsmax talks with Dick Morris about the Clintoneasta attack on ABC's upcomming Mini-Series. However Michael Moore can mislead all he wants because he is part of the new nomenklatura that the Dems are becoming.

Their is hope since ABC is editing the movie. Edit it right and Clinton and his gang come out smelling like a rose like any Nomeklatura would.

Scholastic Replaces 'Path to 9/11' Guide. You know that company loved Clinton. Please don't hide behind the Big Red Dog please...You know it.

Thoughts about this from Kathleen Parker.

Rule 2: Its all Clinton's Fault...YOU BET DARTH FARGO!!! I know that your monkey wife is pulling the strings... she and the Democratic Party. Your just the apprentice or as Lenin would put it...the Useful Idiot. Maybe you know all of this and are truly a member of the Nomeklatura. Shame if you are.

Want to hear his rant??? click here

Clinton had the CHANCE TO GET OBL!!! Willaim Jefferson Clinton made his choice and his choice was NO...We shall not go after ObL. If he did and got him, then even I would give Wille Boy credit for his capture. But Al Gore is the NOT the sitting Pres and you hate Bush so I digress.

Kevin McCullough's take on the Clintonestas and how they can't deal with Evil in the world, nor they the deal with criticism.

OK other issues

Mike Rosen talks about flags and the Government School Classroom.

ABC will cave, and Dems National Security plan. This and more from Neal Boortz.

Mike Gallagher says the media keep missing the boat when it comes to Iraq and prefers to pay attention to the antics of Paris Hilton. Talk about "Stars are Blind."

According to a Newsmax story Washington Post columnist David Broder says Newsweek owes Karl Rove an Apology. Broder is no righty but not a left wing radical for the record. Will Newsweek recant...NO!!! That is how the liberal mind set is.

Charles Krauthammer warns the Iraqis to get their house in order. You never know the Dems might gain power and they will pull us out of Iraq.

Lorrie Byrd wonder when the Dems will learn anything about the War on Terrorism..."Thwack!" Guess not.

David Limbaugh says the the Democrats gloating is premature. Also says if things get better in Iraq the less Dems in power we shall see.

I have to say that Bush's recent speeches regarding the war on terror are to point and encoraging. Mona Charen seconds that and like Stella, Bush has his groove back.

Now we know who leaked Valerie Plame. It was Richard Armitage. Byron York wonders why he let certain members of the Bush Administration sweat it out.

House Republicans shoot down immgration bill. Good Thing too, it would have given the illegals allready here amnesty.

Does Hillary Clinton have a serect weapon in order for her chance to win the Oval Office. Dick Morris looks at this.

Melanie Morgan reminds us to reflect on 9/11

Highlights from TV Guide's Fall Preview Issue

Here is what they say

Best Drama
The Nine: ABC, Wednesdays 10/9, Premieres October 4

Best Comedy
30 Rock: NBC, Wednesdays 8:30/7:30, Premieres October 11

Buzz Worthy Shows

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: NBC, Mondays 10/9, Premieres Septemeber 18

The Class: CBS, Mondays 8/7, Premieres September 18

Friday Night Lights: NBC, Tuesdays 8/7, Premieres October 3

Ugly Betty: ABC, Thursdays 8/7, Premieres September 28

TVG is not as kind to NBC's Kidnapped and says that Prison Break will help FOX's Vanished.

They say that CW moving UPN's Urban sitcoms to Sunday nights is a big risk with FOX's Cartoon hits...Hey they had to. 7the Heaven anyone??? They also say that CSI will beat Grey but the young females will go for the young Doctors. Hey the women love Sex and Romance. The best question is can "Brothers and Sisters" hold on to the Desperate Housewives audience. Got to factor in CBS now that they have dropped the Sunday Night Movie.

Be sure to buy this weeks TV Guide now out at Magazine stands for more.

Check out what likes by clicking here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Readings

We are approaching the 5th anniversary and we have forgoten.

We have returned back to the left vs. right ways, and its maganfied because of the left hatered of Bush and the bitters that Al Gore could not win (really its Steal) the 2000 election.

Don't think so these first readings will prove my point, especially with the upcoming mini-series about 9/11 that the ABC TV network will air.

The ClintonEasta are not happy with the 9/11 mini-series, and once a hack for the right now a Dem Hack David Brock says ABC is playing into the right's hands. Your new friend Billy Clinton had many chances to go after ObL had many chances to get the SOB...he proved many times that he did not have guts Mr. Brock.

Oh well your an advocate of the Democratic Party and you do to help them win gain and keep power, including cencoring us via the "Fairness Doctine" so that the Dems will never be challanged when they lie their heads off like they always do. Just take the money from those who work hard and use it to buy votes especially from those who don't and will NOT WORK!!!

Story from UPI and even the Sandy "Hamburgler" is not happy. Robble, Robble. The Hamburgler got away with it just because he was a lefty. Also Louise The Ripper out of the New York wants ABC to have a disclamer. Lousie The Ripper is also calling for the return for the Fairness Doctrine as well.

Brock, Burgler, and Louise the Ripper...all part of the 'New Nomenklatura.'

Hugh Hewitt says that Bush and Clinton get it in the mini-series. However the left is concerned about how Clinton is protrayed, and that is why they hate this mini-series.

Brent Bozell has his take on the mini-series, and points out the leftys who attack it NEVER WATCHED ONE BIT OF IT!!!!!

Not about the mini series but its among these pieces cause it does deal with 9/11 five year later. Cal Thomas has his 9/11 thoughts.

Union thinking at work, Secret CIA Prisions, Letting the Enemy in our country 11 Key things for the GOP to stay in power. This and more from Neal Boortz today.

Speaking of Neal Boortz, he says that the Republicans need to get out of the Christian Right's noose. Matt Towery proves Boortz's points as Towery shows that Republican voters rejected several "Christian" Candidates.

Suzanne Fields has thoughts about Rummy's World War II remarks and related thoughts. Good Read.

Leftist Billionare George Soros has set his Guns on American Judges. A MUST READ from William Rusher and shows the double standard when Judges go to seminars going to seminars that promote "Civil Rights" instead of "Property Rights" or promoting our Constitution.

Can't win an agrument with a righty???? Compare him or her to Hitler. That is what the president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO recently did.

Paul Weyrich talks about the Congressional Challaenges, Ronald Reagan , the demise of the Soviet Union and why you will never see an Anti-Commie film from Hollywood. Hollywood Loves Commies you know.

George Will talks about Japan's welfare state crisis and how they will deal with it. Note they will continue to fund their welfare state.

Robert Novak looks at Bob Casey's proformance on NBC's Meet The Press and says he lost.

Did our mainstream media at large convert to Islam??? Craige McMillan thinks so.

The Joe Wilson/Plamegate was a media scandel from the start and Its Done. Ann Coulter explains. Try Again Leftys...You might be able to finally to stick it to Bush.

Larry Elder wonders about how the left's sudden admiration for Milltary Service. Guess what, the Milltary at large is not buying it.

Think Communism is dead??? Marian Tupy says its far from being dead. I Tend to Agree and I don't need to take his word for it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Zap2it's Favorate New Shows Updated

Friday Night Lights: NBC, Tuesdays 8/9 Premieres October 3

The Nine: ABC, Wednesdays 10/9, Premieres October 4

Heroes: NBC, Mondays 9/8 Premieres September 25

Dexter: Showtime, Sundays 10 PM (Check Local Listings), Premieres October 1

Ugly Betty: ABC, Thursdays 8/7, Premieres September 28

Smith: CBS, Tuesdays 10/9, Premieres September 19

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: NBC Mondays 10/9, Premieres September 18

Zap2it's coverage can been read by clicking here

I Forget Neal's Nuze

Here is the link

Wednesday Readings

Who would House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put in charge???? Find out and Don't vote Democrat.

Cal Thomas turns the tables on the left regarding the Bush remarks they make. It is not bad as they make it out to be.

The only different between the Soviet Union elite (or the nomenklatura) and Modern Day Lefties is that the Soviets used force and Guns. Thomas Sowell however points out to many things that they have in common and takes us on a trip to Northen Cally to make his point. MUST READ!!! History is truly repeating itself on this one.

Tony Blankley gives us a history on appeasement and gives his answer on if it will work with Islamo Facsists. I think we know the answer excepet for the utopia leftys.

How ignorant can certain Lefty Journalists be to certain people. Take a look at the exchange between NBC's David Gregory and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Its not a Democratic argument....Please the media has been loyal to the Democratic party.

Here is the transcript that President George W. Bush gave to the Military Officers Association of America in Washington, D.C. Very good points and that make this a MUST READ!!! Heard some of it on Hugh Hewitt's talk show last night while on lunch break.

Matt Drudge presents a letter to Dingy Harry Reid from Josh Bolten.

The only issue that will save the GOP from going into the minority is the Immgration Issue. Patrick Buchanan explains.

What if Discrimnation can truly be outlawed??? Thoughts on this by Walter Williams.

Is America In Empire now??? Ben Shapiro says yes and its a GOOD THING!!!!

Michelle Malkin presents a Post 9/11 Vocabulary Test. MUST READ!!!

The Real World Mallard Fillmore (John Stossel) takes on Busy Body Politicians and crazy laws they propose and pass. Yes their are CRAZY LAWS!!!

Burt Prelutsky says "Jhaid This."

The Democrats 'War on Poverty' is been poven to be a failure. Jerome Corsi and Kenneth Blackwell prove that Ronald Reagan was right on money about this back in 1988.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zap2it's Favorate New Shows

Friday Night Lights: NBC, Tuesdays 8/9 Premieres October 3

The Nine: ABC, Wednesdays 10/9, Premieres October 4

Heroes: NBC, Mondays 9/8 Premieres September 25

Zap2it's coverage can been read by clicking here

Never Mind Nazi Germany...

The Islamic Terrorists took more from the Communist Playbook.

Could this be the reason why the Dems want to appease them, since they use the Commie playbook???

Afterall liberals do love Communism

Arnaud de Borchgrave has a great piece about this and its a MUST READ!!!

Tuesday Readings

Sorry about Steve Irwin, his lifestyle finally got to him. Neverless their more pressing issues.

Who pays Taxes, The Midterm Election, and Islamic Fascists. Todays comments from Neal Boortz.

Comments from Neal Yesterday. Read the Labor Day part cause it deal with Teacher's Unions.

Even as a Libertarian I do not like the recent "Gay Rights" law that was passed in Cally. Jennifer Roback Morse talks about that recent law and the person behind it also is spearheading a Socialist Medicine law.

Mike Adams is calling for the firing of a University President. Find out about Dennis the First Amendment Menace.

The left's hope of a new Watergate ala Valerie Plame have been crushed. Rowan Scarborough explains.

Bush advocating for 'Nuclear Power.' Right On...But the Envior Socialists are having nightmares now and will try to prevent this from becoming reality.

Don't underestmate Joe Biden. The Mason-Dixon line has moved. Paul Greenberg explains.

Speaking of Biden he and John Edwards have unkind words for Rummy. Edwards is talking about rasing the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour. They don't really care about the poor, just buying votes from these idiots. I should remind you that "Organized Labor" is a powerful money laundering machine for the Democratic Party.

Read the introduction from David Limbaugh's upcomming book "Bankrupt." Neverless the Democratic Party whom he targets could still win power, and try to erect the New Soviet Union.

Mark Steyn talks about the FOX Jounalists who converted to Islam to save their necks. Steyn says its not always the "Get our of Jail" free card.

Doug Powers denounces Tony Bennett's remarks about America having no Arts and Culture.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Jerry Lewis/Labor Day Readings

A Must Read from Mark Mix on how Labor Unions spend their memebers money, and how far they will go to accomplish their goals.

Click here to find out who Union Boss John Swenney REALLY IS!!!. A hard line anti-captialist, Communist Loving Socialist.

Paul Greenberg talks about "The Labor Theory of Value.

Is our Economy bad??? Donald Lambro says the Numbers don't add up.

Robert Novak looks at the GOP leadership and how it failed.

Psychology. Marketing. Political science. All of the above are called Sudo or Soft Science. Rusty Humphries shows how the Soft Sciences create Couterfit Truths.

Fred Barnes shows us the real culperts behind Plamegate. They are so loved by the left at large.

The Media continues their war on Bush , and Swiss America's Craig Smith says its time to declare war on the Media before they can truly undermind our leaders and allow the Islamic Terrorists to win.

Katie Cookie Cutter will have the Godfather of Talk Radio is part of her opening lineup of sorts.

Related story from Matt Drudge.

Steve Irwin's lifestyle finally takes its toll on him...Sadly.

I have a token lefty piece, Ellen Rather scolds the GOP for using the Hitler Card. Yea but your lefty pals use it all the time on Bush.

Click here to give to Jerry's Favorate Cause...The Muscular Dystrophy Assocation.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Readings

Rich Tucker talks about the Dream World that George Soros has planned and says their is nothing wrong with the U.S. being the top dog.

When it comes to the economy, the Dems just never and keep telling us that we are burning out. Lawrence Kudlow has his take on this and shows that high taxes accully slow economic growth.

Is Bush facing a 'Eisenhower Moment?' George Will has this thoughts about it.

Did Bill Clinton give the terrorists an advantage by cutting back on the Milltary??? Joseph Farah presents a classic piece he wrote back in 1998.

Without choice and competiton their is no Education Reform. Star Parker explains.