Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Readings

This is the first NEW show to go to the TV Grave Yard. It was aired on CBS so click here to find out the new show to go wrong.

Pat Boone has very kind words for his colleague Bill Cosby, for telling it stright to the Black Community.

Star Parker says electing the Democrats after the Foley Afair says it will only make things worse and blames our moral decay on the Dems and leftys in general.

Foley and More in Robert Novak's Random Thoughts Piece this week.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Readings

It seems that Clinton's sex life was a trival issue to the media. When it comes to Republicans and Mark Foley it is not. David Limbaugh points out the Distractions and hypocrisy.

Mona Charen shows that not only you can not trust Congress with your money. You can't trust them with your children Either.

Melanie Morgan says they can beat the Foley flap but making the "War on Terror" the focus of their campigan from new until Election Day. Go on Offense, cause the Dems love it when you plan Defenese.

Hal Lindsey has his take on the Foley flap and says the Dems are living in a glass house .

Nancy Pelosi Objects to Louis Freeh. Freeh is the one Dennis Hastart wants to head up an investigation into the congressional page program. Trouble is Freesh was cridical of the of the Clinton Administration's actions. What can I say...It seems that the Clinton's are still in control.

It seems that Foley will use the Oprah-King card. Patrick Buchanan talks about this.

Neal Boortz is tied of the Mark Foley flap. That and other comments of the day.

Michael Farris who is an advocate of parents who homeschool is concerned about the use of International Law by OUR Highest Court, especially when the EU courts upheld a German law barring homeschooling.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Readings

Comments from Neal Boortz

George Will says its over for the House Republicans this fall. Good News for Money Hungry Resdistrubtion Dems.

Robert Novak looks at the House Republicans calling them disfuntional.

Check libertarian magazine "Reason" take on the Foley issue.

What if Foley was a Dem. Ann Coulter looks at the double standards of the Democratic Party regarding perverts.

Right or Wrong the Democrats are playing this in hopes they will win the House. Their tax, spend, regulate agenda has not changed and once again it is the DEMS that go to greath lengths to win power. They hope your stupid enough to believe the propganda by the Unofficial PR firms (Drive-By Media) to get them elected. Sadly their are enough stupid people out their. Lovers of Freedom YOU MUST VOTE and you must Vote Republican to keep the Socialist Dems at bay.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CBS Twieks Monday Nights

Well their weak link anyway which is the 8/7 hour

The Class and How I Met Your Mother will be switching places with Mother kicking things off and Class goes to the :30 mark. Will this help CBS win the hour???

Not for awhile but the hopes are that Mother's audience will sit through the Class. NBC currently wins this hour with the game show Deal or No Deal. By the way Mother kicking things off on Monday was the original plan when CBS presented its upfronts in May.

I am also surprised that Mother is up slightley from last season. Mother is such a darling of the TV elites (maybe it has to do with Alyson Hannigan and the guy who was once Doogie), and the numbers show that is not sinking but in no way its a "Two and Half Men" numbers wise. Old Christine benfits from Men, and without them the Senifeld curse would have not been lifted. CSI: Miami holds its own.

Story from

We are stilling waiting for the FIRST NEW show to get canceled. Any ideals right now???

I am still going with ABC's "Men In Trees."

Wednesday Readings

The Godfather of Talk Radio says the Attacks by Democrats 'Totally Coordinated.'

Very likely that the Foley story was shopped to the media. Lovers of Freedom KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!!! The DEMS are proving THEY are doing anything to win.

Please don't fall for the hype from the Dems since they protect their perverts.

Yes Foley did the right thing and step down but remember the Dems can get away with such acts since the Mainline News Media does PR for Democrats anyway.

Comments regarding the Foley flap. Not just any but many will tell you that the Dems do this and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

Ben Shapiro

Michelle Malkin

Brent Bozell

Linda Chavez

Other Issues

Walter Williams says minimum wage laws tie into racism. Did you know that certain minimum wage laws were intented for white workers to be protected from competition from BLACK workers??? MUST READ!!!

John Stossel praise those who realize that DDT is not the evil pesticide that it was made out to be. Tell that to those who died from killer mosquitoes.

Thought provking comments from Neal Boortz

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

George Will talks about Bob Woodward's latest book "State of Denial."

Thomas Sowell shows how Socialism benifits the Rich while damages the Poor. The super rich also can adapt to these rules to benfit themselves. MUST READ!!! Especially for those who can't see through the propganda of these Socialist Advocates.

David Limbaugh says we must push the Democrats regarding their "plan" for Iraq, which they have not lined out clearly so I have to say they really want to cut and run and should they be blunt about that; the Dems use of the Mark Foley tatic would not give them the Security Blanket of Power.

Speaking of Foley I have a few pieces about that guy

Cal Thomas looks at Foley and the double standards that NBC (Veggietales and Madonna) and the Democrats (Remember Gary Studs???) have.

Debra Saunders talks about the Dems using Foley for their gain.

What if a supporter of the Iraq War called for a time table??? You got one in Jack Kelly and he says its time to kick off the training wheels and that we have worn out our welcome.

'Sensitivity training' for U.S. troops in Iraq. If we are losing the war its because of crap like this.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Readings

One thing Democrats will try to do is stifle talk radio. George Will talks about what happened to two local talkers in liberal Seattle regarding this.

Did you know that Louise Slaughter who by the way is one of the biggest advocates for the "fairness doctine" is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus??? One of its Co-Founders is Self Avowed Socialist Bernard Sanders. CPC also has ties to Democratic Socialists of America and the DSA is an affliate of the Socialist International Party.

And want to tell me that these people are NOT COMMUNISTS!!!??? The words are interchangable as proven by the founders of this Communist/Socialist movement itself. Yet The Chain Smoker (Edward R. Morrow) helped many Commies in this country from getting cast out of our Government and society. Sure McCarthey was a loose cannon, but it was proven that the people we went after were communists. Now we have the problems we have now, and sadly the Republicans are not taking charge in stopping these jerks cause they have so much control of our Government, Media (Old/Drive By Media still have power), and the Education system.

First it will be Talk Radio, then it will be Blogs like this one. Just wait, and you will see what Socialists really mean by serving "The People."

The Wall Street Journal looks at the failures of the Republican Controled Congress.

The Latest regarding Castro's Mini-Me. See what happens when you elect Communist Socialists.
Howard Scream Dean acvocates for Mail-In Ballots. Both parties trying to buy votes and a Minorty group is taking over the Southwest. Got to love it.

Sen. Barack Obama says the Dems need to embrace the National Secuity debate. Forget it, they along with yourself are Utopians.

Keeping Felons out of the Ports??? Forget It!!! Thanks to the labor unions who have lots of crooks in their ranks.