Saturday, April 30, 2005

Support REgressive Talk Radio even if your not a REgressive and it PAINS You to do so

This week, Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes aired a comedy skit in which sound like an annoucer was pumping four bullets into President Bush. Here how the skit went.

"A spoiled child is telling us our Social Security isn't safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here's your answer, you ungrateful whelp: [audio sound of four gunshots being fired.] Just try it, you little bastard. [audio of gun being cocked]."

Quote taken from this story at World Net Daily

According to Matt Drudge our government was looking into this but AAR says that no federal probe took place.

Many on the right are once again braying like horses (I could say Donkeys but that honor goes to leftys) about how the liberals are going to fail once again, and this attempt at Progressive Talk or should I say REgressive Talk radio is not getting above a 2 share on most the stations that carry nothing but REgressive talkers. It seems that the conservatives enjoy the fact that the leftys can't make it and want to keep it that way. Well I think otherwise and we need to support this rising format and I have a few reasons why conservatives need to listen once in awhile to REgressive Talk radio.

1. You can truly find out what their take is, and get the pure spin on the issues of the day. Their sure better than any talking head presenting the "news of the day.

2. It only helps the News/Talk format as a whole along with the other forms of Talk (Hot/FM, Sports, Business ETC)

3. It does not Hyperaccelerate the REgressives desire to reenact the "The Fairness Doctrine" in which the leftys hope to use to reclam their monopoly on the media for their elite friends, contray to their statement that its the "public's" airwaves. The airwaves belonging to the public is nothing more but a euphemism to say the government owns the airwaves which it more/less does. In a more libertarian society the Federal Communcations Commission would do nothing but oversee the transfer of ownership of property and make sure that the property including the frequences that they broadcast on are not stolen by anyone. Yes I do believe in private ownership including the broadcasting business. The leftys are trying hard to bring back "fairness" but the failure of REgressive talk would make give them an excuse to use in order to bring back their beloved doctrine.

For myself I can't really stand most of the cast of AAR. Randi Rhodes and her outragous things she does on the show is a turnoff for me and AAR choosing Al Franken just because he is good at bashing Rush Limbaugh does not mean it will become a great radio talk show host. Last night I turned into Mike Malloy (who is part of AAR) and I spite of his choice of words, he still uses that media professionalism that he gained over the years working at CNN and at two talk radio powerhouses in two radio markets. So maybe I can put up with Mike Malloy more/less. Rhodes should know better unless her audience really did like her injecting the "venom" into whoever she wants to goes after when she was just a local radio talk show host.

Their is more to REgressive Talk Radio than just AAR. Their is another group trying to promote REgressive talk radio which calls themselves Democracy Radio. This group was very influential in getting syndcated radio deals for broadcast veterans Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller via Jones Radio Networks. Both not only have experience in radio but in TV too. Schultz was a sportcaster while Miller did a TV talk show and made some appearences on some short lived cable game shows.

Schultz truly is the one leading the charge in the REgressive talk. His talk program has clearned almost 100 stations, and its very likely that he may overcome the hurdle this year. Miller has been cleared on 20 stations and I had a chance to listen to Miller's show, and between her and Rhodes, I rather listen to the formor.

Also some other names that have done well in the Progressive Talk fold Neal Rogers (WQAM-AM/Miami), Thom Hartman (KPOJ-AM/Portland and Self Syndicated), Ron Kuby who is half of the the Curtis & Kuby show on New York City's WABC-AM, Alan Colmes (FOX News Radio), Don Imus (WFAN-AM/New York and Westwood One), Jay Marvin (KKZN-AM/Boulder-Denver), Lynn Cullen (WPTT-AM/Pittsburgh, PA), Bernie Ward (KGO-AM/San Francisco), and Stacy Taylor (KLSD-AM/San Diego).

Lionel out of WOR-AM says he is not right or left has found love within the progressive talk format so check him too. He does a great talk show.

Well I doubt I can never every lefty our their put hey I did my best. We rightys and limitted gov types should be more greatful for this REgressive Talk format. For me its giving me an interest in doing some research into their beloved hero FDR. I shall talk about that in another post somewhere down the road.

Meanwhile check out these sites of REgressive Talk sites

Air America Radio (Yes I am going to link them)

Democracy Radio

The Ed Schultz Show

Stephanie Miller

Thom Hartmann

The Neil Rogers Show

The Randi Rhodes Show

Mike Malloy

Jerry Springer on the Radio

The Lionel Show

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The full transcript of last nights press conference with Bush

Neal Boortz on the conference

AARP Has Its Own Private Accounts???

Environmentalism is dead - Long live environmentalism! Is that double talk???? Jonah Goldberg helps out

Michael Reagan shows how the media is showing their love for the Dems once again

Joan Veon warns that a "Global Tax" is about to become a reality

Its April 15 again, and Devvy Kidd show you why it is

Joseph Farah talks about the Dems attempts to hide the abuses by the wonderful IRS

Peggy Noonan has her Bolton piece

Mike Rosen focuses on Colorado U.S. Senator Ken Salazar and reminds that the the political party trumps the Indivdual Person,1299,DRMN_86_3737690,00.html

Why is Harry Reid acting like David Koresh? Because conservatives are winning. Daniel Henniger explains and talks about the book "South Park Conservatives."

Tonight's token lefty is Bill "Darth Whoever" Press of the Sith. Says that John Bolton is a sworn enemy of the UN. I would call the UN a Rising Empire in our Galaxy.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Jerome R. Corsi explains why the lefty don't want John Bolton at the UN. His answer will shock you...MUST READ!!!

Will logic preval in the global warming debate??? Kathleen Parker talks about it.

Larry Kudlow warns that the federal power struggle is not just about the judges

Cliff May talks about the time when Teddy Kennedy accually yelled at him

Joel Mowbray talks about setting terrorists free

Another piece about the Senate and the fillbuster by Ross Mackenzie

Cliff Kincaid says the far left-wing rag The Nation has not come clean when it comes to their journalists getting paid by the UN

Cal Thomas talks about those "Congressional fellow travelers"

Ann Coulter says that GOP needs to be dragged into the light and quit acting like the minorty party

Joseph Farah shows how racists the Dems can be

You may have heard of the Classic movie Dr. Stangelove now Pete Du Pont introduces us to Senator Strangelove

Larry Elder asks "Are some minorities too fragile, insecure to be treated as equals?"

Burt Prelutsky says it time for Andy Rooney to retire from CBS News

Tonights token lefty is Jim Spencer. Sides with Max and Susan Tyler who were"protesters" that were kicked out of a townhall meeting in Denver with Bush.,1413,36~27772~2837955,00.html

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Foul Play Suspected in Case of Missing Bride-To-Be: From WSB-AM Atlanta, GA

Update on Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes

She said on her radio show

"But, if it crossed the line, then certainly, there must be punishment, and if there is, I want to be punished so that I can actually say 'Equal justice under law.' Anybody that has stepped over this line of law needs to be prosecuted, including me."

Randi, Randi, Randi; you should be setting a standard for AAR. You are one of the few broadcasters on that bloody network, but just like all the comics that are on AAR (Marc Maron, Al Franken, Jeannine G.) along with Mike Malloy (who should also know better but then again he got the shaft at two talk radio stations) are nothing but of babies who can't the "security blanket" for the Dems in which then they start sucking our money while taking pleasure in the blanket.

Would be interesting if Randi got arrested.

If AAR fails its because the lineup is nothing but babies on the air, but then again AAR knew they would get attention for their audio death threat towards Bush.

I tell you again if Progressive Talk fails it only make people like Louise The Ripper out of New York more desperate for "fairness."

Related Story from World Net Daily

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

ABC/W. Post Words a Poll Question to Get Desired Result on Filibuster and make us think they way they want us to think. MRC strikes again

Jeb Bush has passed a bill that has the leftys up in arms and it has to do with "Defending Yourself.",0,3075858.story?coll=sfla-news-florida

Air America probed after Bush 'gunshots' on Randi Rhodes show.

Byron York talks about the decline of Air America Radio. I warn you people, you should support Progressive Talk Radio, if not AAR then the likes of Ed Schultz, Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller, Neal Rogers, and Lionel.

Bush Spokesman unclear on Fairness Doctrine...If that returns people than you better began to kiss your free speech goodbye...Complents of Louise The Ripper from New York

Townhall.Com takes their stand for John Bolton

How The Bolton stole the dreams of utopia leftys and THEIR Xmas year around...One Dr. Seuss parphrase deserves another Jonah Goldberg

How the unproductive still go after the productive. Walter Williams reminds us that productive has made life better for all of us.

Linda Chavez questions on getting rid of the fillbuster

When it comes to our borders both the Dems and the GOP gum things up. Michelle Malkin puts both parties to task, and tells us that WE have to become the 'Minutemen'

Chris Matthews had a love fest (like many other lefty shows on TV and Radio) with Hanoi Jane Fonda. Brent Bozell says that Matthews cable show should not be called 'Hardball.

Terence Jeffery says 'Confirm Janice Brown now'

Ben Shapiro talks about dysfunctional Republicans

Great piece by Jason Mercier on the Dems and their no regard to the laws

Joseph Farah shows us how moving forward to a global utopia could endanger those in the profession of journalism and then some

Tonights Token Lefty is a statement from Senator Ted Kennedy. Today is the first anniversary of the Abu Ghraib Scandal. Don't expect him to say anything postive about America, just about the bad things we do

I usally end with a lefty but Neal Boortz has something to say about Teddy and more

Bonus Lefty Piece: Ari Berman fears the GOP taking over their beloved PBS. I say its a great if only can make PBS private that would be even better. Goverment funded media is great for Europe but not for America

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Los Angeles, Mexico??? Check out this story and the billboard that goes with it. By the way it promotes local LA newscast that is spoken in Spanish.

Neal Boortz listen to Rush from time to time, and Rush says that the Dems have "No Agenda" or so Boortz heard. In any case it caused a stir in Boortz to write this piece...MUST READ!!!

Disinformation on judges. Thomas Sowell has some things to say about it.

I normaly don't link a piece by Chuck Colson but this I had to link this one since its his adds his two cents regarding judges being apointed to our courts

David Limbaugh is fed up about the stonewalling of John Bolton and wants the man confermed

Cal Thomas says we face another "time for choosing."

Liberals rally around judicial supremacy says Phyllis Schlafly

Joseph Farah has someone that he thinks should be in the White House, and he is in my backyard. I would support him if he has a chance. You got to click the link to find out who Farah wants to be Prez

Star Parker takes the National Urban League to task for their lame remedies

Dick Morris shows that Hillary is breaking those campaign laws

Poor leftys in the news W giving you a hard time??? Boo hoo Eric Alterman is the token lefty tonight. Keep in mind that I am not a kiss @$$ regarding the GOP and Bush.

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A Overlooked Reading from Yesterday

ITS A MUST READ!!! You know that George Soros did what he could in trying to rid our goverment of George W. Bush...all becuase he did not believe in apeasment regarding not only Iraq and Afgan too. What you don't know is that our tax money went to his non-profit The Open Society Institute and it is not chump change by many means
Here is the story from Cybercast News Service

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Some people worry about stupid things like the BC or AD

Broadcasting "Fairness Doctrine" Preposterous . . . and Twenty Years Too Late by Kaye Grogan MUST READ

Did you know that the media age of people who watch the Early Evening News on ABC, CBS, or NBC is around 60 years of age??? George Will shows the youth are rejecting old journalism and that’s a good thing.

"The Interpreter" is this number one movie at the box office. Cliff Kincaid warns that movie is nothing but a Pro-United Nations movie and the UN hopes it will change people's minds about them. By the way, the UN did accually allow the film crew to shoot the movie in and around their headquaters in NYC.

Michael Ackley talks about goverment funded preschool and warns that Rob "Meat Head" Reiner wants to have to governship of Cally. Meat Head would be far worse than teh Terminator.

Electromagnetic Pulse attack. If you watched FOX's 24 such an attack took place in this years storyline. Joseph Farah warns that such an attack can happen big time here in the real world and the United States

Vox Day lists the goals of Karl Marx in his ever famous communist manefesto and says their are no Republicans in America.

John Fund says Hillary has a very bad ideal. Not good when it comes to elections

Mark Steyn talks about the "GOP Monkeys" dancing for the Democrat Organ grinders. Bad news for John Bolton.

When Ward Churchill speaks they come, but David Horowitz well that another thing. The later explains

Jack Kemp does not agree with the New York Times, expect for this issue

The token lefty tonight is Ellen Goodman. Someone is wishing for Hillary to be in the oval office

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Prime Time TV Score Card: Will & Grace is officially renewed for an 8th season

A few weeks ago it was reported that Will & Grace was on the bubble ONLY because of money issues.

Well that has resolved and W&G gets an 8th season and its been said it might be the last. 24 episodes have been purchased which above the standard full season of most shows. The only show that has 24 episodes in the can per year is FOX's drama 24, and that has to be 24 shows. If you don't know why it has to be 24 episodes per year than you don't know "Jack" about 24...Please forgive me Mr. Bauer :)

The 24 episodes will include a clip show and if W&G is about to fold, then a send off episode is in the works.

Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally will be paid $600,000 per episode.

More from

Also from "Enterprise' Fan-Funding Campaign Ends"

Sunday, April 24, 2005 Defends Tom DeLay

I normally don't want to do beg-a-thons on this blog, but in case I want to link you some stuff from

As you know Tom DeLay is under fire by "Desperate Democrats." They accuse him of the same things they do. The difference is that they are "Desperate Democrats," and with the media being an extention of the Democratic Party they will do what they can to distory DeLay.

The two mistakes that DeLay did was to get the congress involved regarding the case of Terri Schiavio. It was one of the rare cases in which the Dems were right and respected the rights of the States. The courts and state and federal levels followed the law, and Michael Schiavo was the legal Guardian of Terri. Say what you will about him being faithful to Terri but that is the great thing about not having a official church in this country. DeLay also made threats to our judges when they did not present the outcome that the Bush and congress wanted...meaning put Terri back on the feeding tube and let this linger for awhile longer. That was his second mistake.

Funny how DeLay wanted to let his own father go into the afterlife when it was diagnosed that daddy would not recover. Got to please the Catholics and the anti-abortion crowd I guess. I am sorry for the parents I really am. You may not think so but if there is a heaven Terri's is sure to be their happy at long last.

In spite of DeLay getting involved in the Schiavio case he is still the best thing we got in our congress and the Dems hate that. To that end its time to link that stuff from

Main Web Page

30 Second Radio ad (Real Player Required)

60 Second Radio ad (Real Player Required)

The ad they plan to run in the key newspapers in the nation (Requires PDF Software)

Like most things in life, they need the money to do all of the above. This link will take to the page to do such.

Thanks for reading. Let's stonewall these "Desperate Democrats." More frightening than "Desperate Housewives." I watch a full hour of that show for once and I still would rather watch Young & the Restless over that crap. I also rather get Dallas on DVD as well. When will Falcon Crest come out on DVD??? I'm waiting you guys. How about getting Michael Reagan on this? After all Jane Wyman is the mother of Mike Reagan.

If your able to chip in to defend DeLay thanks.

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Woman facing firing squad for marijuana??? Lets legalize the stuff at least here in America for crying outloud, or I am going to advocate Rush Limbaugh be put in front of a firing squad too, and I don't want that to happen to Rush...Or ANYONE ELSE!!!

You may have heard about that 9-1-1 call in which the operator asked the woman if she wanted her kids shot and she threw a fit about that remark. Bob Parks presents another episode of "Small Town Police Blotter" and talks about the "shoot kids" remark and how children are spoiled these days in his audio commentary. Mp3 Software required.

Ever thought of Polititical Correctness being a weapon of Mass Destruction? If you don't believe Michael Savage regarding how the 9/11 attacks happened, then maybe you will listen to Jim Kouri...maybe not.

Random thoughts from Robert Novak include Hillary possible attempt to skip Iowa

The Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us “There is an appointed time for everything..." and gives us a long list. Doug Giles focus on the part; "A Time to Kill."

Paul Jacob take on the stupidity of our elected leaders

I have to say I like lot of the opinions that Kyle Williams presents and writes. Today the kid talks about fillbuster event that will happen tonight Louisville, KY. If we were in galaxy far, far away, he could have been Luke Skywalker and I would be Han Solo.

Kevin Swanson makes some good points about homeschooling in this piece. One arrest in Colorado Springs, Colorado every day...Yikes!!! I don't miss high school at all

Henry Lamb this weeks looks at Endangered Species Act and how that should be modefied to help private property owners rather than burden them with some many rules. MUST READ!!!

Herman Cain points out racial discrimination inherent in Social Securty program...Ummm????

Joseph Massad has become a target. Who is Massad??? Yet another one of those enlightended professors of higher learning. He teaches at Columbia University. Juan Cole comes to the aid of Massad in this weekend's token lefty piece.

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