Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Readings

This piece from Debbie Schlussel was published in her own blog back in January. It shows who was behind the lawsuit regarding the NSA monitoring of phone calls. Quite revealing. This is a MUST READ cause these people are very likely aiding our enemies.

Henry Lamb asks Do you know the U.S. Constitution???

Rich Tucker sounds the call to drill and explore regarding the lack of oil in our country. You really have to take away the Socialist's power if we ever want to accompish this one. One thing for sure and I agree with Tucker. We will be in a Blackout.

One kind of TV Program always stayed in vogue and that was shows dealing with Medical Themes. Burt Prelustsky talks about that. By the way he was a writer for M*A*S*H and Diagnosis Murder. One a sitcom the other a drama, but both dealt with you know what.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Readings

Were does the Democrat Party stand and how would America would be like under their leadership??? David Limbaugh says ask Jimmy Carter and like his brother goes after him for the remarks he made in the German Magazine Der Spiegel.

Johan Goldberg says that the Terrorism Threat is here to Stay.

Golda Meir once said; "The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once." Hal Lindsey reflects this comment and talks about Israel's current confict with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran and this "cease fire."

Joseph Farah says certain leaders in Israel are in a Coma.

The Media continues to protray Islam as a peaceful religion. Melanie Morgan says that while not all Muslims are terrorists all terrorists are Muslims.

Charles Krauthammer has his thought on the Israel-Hezbollah cease fire.

Ilana Mercer attacks the TSA for not profiling 'young muslim men.'

Mike Gallagher warns that PC Airport Screening puts us as risk. He also shows that those who go after the young Muslim men have incresed their chances of NOT being victims of a terrorist attack.

Now Comments from one of Gallagher's direct competitors Neal Boortz.

Is Iraq a lost cause. Ask the news media you know the answer. Tom Bevan says otherwise.

John Dean is a former White House legal counsel to President Richard Nixon and served as chief prosecution witness during Watergate. While Dean says he is still a 'Goldwater Conservative,' Mike Rosen shows that his thinking makes him sound more like Howard Dean.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

NSA Wiretapping 'Unconstitutional'

Winners: Islamic Terrorists and Democrats

Losers: The REST OF US!!!

By the way Anna Diggs Taylor who was the Federal Judge in the case was apointed by that Peanut Famer Jimmy Carter.

Story from AP/Newsmax

Predictions for the Fall 2006-07 Season Part 1

The New Fall Season offically gets started on Septemeber 18 but thanks to FOX some shows will start next week. On FOX Monday Prison Break will begin its second season and will be followed by the series premiere of "Vanished."

Break should continue to maintain its audience and now that the Break happened it might even get a boost in the ratings. This may give Vanished a lift, but it depends on how the first episode is and if the audience will embrace it. Vanished will have to be more concerned with CBS and their strongest sitcoms of the night (Two and Half Men, Old Christine).

Eventually I want to do a night by night prediction thing which I will do. As soon as TV Guide cranks out an Fall Preview issue, it should be easier for me to do. I will likely do this in seveal parts and likely another short one next week thanks to FOX kicking off the second season of Bones and the series premiere of "Justice."

To Be Continued.

Thursday Readings

Fighting for Free Speech might kill you...Click Here to find out why.

Ann Coulter talks about last week's twarted Terrorist/Islamic Fasist Attacks.

Do you still want to sing the Praises of this Man CBS News???? No Its NOT Uncle Walter, its Dan Blather.

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the Blame America and Israel crowd and how We are the blame for all mean and nasty things in the middle east. Be sure not to hit your head when you get your paycheck for the Middle East Oil Profits.

Mel Gibson takes a lot of heat for his "Jew Hating" ways yet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets a pass. Larry Elder has things to say about this.

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz

Do the Dems get just a bit Overconfident??? Jay Cost says Yes.

Lawrence Butler says other than Billy Clinton the Dems don't pick the right people for the Oval Office.

Whitney Blake takes on The Mythology of Minimum Wage. He Reminds you that it hurts those its suppose to help, and that the ones that benfit are those who have more money.

Moral equivalency/Tolerance is a concept that will distory our society. Craige McMillan explains.

World Net Daily's Joseph Farah says you should go see "World Trade Center." Ollie Store gets away and right this time indeed. Farah says don't worry about putting money into Stone's bank...WTC is a must watch Movie.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

A Government program was created after 9/11 to help small business recover. John Stossel says the programing is abused and Goverment seems to enjoy it.

Brent Bozell talks about those who hide behind the Anti-War label and how the media downplays the term "liberal." I guess if they did Ned Lamont may have "No Chance in Hell." Got to mislead the sheeple to get Dems elected.

If it is one thing about the leftys that run much of higher learning they admire the many famous Commies and downplay and out right ignore the atrocities that they have commited. Walter Williams says they Anti-Anti Communist and have lots of contempt for those who attack Communism. The elite really believe in the promises that Communism is suppose to deliver.

Thomas Sowell wonders if Cease Fires will finally Cease.

Israel has lost the war and Ben Shapiro explains why.

Is Iraq Bush's Vietnam??? Lots of leftys say so but Rich Lowry says he not their yet.

"Fauxtography" Learn It!!! Michelle Malkin explains.

Is James Dobson building a Church Poltical Machine???

The first of two token lefty pieces...Ruben Navarrette of the San Diego Union Tribune takes on "racial profiling.

This one comes from Neal Lamont. Running our Government like a Business??? He full of Talk but can he deliver as soon as he goes to DC.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Love the Headline that the Seattle Times give to Charles Krauthammer's piece from last week.

We can name two of the Seven Dwarfs (They had no names to begin with but Walt Disney did), but can we name two of our Justices on the Supreme Court?

60 Minutes of the National Lairs???? Katie Cookie Cutter clams that is what the people what. Not going to happen, not just because of the Non-News shows but the Local News guys who have TWO half hour newscasts in many markets.

The UN steps in and now Israel and Hezbollah are in Cese-Fire. Sad Israel will someday have to kill the brains behind Hezbollah. The UN and much of the world live in a Utopia. George Will warns that Hezbollah has been Embolded.

Did the Gay Community overplay its hand regarding the Marriage Debate??? Thomas Sowell answer that question.

Mike Adams has a Cliffhanger piece of his own Its about Colleges that Jews should Avoid. You can also E-Mail the Moonbats at this College.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz Can't Forget Him.

Brendan Miniter says the Dems Anti-War message is not doing well. Lets Hope So.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Boortz refers to a piece that Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy wrote in which he goes after Dick Chenney that Lamont's victory might be an encoragment to Al-Qaeda. Read Neal Boortz first, then read my token lefty piece from Ted Kennedy.

Michael Moore and all the anti-war leftys should all be proud of this drunken bastard. Anyway one else would have the book thrown at him. He is just a good Democrat RIGHT???!!! That's What Counts. The GOP using fear??? Wait until the AQ crowd learn that the week ones get elected...THEY WILL SEE THIS AS VICTORY YOU JERKS!!!!

Michael Barone talks about Ned Lamont and the Anti-War crowd and how they don't believe their is a threat.

Let's meet Ned Lamont's friends Jack Kelly shows us who they are.

Before we MoveOn (PUN INTENDED) Star Parker says Connecticut is living in a Fantasyland. Hopfuly Joe will show them. Hey if Jeff Jeffords of Vermont can do it so can Joe.

OK More Readings

You may hate Oliver Stone but Megan Basham says you see to see his current movie "World Trade Center." This time we have no case aganist this Commie Lover.

Joe L. may right about the Iraq War but wrong about everything else. Robert Novak wonders why the Right is crying Crocdile Tears.

Leftys hate him but Richard Perle says we should NOT tolerate the preachers of jihad, and they are lirking around in the Free World.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Readings

Castro will Fight to stay alive and in power. Make no mistake this man of evil is an ox.

Paper: Fidel Castro Walking, Working?

Paper Prints Castro's Birthday Message

Castro's Photo. Real or Fake.

Hugo Chavez aka Castro's Min-Me is reporting to be paying a visit to Cuba.

The Scream warns about relecting The Termanator.

Paul Jacob talks about how federal campaign regulations benfits the incumbents. We have been warning you people about this, and its comming true.