Saturday, May 13, 2006

Recommended Readings

William F. Buckley says goodbye to conservtitve writer A.M. Rosenthal.

The Unions are down but far from out. Carl Horowitz tells us what they are up to right now.

Dave Cloud tells about the Freedom Car. It has good intentions but you might want to omit the word Freedom. Read on.

If the Democrats do win this year, what changes will they make? Henry Lamb has his taken on this. Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid. It is not just about payback for what was done to Clinton and Gore (ala Impeach Bush).

Jerry Fallwell defends why he has invited Johnny McCain to speak at his university.

When capitalism and communism work side by side. When they can take someones property away.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Recommended Readings

NBC's Hit Drama "The West (Left) Wing" is finally coming to an end. Thank goodness for that, but another lefty drama is sure to take its place in some form. The Media Research Center presents the top ten best LEFT WING scenes from this series showing us the left wing utopia of America.

Neal Boortz gets the Worst Person Award, Biting the Bullet in the game of the Free Market, The President Approval Ratings, Troops going to the Border, The NSA Phone Database, Howard Dean puts his foot in the mouth, and the Talkermaster applauds a Government School for standing behind a the Boy Wizard Harry Potter. Click to read Today's comments from Neal.

Charles Krauthammer does not like Capitol Punishment, but their are expections to that conviction of his. Saddam would be one of them.

MonaCharen talks about a new book in which warns of Hillary being "Commander in Chief."

Mike Gallagher takes on the PC Crowd regarding "The South" why you may never see Disney put out the movie "Song of the South" ever again. It should be noted that the south voted Democrat for a long time, and that the old school Dems were for slavery. Now they have a new kind of slavery called being 'depended on Government.'

David Limbaugh just can't believe some in the media who actually want President Bush take Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter seriously.

Zap2it watches for the Fall Lineups Next Week

Next Week and we shall know that the Broadcast Networks really want to try this fall when it comes to the new shows. is just as go as me when it comes to asking about "Grey's Anatomy" being movied possibly to Monday Nights, and very likely competing with CBS's Monday Night Titan "CSI: Miami." Without "Monday Night Football" ABC needs a Monday Night lineup that is not a revolving door like at had for many years.

The sitcom has gained new life and leading the pack is "My Name is Earl." Shows like Earl are going with the Single Camera-Laugh Track Free package, allthough some shows like "How I Met Your Mother" using the old Three camera-Laugh Track package, but takes a few pages from the new sitcom rule book. One thing that Mother does is shoot the episode and then add the canned laughs laters by showing the filmed episode in front of people and get their cuckles recorded. The single camera show was really popularized by outgoing FOX sitcom "Malcom in the Middle."

Sunday Nights are also up for grabs as NBC is able to get football once again, and hopfuly a good theme piece for their coverage. Their last theme before they lost football really sucked. I have said that in spite of all the love "Veronica Mars" gets from the elite and fans alike I have said that it would not make the cut. However thinks it will make the CW network rather than a "One Tree Hill" or "Everwood." Mars might be the Cult show of the moment just as ABC's "Alias was for the past five years. Mars is show I have orginally predicted that would be renewed for the 2006-07 season. So how about we go that now.

But first here is the link from

Here are the shows I orginally predicted would be renewed.

From CBS

Close To Home
Out of Practice
The King of Queens

From NBC


From The WB and UPN (The CW)

Half and Half
One Tree Hill
Veronica Mars

10 Shows I have predicted and I have a feeling it will be far less especially with the shows that may or may not be on The CW. Their are no shows from FOX or ABC on my prediction list including "Invasion," which has maintaned a cult following and in spite of being pared with "Lost" it gets around less than half of the Lost audience. If ABC picks ups 'Scrubs' that will also be a mark aganist me.

Don Attempts Wal-Mart

A few months ago Don tried his hand at guiding through a commerical cave, but did not make the cut. Now Don is going to be pushing cart at a local Wal-Mart once a few things are squared away.

I will try to keep the Blog up to date of as I can, even if their short and Recomended Reading lists are shorter, but I will keep this going.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Recommended Readings

Fairtax Rally in Atlanta, Could the Government be helping out the Mexican Invasion, "Tax Relief," and Madeline Albright says we need to "talk" to Iran. Today comments from Neal Boortz

Will the Republican Party get some backbone regarding the Mexican Invasion? Thomas Sowell says don't count on it.

Things are looking Up for Lou Dobbs and CNN

John Hinderaker at Powerline offers some good advice to Bush in order to make his numbers go Up.

A 12 Step Program towards Manhood. Ann Coulter presents this one.

Larry Elder calls the debate on Oil Profits obscene.

How Socialists can win on Oil and Gas. Victor Davis Hanson shows how its done.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Recommended Readings

Neal Boortz talks about ratting out the Minutemen, Government Education at work, CNN, and "Doom and Gloom" thinking today.

Could all this reporting on diseases and afflictions be overkill??? John Stossel looks into this.

What helps People more? Charity or benefiting from other people out for their own self interest? This is truly a great question and to give you an answer is Walter Williams.

Thomas Sowell talks about America's favorate subject of moment...Gas Prices. He also asks if "thinking" is out of style.

Linda Chavez calls Michael Hayden not only a right choice but a savvy choice as well. She also has somethings to say about those dreaded 'Wiretaps."

Herman Cain writes an Open Letter to the Mexican Invaders, and tells them the different between them and how Cain's ancestors came into our Country.

James Pinkerton gives the GOP an issue to run on. Click Here to find out all about it.

The Department of Homeland Security is a says Michelle Malkin.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Recommended Readings

Sorry about being late but it looks like Blogger was causing trouble, regardless if they ment to do it or not. I also posted a statement from KSFO-AM radio personality Melanie Morgan regarding her quest to censure Jimmy Carter. It will follow this post of Recommended Readings.

Do we need a new name for the "War on Terror?" Dennis Prager says Yes, because we are fighting againist those who want to impose the faith of Islam on us. Something to think about.

If its one thing the Left hates, its the Electoral College. It kept their man Albert Gore Jr. from claming the Oval Office. The Bright and Very Smart Anti-Feminist tells you about the left's plan to do away with the Electoral College and why we have it in the first place.

Speaking of Al Gore someone thinks he should run again. You will be suprised to find out who thinks he should.

Thomas Sowell talks about Tabloid TV "justice."

How about some honest debate regarding the NSA surveillance program? David Limbaugh wants to see that debate

The movie United 93 is not turning up noses but the reaction might. Mona Charen talks about it and says you can and should take your children to see this in spite of the R rating. I do plan on seeing it but maybe not with a bunch of strangers.

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the successes of war and how the outcomes were always 'mixed.'

FOX News might lean right, even if Its owner does not.

Neal Boortz talks about circulations for newspapers going down like the bank offers on "Deal or No Deal," Air Force General Michael Hayde possibly leading the CIA, while in that area Joe Wilson may have been THE ONE to out Valerie Plame. Two Democratic Sleeze Bags And you wonder why the Democrats scream 'Fairness?' We call their bluff while the Old Media continues to be a PR firm of sorts for the Democrat Party.

Carter Defends Terrorist Group - Attacks America (AGAIN!)

This following Post comes from KSFO-AM radio personality Melanie Morgan, and she has started a movement to Censure Former President Jimmy Carter. Reagan may have kicked him out of the office but he is still doing global damage and in the process hurting this country. He will not return to the Peanut Farm where he truly belongs. Now here is Miss Morgan.

Just when you thought Jimmy Carter couldn't sink any lower, he has hit a new low.

In a newspaper OpEd piece published this weekend, former President Jimmy Carter has pathetically attacked the United States and defended the terrorist group, Hamas. Carter says we have engaged in a "crime" in our tough stance against these terrorists and he calls America to task.

Please realize that Hamas is the most deadly and bloodthirsty Palestinian terrorist group in the world.

You should read Jimmy Carter's OpEd that was published over the weekend. It will help you to understand just why it is that we have launched the "Censure Jimmy Carter" campaign . When a former President writes that America is wrong, and the terrorists are right, then he sends a message to the rest of the world that undermines the mission our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces are serving in.

Read Carter's Op Ed:

OK, so did you read his "OpEd" - do you now understand how dangerous and destructive an influence Jimmy Carter has become?

Should you have any doubts about the deadly nature of the terrorist group, Hamas, then maybe pictures will help set things straight for you. Here's a sampling of pictures of recent Hamas-led terrorist strikes.

NOTE: Some of these photographs are rather graphic, so please do not open them if you aren't sure whether you can cope with the honest, brutal images of what terrorist attacks can do to innocent people.

Terror 96

Bus Bomb 2

Hamas Slide Show

Enough is enough. We cannot allow Jimmy Carter to continue to hurt America and set back our war against terrorism. We cannot sit idly while he rallies the world to oppose U.S. policies in the fight against terrorism.

It is time once and for all for the Congress to issue a resolution of Censure against Jimmy Carter, condemning him for his shameful conduct and letting the rest of the world know that his views do not represent the thoughts and feelings of the American people.

Please, support our Censure Jimmy Carter campaign.


CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT OUR TV AD CAMPAIGN (to get the message out):

Monday, May 08, 2006

Recommended Readings

Recap on what our leaders said on the Sunday TV Talk Shows. Did you see the Speaker of the House 'Too Be' on 'Meet The Press.' Man she was on a roll, and Clinton's former monkey who hosts 'This Week' had hopes of her being Speaker.

How bad is the Mexican Invasion??? Click here to find out how the try to bring their children into our nation

Maybe the CIA could do some good with a guy that served in the Milltary

Beware the Phantom Tax Bill. Robert Novak fills us in.

Star Parker introduces us to a Republican who gets the job done.

The Kerry states that the Bush Administration is promoting intolerance and suppressing dissent when it comes to the war in Iraq. Please Kerry, its all about sticking it not only to the Bushies but to America ITSELF!!!

Neal Boortz's thoughts on...Why America is not in the Top 10 regarding economic freedom, "Greedy Developers," Thoughts on the Catholic Church leaders regarding "The Da Vinci Code," Letter from Iran,the Democratic Plan in a nut shell, and the Katrina Effect.

Rick Santorum talks about how China surpress Freedom and how people crave it when they never had tasted it before.

Uncle Teddy talks about Government being accountable, but 'America's Royal Family' is truly above the law. Jeff Jacoby has his thoughts.

Mike Adams Presents his Top 10 conspiracy theories.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

We Have Another 'Youthful Idiot' to Deal With

I just heard about this Idiot from Sean Rima's weekend talk show on KOA-AM in Denver.

This youthful idiot goes by the name of Ava Lowery, and she is 15 years old. She is also an Anti-War activist, and has won the hearts of many leftys and left wing sites.

Some of those leftys include Michael Moron (Moore), and Cindy Sunshine (Sheehen)

Lefty publications such as 'The Progressive', BuzzFlash (The left's answer to Matt Drudge), and have featured this Youthful Idiot.

Peace takes courage no doubt, but peace does not come from trust, cooperation, and goodwill. Peace comes about when one party is able to overtake the others, thus the term; "Peace Comes Through Strength." So if you want peace and want to protect what is yours, you better be prepared to fight for it cause the other party wants to take it from you and maybe your own life.
Here is the link to "Peace Takes Courage"

Respect Human Rights: Boycott 'Da Vinci Code?'

Man oh man, you have to chuckle when the Roman Catholic plays the 'Human Rights' card when it comes to a story that does not match up with their faith.

Awhile back I posted my thoughts on Christians coming out against the 'Da Vinci Code.' While some want to do an 'education' reachout, there are some that are going to cross that line and do what they can to make sure that this movie bombs big time.

What is the problem with these men???

One has to wonder if Jesus Christ was truly just another man, who lived a regular life and settled down, took a wife and had children? The Catholic Church has got a bad rep these days and who knows what else these men are covering up.

Well at least these Catholics don't out and kill those who mock their faith unlike some other faith groups, at least these days.

When it comes down do it it is all about Faith. If your faith is so strong then why are you afraid of those who would challange it? This guy named Dan Brown is yet another person who must overcome in your challange to 'Keep the Faith.' All what Brown did is take the speculations of Jesus Christ getting married etc etc etc and making that into a fictional suspence novel.

I am not trying to be a Catholic Basher, however if they kept out of the business of telling people what to do outside of their own church members then you would not have this "bashing" going on.

Story from Reuters

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