Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Readings

Nancy P may not be House Speaker should the Dems win Majority Power, Justice Department vs. Congress, Treasury Secretary-designate Henry Paulson, Native Hawaiians might get the same status as mainland Indian tribes, and that Pacfist President He Wished George McGoven rears his ugly head Robert Novak fills us in on the above.

The Hate American Crowd (UN, EU, ACLU etc) has been vindicated as Rich Tucker explains.

Not all Movie Reviews are giving Al Gore's Scare the People into accepting Socialism Movie using the Enviorment. Check out this review from Kyle Smith of the New York POST.

Clinton's Former Monkey should be happy being the Top Sunday Show Dog. The other Alpha Channels make gains while FOX takes a dive. Sad how ABC stacks their roundtable with leftys and only George Will the only token Righty, and FOX tries to have two for each side.

You Femnists don't do youselfs any favors. Your only helping the Men that want all women to be Stepford Wives (those are the ones that are afraid that they are smarter than they are), and the Righty Babe (Ann Coulter, but I like her work) saying that Abortion is some kind of Religious Sacrament. Case in Point ABC'S Elizabeth Vargas.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Readings

Is the BBC jumping the Gun on this?? Keep in mind the video in question is from an anti-Coalition Iraqi group.

Todays Comments from Neal Boortz

Oliver North reminds the Republicans that they must have a good reason to convince the Masses why they should stay in power.

What goes on behind the curtain in North Korea. Should remind you all of what happened in Europe in the 1930's and 40's. Ooops I forgot Hitler fell from grace when he betrayed Joseph Stalin, not because he killed so many Jews.

Anyone who talks about how McCain-Feingold is an attack on Free Speech, gets linked here. Newt Gingrich has his anti-McCain-Feingold speech. I will continute to fight for this law to be repealed, and our LIBERAL leaning Court proves why its Bad Law.

When it comes to the Democrats they do all they can to buy votes. David Limbaugh shows us how Howard Dean is not only fruitless but two faced.

The Left truly enjoys this thing called Haditha, Iraq. Finally they have what they need to make Iraq the next Vietnam and help their fellow dictator friends win once again. After all these leaders truly have the concern of the working people in mind and are hardley dicator. Mona Charen talks about this.

While we are on the subject of Haditha Melanie Morgan calls the News Media to task on they way they are Vietnamize Iraq.

You may have heard about Melanie Morgan's attempt to censure Jimmy 'Peanut Head' Carter. Well looks like Carter give away money to the Bin Laden family. Their was never an enemy of America Carter disliked.

If you want to help Censure Carter Click these words.

Cal Thomas talks about the Hillary Factor.

What do the Saudis Preach??? Cliff May gives you a crash cource on this.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Readings

You either agree with the Enviro's or they want your head (Collectivism/Group Think at work), Hillary Makes her Re-Election stance, and Dingy Harry Reid has a change of heart and the Democrats will forgive because he is a Democrat Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

A New Tax has the support of Democrats in Cally regarding new Oil Produced in that respected state. Yea and you want us to get off the Oil from the Middle East. Robert Novak fills us in on this Tax.

Speaking of Cally United States Senator Barbara Boxer says we need to investigate the investigators. Larry Elder shows us that Boxer allready had a Predetermed outcome and would do what it took to "prove" their was Price Gouging even if that ment saying the FTC whitewashed the whole thing.

And Democrats want to impose an Oil Tax in Cally??? Can't anybody see the true nature of these people????

Here is Part 3 and Part 4 of a series of pieces from Thomas Sowell regarding Modern Liberalism.

The Real World "Mallard Fillmore" tells you what really is recorded in the Congressional Record and man your will be floored.

War: The Ultimate Scapegoat. Burt Prelutsky has some thoughts about War.

The Good Intentions of Europe have truly gone sour, especially when it comes to this thing called the EU. Victor Davis Hanson says maybe its time for Europe to take care of themselves once and for all rather than a Nannyist Government.

Ted Kennedy is still full of Hot Air. Can't build a "Wind Farm" in Kennedy Land. Uncle Walt does not want one in Cronkite Land either. Can anyone see that these people never looked out for the Common Working Folk???? They just wanted to Exploit Them, and they are still doing a good job of doing that today.

Ed Koch takes the New York Times to task for their bias aganist Israel. Let me remind that we have lots of Jews in this country that are in name only. They would betray Israel with no regrets.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A few Late Wednesday Readings

Gore loses it but the Crowd Goes Wild Hey from one Socialist to many Socialists.

Global Warming Protesters want the head of NOAA to go away

The Dems stand by their NY Woman...Hillary that is.

Ditzy Twits Debut at Number One with new Album

Does this mean that Country should be required to play these Woof-Woof's???

If you an activist lefty like Ed "Darth Fargo" Schultz you would play it until your audience turned you out, but yet your station got a lot of Headline News.

Hey Michael Moore with his Get Bush and Elect Kerry movie from a few years back and it seems that his movie will have made more money than the tearjerker but true event movie "United 93." Hey I am guilty if not seeing United 93 at the movie house, but I do plan on getting the DVD or at least renting it so I can see at home and at my own pace.

Getting back to the Twits, these ladies especially their ringleader Natalie Maines seem to enjoy acting like a bunch of stuck up girls. Long before they went to Europe and put a lot of smiles on their faces regarding George W. Bush and how they are so embarssed that he is THEIR President and all that war stuff.

The Twits have shown their contempt for the likes of Toby Keith and Reba, and say they don't want their music shared with these artists. Well it seems that they will share the CD changers with the likes of Sheril Crow, Neal Young, and Pearl Jam. I wonder why they went into the Country music business in the first place...oh yea I forgot about kd Lang...never mind.

I might have said here on my blog, but I have not I say it now. The Twits have gained the anti-war, anti-Bush, Pro-Kerry, Pro-Gore, Pro-Socialist audience. They did come though and Natalie Maines her sisters of another Mother can act like the childish girls all they want.

As for me, I saving my money for artists I like, even someone that embraces Socialist ideals like Pink Floyd's David Gillmor.

Press Release from Yahoo/Columbia

Wednesday Readings

A great Father's Day Gift, Government Taking about Self-Reliance, Importing Illegal Sex Offenders, Gore calls Bush a yada yada, yada what do you think, and a radio station does not want to air his talk show cause he does not defend the Creationist Worldview...SHAME!!!! I am talking about none other than Neal Boortz.

Oh well Boortz does not pitch a fit like Darth Fargo does when his talk show is kocked off beacuse people can't stand his in your face leftism. Never ever shake up a Christian's Faith...Right??? These kinds of people have little faith to began with.

Check out this website. Its called It shows no love for these groups. Check out the ads include the "Thanks Union Boses" TV commerical.

Want to understand modern liberalism??? Thomas Sowell can help you do just that.

This is part two of Thomas Sowell's piece on Modern Liberalism. This part focus in on wages.

Michelle Malkin admits she does not know the truth about Haditha, even if John Murtha claims he does. That guy is doing all he can to help the Democrats win. Don't ever give someone like Murtah immunity. You served your country once, but now your seving the Democrats and their Gangsta Like tatics.

Raising the price of a commodity allready is normal. Walter Williams tells you why.

Brent Bozell warns that 'Hilltlla' is anything but a centerist. Yet the media tell us otherwise, once again trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Looks like the media does not really care about Memorial Day. Ben Shapiro explains.

Is partisanship and "extremism" bad things as the media elite claims. Jonah Goldberg says otherwise.

Republicas must stand firm on illegal immgration or else. David Limbaugh says those who support a lax law might just lose their job.

We need to remmeber what happen in Beslan including ME!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Engagement or confrontation? What choice should be made when it comes to Iran? Tod Lindberg ponders this.

Cal Thomas warns the Republicans about certain lessons in the Immigration War.

Glad to see Dingy Harry Reed get caught in the cookie jar

Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner calls Jack Murtha's bluff regarding certain Marines who alledged killed Iraqi civilians. Show us the money Murtha cause we know who your masters really are. I am sure the Terrorists are smiling at you now. The Masters however are the Howard Dean's the Cindy Sunshines and the rest of the slime.

Al Gore's movie is beeing screened in a handful of cities. He is now making the rounds at the flim festives. The quick fix solution is ever so clear. Increase Taxes, more Government Regulation, more Socialism. What a great way to dump the useful idiots.

This piece is short but to the point. Heather McDonald talks about the day when everyone will be part of a Victim Groups.

Their is one area that Left does have the upper hand. That would be academia. Cathy Young talks about this and their attempts to force their oppontes to shut up and continue in their ways of indoctinating the Youthful Idiots. She also points out that "Reason" is left out in the cold in both Left and Right camps.

FCC is looking at Media Ownership. Fans of Talk Radio should be concerned about what they are up to.

Dustin Hawkins says that making the message simple does not seal the deal on gainng the Congress.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Readings

Let us Remember Those Troops past and present who fought and defended our nation. Now here are some readings.

Robyn Blummer ponders why the left supports the dreaded campaign finance reform laws???

Phyllis Schlafly says that Bush is rejecting the advice of most Republicans when it comes to the Mexican Invasion.

Mark Steyn does not have any kind words for the "Gingrich revolutionaries." He says they have become an arrogant elite.

What happens when a Black Democrat endorces a Black REPUBLICAN??!! Robert Novak calls that "The Democrats worst nightmare."

When it comes to the ACLU they always have protect the wrong people when it comes to "Civil Liberties." Jeff Jacoby talks about an ad they ran last week regarding wiretapping.

El futuro de America? Sadly the answer is Si meaning Yes. This from Diana West.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

An Open Letter to Sean Mulholland

Before I go with this open letter their are somethings I need to say some this.

In my post "The Parting of Ways" which I will not link (but you can search for it if you like) cause I believe the post is muted I talked about my realantionship with Sean Mullholland coming to an end although I did not mention him by name. This post does and although I still would not call myself a Christian their is something I was able to resolve once and for all. My issues with Sean and more/less his family.

Now let the Open letter began:


I was wrong about you for the past two to three years. I felt that your were another shallow person that only pretended to be my friend. I know you told me last year that you could not have a 'deep relationship' with me. I took that as shallowness just as much as Thanksgiving 2003. Yes I do have family but what you don't know is that my dad in recent years has become more and more depressed. Their is more but I don't want to say anything else. He does not hurt me physically at all but its still a sad case. Don't get me wrong I have nothing but love for my Mother and Father, but we tend to be private people more/less. Sometimes I would be better living with someone life Uncle Rico from "Napoleon Dynamite."

For quite sometime in the past, I have been trying to fit in to this "Social Club" known as Church. For me the religion does not matter, at least not anymore. You can say its about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but why have that audience experience if its about the Blessed Trinty?

My attempts to connect especially with women (just trying to understand things) tended to fail, cause for somereason I have made them nevous and/or certain people told me that I did. I felt so bad for them and myself that I withdrawn myself so that would never ever had to worry my presence. This was a consistant thing I had to deal with. This even happened when I was part of a radio promotions remote. I still remember your list regarding devloping a relationships regarding the females. I might still have it, and if not I can move on. Thankfuly I do have a woman friend that can talk too, and even though both of us decided we could not live as a couple we do have great respect for each other. She was the one that led me indirectly out of organized Church.

I was still in a criss when you decided to move without any help from me. I took that that I was less important to you and felt that your reationship with me was just nothing but words or lack of depth. I try to cut people that have familes a lot of slack, but it seemed I felt would given me an "unspoken statement" that I was not welcomed as a "friend of the family." Hey it happens and I know people that were given that type of treatment.

I knew that you have given up in trying to get a recording contract and during those years I used you in trying to boost my goals (well that my confession) but when that ended I really wanted to help because I wanted to maintain a relationship not for personal gain but someone who go could help me grow and someone I could turn to for advice on certain things especially marraige and family should that even become a reality for me. During that time however I saw way too much shallow Christians and eventually I decided that I did not to be part of a religion and group that talked about loving people but just don't know how to handle people that might different than they are. For a belief that takes pride in the individual over the collective (like the eastern beliefs) their is to a certain degree a form of Collectivism in the Christian Church even if the Jesus Moverment loosened up a few things.

I also withdrew more and more from most people, and became careful who I opened myself to, and I expected that I am a Private Person by my personality and who I was as a person. This was not by choice but Destiny. Because of that I have always been the one who show an arm of friendship to those who are the misfits of the world. Those who do not fit, and those who have been picked on by society. This blog of mine has been my place to do commentary on politics and on the Entertainment business but ever so often I have talked about my personal feelings like I am doing now.

I am unable to fit in with most social groups. I am able however to work with people when need be. So far I am done this as a cart pusher at the Wal-Mart I work at and so far people have seen my drive and effort. Believe as long as I wear that Wal-Mart badge I would even give my best enemy a smile. That would change as soon as I get off the clock.

I am impressed that would do anything win my friendship back. Money can't buy you friendship as you know, but it seems that you would do anything to correct the mistakes you made. Actions of certain people regardless if they were intentional or whatever do create certain tunning points in people. I tried to change my ways with you, but it seemed I allready stuck out with you when 2003 was wraping up, and maybe I deserved every bit of crow I got during those years.

Anyway I think its going to be awhile till I can truly call you friend again. Maybe working on Sundays once again will help my with my cooling down time. I doubt it if I ever attend church on a regular basis again. I just can't fit in any church, and people just see me as something to avoid big time. The best thing is the focus on work and prove to those around me that I can do my work to the best of my abblities. I might take you on your vacation offer someday if the cards are right.

Because of another friend's marrage in the mid 1990's their was a riff in that realtionship in that one as well. I told you of his name, but I did not tell you that part.

As for a belief in God, I ask myself if God is so carring then why did he allow so many people to suffer???? I have lack of faith because this God choose to let me sink. Maybe the Diest ideal is the right one since their is a belief in God but just does not intervine in people's daily lifes. I really take on faith as I used too. I take things on someone "showing the money."

I think that sums up this open letter Sean. You may never understand me ever. It will take someone in your core and/or extended family to make you understand. Your sisters in law may be the ones to deal with my kind. Maybe your brother and his wife will have a child like me. I also have issues with your brother too in recent years, and he has blew me off because of it. It does not bug me one bit, but I will tolerate him should he ever return to America and Colorado and I see him again. You have proved to me you have more

I hate to say this Sean, but maybe that's what it will take for your own personal enlightment. I don't really want to wish it on you family but have a lot to learn...and so do I.

Until we meet again All The Best To You!!!!

I think we shall be Friends once again...Someday Soon.

Don McCullen

Its Sunday

...and the readings are slow. Next week I work on the weekends, so I get some time off on Wednesday and Thursday.