Friday, January 06, 2006

Computer Going In For A Checkup

I downloaded a software program that appears to have a virus put into the program. I uninstalled the program but is seems that my anti-virus program is fighting this thing.

I am going to my computer guy just to make sure that its not just a fluk.

I hope to be blogging again soon. It should not take as long as it did in October.

Earl Slips BUT Hang Tough, American Office gets a slight Gain

As I said watch NBC to see how its attempt to revive "Must See TV" is going.

Well NBC gets a third place overall win behind ABC and the current king of Thursday Nights (and then some) CBS. ABC I shall explain in a moment, but lets talk about NBC.

The W&G/Four Kings Hour got around a 5.8 adverage with Four Kings with a slight lead. Earl got a 7.0 below adverage than what it got on Tuesday but does not put the show in danger. The Office which never has been able to keep the Earl crowd did get a slight gain with a 5.5.

Why did ABC do so well. Four Words...Dancing With The Stars. The second season of this show proves that it can do well outside of summertime. It also does better than the cult Spy-Fi Series Alias which ends its run in May. It won the first hour only beating a repeat of CSI on CBS. I predict that Survivor will have a run for the audience the money with this one. ABC hung tough in the second hour with a second place finish. With a first run episode of CSI and CBS I don't have to tell you who won.

I still like to see NBC put Earl where it need to go. 7/8 is the slot that it should be in. It should be one to kick off NBC Thursday nights. If you must make Will & Grace the lead off for its final months of be it, but move that "Four Kings" to 8/9 and put Earl at 7:30/8:30.

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Has Arnold Become what he Preached Aganist???

If that its a "Girly Man" then the answer is yes.

Click here to read Arnold's State of Cally Address

Neal Boortz has his thoughts about the above.

Will Someone put a lid on Pat Robertson's Pie Hole Please???

Look I support Israel and the rights of the Jewish people their, and I don't buy into the crap that the Palestinians want to make peace. The Palestinians want to take over the country and make Israel null and void. Will Israel let that happen? Over their dead bodies.

With that said can someone shut up Pat Robertson about Sharon paying the price for this fake peace by an "act of God?" People for the Socialist Way (founded by Norman Lear) is piching a fit again. This freaking idiot who runs the 700 Club makes people like me look dumb.

Remember what else he said? Lets Recap his best moments from last year.

  • In October he talked about the recent increases in the Natural Disasters and that ment the second comming drawith. It can happen but not yet.

  • Before that in August he called for the assassnation of Venezuela Prez Hugh Chavez. Make no mistake Chavez is Fidel Castro's "min-me" but until he throws dirt as us, we get on our knees and plead for this oil. Does make any Democrats out their oh so happy??? I hope so since you will not allow drilling in AWAR and then some (like NEW oil refineries).

  • Robertson also said that God is not going to help the people of Dover, Pennsylvania because the replaced their local school with people that support SCIENCE (the theory of Evolution) instead of something that is based in Religious Faith (Intelligent Design i.e. Creationism).

For the record the Jewish People here in America (at least the liberal ones) have turned on their own people and have taken the side of Palestine.

Make no mistake, these 'Milltant Arabs' want no Jews in the middle east. Not all Arabs are bad people so don't call me a racist, for pointing out the truth. Notice I said MILLTANT Arabs.

Story from

On a related story, The President-Elect of Iran says he hope for the Death of Sharon. See what I mean about MILLTANT ARABS? He has called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Here is a Dumb Statement

"Students using vouchers will now be welcomed back into Florida public schools, It decides with finality that the voucher program is unconstitutional."
Ron Meyer

This guy (a Lawyer by the way) was on side of the Teacher Unions and then some in trying to get Florida's School Voucher Law unconstitutional. Guess what THEY WON!!! Click those words to find out why.

It is amazing on how so many states got dupped into this thing called "Free Education" which helped create this thing called "Government Schools." Oh yea the kids will be welcome back into those schools, but will they get the education they deserve? I doubt it. At least when they come out of the system, hopfuly you will have some sheeple that will lead America into this brave new world called a Socialist Paradise. According the TalkMaster Neal Boortz, they only people to blame is OURSELVES!!!

"a setback for those parents and children trapped in failing schools."
Clark Nelly--A Lawyer on the side of vouchers

Don't ever forget that "free education" was part of the Communist Manefesto. If we can't have school choice/vouchers, then its time to change our state constitutions and call for a seperation of School and State.

By the way its the same state court who tried to give Albert Gore Jr. a win in 2000. Don't ever forget that. That is why the Dems are looking for a way to stick it to Bush big time. In times past the Dems have be able to steal elections. They demand recounts until they know that the have done such an act, and when the Dems win they fold, get the "securty blanket of power" and suck the money out of the taxpayers.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well it looks like Ariel Sharon is hanging tough, but it may not be enough. I shall talk about it when it becomes nesscary.

Tonight NBC attempts to revive its "Must See TV" night which has taken a backseat to CBS. Speaking of CBS, new episodes of CSI and Without a Trace are on tonight. Meanwhile NBC is hoping to build on Earl and Office, but it giving the anchor to David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Those two created Will & Grace (which will end its run this year), and hopes to keep them in the driver's seat with Four Kings. I am hoping that they give Earl the driver's seat somewere down the road. That is the show that has the numbers. I would not count out CSI just yet. I am looking forward to seeing the numbers on Friday.

Speaking of numbers the return of Scrubs (which my father thinks is a great comedy) did not make impresive numbers. This could be the year that Scrubs get canned. Also CBS's Still Standing is going to have a shorter run than expect has CBS cuts its order to around 12 to 13 episodes. Could cancelation be next for this sitcom? I sure hope so. One less crappy sitcom to deal with.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Follow up on my John Murtha Piece

Yesterday on Darth Fargo's radio talk program (Ed Schultz), he put Murtha on the hot seat for giving the right the words to use to go after the left in saying that they are anti-Milltary.

I don't how this man can call himself a liberal so many on the left are moving more and more towards the left and with that a growing hatered of the milltary. Sure they can say they don't want to join because of Bush and would join if Gore, Kerry were in the Whitehouse instead. The milltary right now is all-volunteer and certain people that have served our country wound tend to vote Democrat. Always had them and always will.

One thing Schultz is right about. Serving your country does not grant you an exemption from people being crtical of what you say and do especially if your in the walls of our government. Murtha should have not be a blut as was with ABC News. However it does show the anti-milltary stance within the Democrat Party.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some Recomended Reading for Tonight!!!

First it was Michael Graham, now it has happened to Hal Lindsey. Click here to read a piece from World Net Daily in which Lindsey cutting off ties with no remorse, but will continue to warn people about the dangers of the religion called Islam. Graham by the way now has a new radio gig in Boston working at WTKK-FM, which does a News/Talk format naturally.

Cal Thomas says the recent court desision should finally convince you parents to pull your children out of the Government Schools once and all. Thomas says the days of "Leave it To Beaver" are not comming back anytime soon and likly NOT AT ALL!!!

Funny I just got Nickelback's lastest CD and hearing song about a man getting on with likley a teenage girl (Animals). I am a fan of Nickelback...even if they are from the Great White North.

John Murtha says he would not JOIN the Milltary NOW

Well that is OK Rep. Murtha. The milltary right now is all-volunteer. We really now know were you sit regarding the Iraq War. You see it as a Republican War and that in of itself is bad.

This war unwinable. Wish you would shut up and leave along with Howard Dean and John Kerry. Oh well if you have pockets of idiot Democrat these people will still have jobs.

People like me however will not let this become another Vietnam.

Story from Reuters

Click Here to access video clips from ABC News

Speaking of which...

The Vietnam War was started by a Democrat but could have been won by a Republican. Could not let that happen. Walter Cronkite had to remind us of Watergate, and Cronkite's friends in the Vietcong would eventually win. Today Vietnam is still Communist, and no sign for change yet. Cronkite...yea he still believes in World Goverment, which is a means to an end in promoting Global Communism/Socialism.

I can never bash Uncle Walt enough, since he was a stealth commentator when he was in the big chair at CBS News and the news media at large are stealth commentators mostly towards the left.

Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of Talk Radio truly deserves the title "American's Anchorman." Don't know if HE declared himself to be or if someone else gave him the title

What I would like to see in 2006

Howard Dean, John Kerry and John Murtha put in places someway somehow for their negative remarks regarding the Iraq War. I don’t think I need to explain what each person said.

Katie ‘Cookie Cutter’ Couric becomes the evening anchor at CBS News so that people see her for what she is. Yet another lying journalist.

The New York Times and then some other publications loses more and more subscribers than ever before.

The left distancing themselves from Cindy Sheehan, but than again maybe they will lose if they continue to stand behind her.

More and more people see the double standards of such leftys as Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, and Al Frankenstein.

The Republicans and/or those that believe in limited government gains more seats in the Congress in November 2006. Believe the left is hopping for the opposite.

That the Christian Right will finally give up the fight in trying to get Creationism (and anything they want to call it like Intelligent Design) taught in the government schools and accept Evolution as scientific way to explain where we come from rather than something based on Faith which Creationism is.

That the Christian Right and parents in general will pull their children out of the Government Schools and place them either in some kind of Private or home schooling program that will give the child the chance to learn. Also in a Christian Education setting they can teach the kids’ creationism all they want.

Brent Bozell focuses more on the biased news media and less on promoting so-called “family values” TV.

The courts rule in favor of private property owners rather than business that may give local goverments more taxes

That talk radio continues to grow both lefty and righty talk.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

A Man Named Bob Enyart

For those who have not heard Bob Enyart, I can tell you that this guy makes James Dobson, Jerry Fallwell, James Kennedy, and even Pat Robertson look like rational people. Well the later four are not really that rational but they work within the current polticial system.

After doing his own homework Enyart understands that foundation of this country and does not like AT ALL!!!!

He does not like the fact that our current Constitution doesn't recognize his Christian God (Jesus Christ).

He does not like the fact that our founders did NOT want an state church.

In spite of the fact that our Government was a republic to begin with, he would still would like to return us to the day when we were ruled by a King in spite of the fact that our founders did not want to be no longer ruled by a Monarchy.

Yes Bob Enyart is a man who truly takes the Holy Bible literaly and feels that it should be enacted as the law of the land through a Constitutional Monarchy. What Enyart is really after is a Religous theonomy, in which the Old Testament is enacted as law of the land.

While Enyart's utopia would not support global treaties, make America undemocratic (our founders did not believe in a democracy), prevent people from being depended on government (or at least they will not give handouts) and keep the goverment out of education, it would do away with the government that our founders envisioned, one of those would be checks and balances, in which one branch of government would not have absolute power (and that even included the Judical Branch).

Our founders envisioned a government in which its leaders would serve only for a season and not for the rest of their lives. Under a Monarchy its the opposite, and these leaders do rule their "subjects" for a lifetime.

This Monarchy that Enyart envisions will be under a patriarch rule. The Queen would serve as a consort. Yea the women bleed their hearts and prevent justice (especially Biblical Justice) for taking place...also they have used to usher in Socialism RIGHT??? So only the MEN can set things right? Oh yea men and women have different roles in life, and Eve took the fall back in the garden of Eden. Because of that Men are the leaders and the women must submit to them cause of Eve's big mistake back then...I am right and if not correct me please. Careful that the women don't manipulate you guys behind the scenes, and believe me these ladies have do so in the past. Classic Example would be the Roman Empire.

Under this Monarchy the King would have the power to do certain thing even if their "unjust." So this King could make his laws and the Monarchy could become corupt, and the courts can do nothing about it. No need to worry when the King dies he will face the judgement of God allmighty.

So why have this government if the King has a chance to abuse it? It has to do with Enyart's passion for the anti-abortion agenda and executing homosexuals...or so it seems to me. In his utopia women who choose to abort their children would face the death penalty, once again its men attempt to control a woman just because he has put his seed into them. Please don't give the "God put a life in her" speech thank you very much. The death penalty would also be for those who are caught engaging in homosexual acts. So are we going to see something like the sex police making sure that the only sex done is by married hetrosexuals? Would the death penalty be for those who make love out of wedlock? For sure if your having sex with a married woman...WATCH OUT cause you will die if convincted in Enyart's brand of government. Oh and one more thing, if your in similer position like Terri Schiavo you would be kept alive because of Enyart belief in "Thou Shall not Murder." For the record the King James Bible says "Thou Shall not Kill."

Some say that Bob Enyart is way out in right field and seen as a nutcase. I say lets make sure it stays that way, cause people like him could be able to remake this country as they see fit if given a chance to do so. Enyart is truly a dangerous man. More so than Dobson, Fallwell, Kennedy, and Robertson. Thank Goodness I did not sucome to HIS thinking cause I almost did.

Bob Enyart's Constitution for America

Profile of Bob Enyart at Wikipedia.Org

Bob Enyart's Offical Website

Bob Enyart's Bio and a Color Photo via Denver Bible Church

Sunday, January 01, 2006

TV Mid-Season Predictions


No big changes. Everything that is not broke will not be fixed.


FOX will be giving the other networks a run for the money once again, allthough I believe "Skating with Celeb's" will bomb. When Prison Break returns, that and 24 will be the one two punch. CBS should overall win the night with its lineup of sitcoms and CSI: Miami. That new show with Jennea Elferman (however you spell her name) is a show to watch to see if that can make the cut. ABC now has its work cut out for them. No more Monday Night Football, they now need a good lineup. How long will that take? Who knows and I don't see it yet.


When American Karaoke returns it will be top ten AGAIN!!! and FOX will be happy once again. Everyone else stand clear. The first part however their is not Karaoke, just a lot of rotten singers that should not be their. :) ABC should contuine to do well with Maddam President and Boston Legal, allthough the former has been slipping as of late.


ABC's Lost should hang tough with American Karaoke's ensemble number and elemnation show (when it gets to that point). That and CBS's Criminal Minds and CSI: NY


Watch NBC to see if they can pull off a "Must See TV" comeback. They are counting on Will & Grace's creators to make Thursdays for NBC a Must See night. However I think Earl should be the one to compeate aganist Survivor and not Will & Grace. W&G will get its loyal viewers who stuck with the show but will they get into this "Four Kings?" Even if they do, I think in the long run it should be Earl that anchors Thursday nights. CBS still wins the night overall. OC will be in danger of being canceled, if not Stacked. 70's has passed the "Threshold" so that can be reran and sold on DVD forever.


CBS should continue to grow with its dealing with family life Crime Dramas (Close To Home, Numb3rs). Ghost Wisperer does not do as well in reruns, we shall see if the numbers go up when we get the first run in soon. NBC's "Book of Daniel" will flop cause so far any show or movie that is all about mocking people of faith does not attract an audience even if the reviews love these kind of shows and they do big time.

Impeaching Bush???!!! & Random Thoughts

In case you have been under a rock that has become the left's new rallying cry. So far the left has been unable to stick it to Bush and reclaim this country for the far left socialists...and then some.

Make no mistake this is no joke from the leftys. John Kerry cracked about this and said he was kidding...I don't think so, because Barbra Boxer came out and talked about wanting to impeach Bush.

With all this talk about the FISA Court, and how Bush needed to go through these "judges," why is it that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton could get around this FISA Court? Wait don't tell me, they were DEMOCRATS, and since the much of media at large is run by DEMOCRATS they can't do no wrong cause the DEMOCRATS in the media will protect them from just about any criticism that the "right-wing" throws at their poor enlightened liberal DEMOCRATS.

That is also why Clinton got away with not going after ObL (but he was still a great president because he was a DEMOCRAT), and his lacky Attorney General Janet Reno got away with the likley murder of many people in the Waco Compound and making sure that Elian Gonzelles return to Cuba so that Fidel Castro can shape him to serve HIM. Their was never a communist leader the left ever denounced.

The "right-wing" noise machine is small compared to the might of the "left-wing" noise machine. The left has ABC, CBS, (MS)NBC, CNN, New York Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Time. In spite of this they are still losing their grip because talk radio, blogs, FOX News, Newsmax, World Net Daily, Drudge, Men's News Daily which make up the "right wing" noise machine. The days in which Walter Crankenhouse can shape public opinion and get away with moving the country to the far left are over, and even Crakenhouse knows it since he does not like the blogs himself. Hey got one at the Huffington Post don't ya. Yet the left has not taken up blogs like the righty's have.

The left talks about civil liberties being violated. Just wait untill they get back into power. If they hate you or the group you are in, they WILL violate YOUR civil liberties hands down. The left has shown themselves to be above the law or they think that THEY ARE THE LAW!!! If they truly think they are later; watch out cause they will change the law as they see fit.

We are at war people, Bush is a far cry from a Bob Enyart type. While Enyart might come after you for breaking Old Testement Law, Bush is not going to come after people on phone porn. Only if your talking to ObL and other terrorists.

This is a classic reason why the Republicans need to ditch the Christian Coalltion, and Focus on the Family. Allthough they work within the "system" they get put into the same catagory with that jerk Enyart. But then again being a libertarian I get the "right wing" label too. Neverless people at large are libertarian in nature and I still don't like the religionists trying to tell people what to do.


And here is the Holiday Lyric Line to go with it. Somewhere near the end if not THE END OF THE SONG.

And ther's a hand, my trusty friend,
And gie's a hand o' thine;
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.
For auld lang syne, my dear,For auld lang syne,
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne

Welcome to 2006.