Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Readings

Pat Boone goes after her leaders who think we serve THEM rather than the other way around. He also shows who support and who DOES NOT support ending the Death Tax. A MUST READ!!!

Henry Lamb says he must stay the cource in Iraq if we want to defeat AQ.

TV Producer Aaron Spelling passes away.

One thing liberals love to do is bash Bush at all costs. William F. Buckley has a piece about it.

Kathleen Parker says the divsion between the two parties has only begun and we are talking about the R's and the D's.

Another liberals love to do is bash corporations cause it helps them get votes. Isasc Post talks about three companies that gave in to lefty demands, and calls for business people to defend their reptutation.

Must Read from Carl Horowitz about something called that Union Check Card.

Beware the Unions cause like a group of aliens on Star Trek, they want all of you to be "assimilated" into their collective and believe me they say in their own way "resistance is futile." Read Carl's piece, cause Darth Fargo supports this Earth Bound Borg, since he is doing all he can for the Democrats to win.

Bush gives an Executive Order regarding Property Rights of the American People. Right from the White House and no Spin.

FOX News makes things up and Gray Lady Does not???? Please tell me that this is truly True.

Michael Chertoff: The Homeland Security Department is no "24." Story about the series and real world Homeland Securtiy moderated by the Godfather of Talk Radio.

Schwarzenegger Denies Bush Troop Request. Going back to Cally??? I Don't Think So.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bob Enyart takes on Bernard Goldberg

Yes this religious zelot knows how to get around. Enyart tries to boost his fame and his mission on this one. Once again showing how we need a social authortarian goverment to make sure we are Moral like Bob Enyart does.

Would you like have a King Intead of a President???? This is what Enyart wants.

The MP3 Link and this downloads QUICK!!! via Enyart's Offical KGOV Website.

Enyart's New Constitution for America, and yes Christanity will be the State Religion.

Friday Readings

The Real Stories regarding WMD's MUST GET OUT...But Carefuly. Hugh Hewitt explains.

Speaking of REAL Stories about WMD's Melanie Morgan has her say about it, and why its an uphill battle.

How do 39 Senators aid the Enemy??? Hal Lindsey will tell you about the "The Quisling Effect."

Kevin McCullough takes the left to task for trying to Discredit Bush and lying about Saddam not having WMD's.

Great piece from Lorie Byrd about the Ditzy Twits, and how their Better Than Everyone Else thinking is having an effect on their populatity.

If its one thing about Dems they are Proud to be Losers, or Lose but still have good hearts. Mike Gallagher has his thoughts on Kerry and that Murtha guy.

Mona Charen has a new name for the Democrats. The Spamlot Party.

David Limbaugh talks about the Symbolic Realations between US and the Euro-Socialists.

Jeff Emanuel talks about a Black Republican Woman by the name of Catherine Davis. She wants to unseat Cynthia McKinney. That would be nice since McKinney proved she could slap a Cop and Get Away with it. Kids don't try this on your own. McKinney is a Professional and Black...and yes more importantly a Democrat so she is above the law in most cases.

Charles Krauthammer has love for the land down under. Because they don't hold back.

Want the Goverment to get into your life so you won't lose a penny??? Mike Rosen talks about Foreclosure and Taking Risks in the game of life.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

FOX Wants to Jump the Gun This Fall

Meaning they want to start the Fall Game before EVERYBODY ELSE!!!

Nothing Illegal about it.

Story from

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thursday Readings

Well I am at home. The overnight trip will be next week. Unless I break some part of my body on the job, and then Twoshey.

A much better piece in my opinion about the demise of Dan Rather. Lowell Ponte shows how Rather used his position to advocate for the Democrat Party though CBS News.

The Righty Babe says the left is "praying" for a book burning. Her book is making waves and left can't stand it.

Mike Adams Summer Readings List. Included is a plug for Neal Boortz's website along with his 'Fair Tax' book.

Speaking of Neal Boortz here are his comments for Today.

Its an old hat but don't expect the truth from the mainline media when it comes to the war on terror. Matt Towery explains.

Victor Davis Hanson shows you several reasons why the Dems are not going to win power this year.

Robert Novak says they will John Murtha faster than Cindy Sunshine. Only if he does not produce the results that media wants...i.e. Democrat TAKEOVER!!!

When Compromise is a Bad Thing. At least the Dems can play the Class Warfare card for many moons to come. When will you learn that its Rich Limo Leftys who keep pulling the wool over your eyes on this one??? Ever thought about the ideal they want you smucks to to join them in the upper income bracked???

But go on, Believe that Ted Kennedy works for the people as Darth Fargo the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk wants you to believe. NO he works to buy Votes and if you read Boortz's comments on the minimum wage today that it goes up, its a great benifit to the UNIONS and when that happens the Democrats get EVER MORE MONEY TO BURN!!!! More for the Dems to so they can get Big Votes and No Whammies...STOP!!!

One can hope that the game board stopped at a Whammy, cause the Dems will turn into those Red Things if not allready when they take power. Meaning they take our money and spend as the see fit.

Wednesday Readings

NOTE: I will be out of the town this afternoon until some time in the evening tomorrow night.

This week piece from Walter Williams is a MUST READ!!! He talks about the "rascism" of Karl Marx...YES THAT Karl Marx. You can't privatly own "Slaves" but the Government at all levels can. All they need to do is make people ESPECIALLY Minorites depended on Government Hand Outs.

Certain Leftys in the American Library Assocation don't want Laura Bush to speak to them next week. Hey she allready made an appearence on Sesame Street. Laura and ALA is the topic this week for the "Dragon Lady." Well the ALA SUPPORTS Cencorship when it SUITS THEM!!!

Hate when your public officials take Drugs and then push for anti-drug laws??? So does John Stossel. The Real World Mallard Fillmore.

Is the Enviormental Movement a Religion. Al Gore Condems those who Don't Believe.

The Dems have raised their money. Can they translate that into "Big Votes, No Whammies?" Hopfuly they get FOUR of them and the Republicans win. As the late Peter Tomarken would say, 'Four Whammies brings Tears to your Eyes (i.e. the player is out of the game).' For the sake of the War on Terror and a VICTORY I hope so.

While on the subject of the War on Terror here is the story about the Democrats what they are calling for. No Suprise Here.

The Democrats NEW Plan...No Different than the Old Plan. Great Read from Herman Cain as he points out some of planks in the Dems 'Contract with American.'

Good Bye Dan Rather, You Will NOT BE MISSED!!!! At least by people that LOVE American, and don't try to distory what it stands for. Can't wait to see how Katie Cookie Cutter does in your chair. Brent Bozell speaks his piece on the man who just did not have the charm as Walter Crankenhouse did, and got a Nixon Like ending in his carrer.

Looks like the "Human Rights Groups" don't about the recent deaths of our troops. Jeff Emanuel explains this.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Click here on Thursday for "New" Comments from Neal...I Hope.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Pentagon activated its new U.S. ground-based interceptor missile defense system.

This Democrat says he is proud to work with Republicans. I don't think I have to tell you which one, since so many have gone in Howard.

Glad to hear that the Trial of Saddam is comming to an end. You would never know from the "Drive by Media" who so it seems LOVES Saddam.

Great piece by Dennis Prager about how the left is by far fearful than the right especially on Global Warming.

Even if we are winning the war in Iraq. The left still says we need to pull out. David Limbaugh says we have been winning from the start.

I always make sure that if I find anything the threatens the Bloggers I always put that in my readings. John Owstrowski an intern at talks about the end of "Free" Blogging, and he is not talking about FEES.

Their is some Good News however as Nathan Tabor points how the Left Bloggers might be hanging themselves.

If Iraq is going to be the issue for the next four months then we need a Iraq Truth Squad. Frank Gaffney Jr. explains.

If you loved 'Napoleon Dynamite,' you might love 'Nacho Libre.' It may have Jack Black as its star but it also has Jared Hess and his wife Jerusha as the screenwriters.

Visit 'Circuit City' lately??? Mike Adams has and write this letter regarding a wider Latin Section than a Country Section.

Oh and I forget....Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Readings

Todays Comments from Neal Boortz

Don't Want to Fight the War??? Fleed to the Great White North??? Cindy Sunshine supports you. I wonder what Casey would say about it.

Murtha goes after Karl Rove...Too Bad you could not Hang Him you Socialist Slime Balls.

Ann Coulter goes after Murtha however.

Poor Chuckie. He like many other Dems want to leave Iraq but his beloved NYC must be protested at all costs. Maybe the New Yorkers need to be attacked once again just to get them to shed their 'Peace Nic" ways. As for Chuckie he need to buy VOTES!!!

Rush may side with the "Black Caucus" regarding William Jefferson for his own reasons, but Star Parker calls the Caucus actions a disappointment.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day Readings

Dutch Martin has mixed feelings about the holiday since he was one of those who grew up without one. This is a MUST READ!!!

Kevin McCullough gives you another good reason to pull your children out of the Government Schools. You may be beat up by children of liberal parents if yous parent has a problem with what they are trying to "teach" you. You might want to help David Parker bring down an Educrat as well.

Are the Dems going to lose it once again like they did in the late 1960's??? Paul Greenberg says "Good News" for Bush and the "War on Terror" FUSStrates the Dems

The Dems take Over Agenda. Will we allow them to gain power over this???

How to respond to the UN when they pitch a fit about not getting respect...and they should not get any at all??? Henry Lamb tell you how.