Saturday, November 27, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Iraq Determined to Keep Election Date

Ukraine Parliament Calls Election Invalid

World Trade Organization Imposes Penalties on U.S. Exports

Three More Wis. Hunters to Be Buried Today

Atheists sue to stop Christian mentoring...if only if the Goverment did hand over any TAX MONEY to them.

Bush to make third bid for guest worker plan

Arizona tops for catching illegals

North Carolina immigrants double in 4 years

Update on Shelly Long

U.S. Muslim cable TV channel to premier

Government lays down law to BBC on reporting. If they can curb the bias on the BBC more power to them.


Dr. Kelly Hollowell debunks the myth that the red states are not so giving.

Lets have a face-off and the topic is...ABORTION

In this corner Les Kinsolving

With the counterpunch Judy Brown

Moving on to other issues Henry Lamb warns of the true agenda behind the anti-war movements. MUST READ!!!

Les Kinsovling back again. This time defending the Fallujah Marine we been hearing about

Smoking while Iraq burns. Naomi Klein from the lefty rag The Nation takes Bush to task

Lawrence Henry says the radio side of the news media needs to have some type of FOX News style outlet...funny FOX News has radio broadcasts now. Wait a minute ABC and Westwood One (CBS News, NBC News, CNN) have more affilates than FOX News Radio on the radio.

Holiday Lyric Line

Believe in what you feel inside, And give your dreams the wings to fly. You have everything you need, if you just Believe.
If you have seen "The Polar Express" or tuned in to your Holiday Music station this lyric line comes from the song "Believe" proformed by Josh Groban.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Keep in mind that the Holiday Lyric Line will be done during THE MORNING NEWS & COMMENTARY.

Kofi Annan's son took payments through 2004

U.S. "Black Friday" brings spike in online shopping

The children that sung on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" want their money. Man how the band ticked off the British Education system

Ukraine state TV in revolt

Ten Iraqi parties demand vote be postponed

Barghouti decides not to run in PA election

France falsifies Arafat death certificate

Tortured for being a mother...this is China by the way. 1-child policy

'Cheers' star in shocking overdose


Dick Morris say that Vladimir Putin stole the Ukraine election and I have to tell that Russia Bear wants her "cubs" back.

Michael Reagan takes the U.S. Senate to task for our borders

David Frum on intimidation tactics of group with ties to Islamist terrorists MUST READ!!!

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Morning News & Commentary

In case you missed it, yesterday I began to to highlight a lyric line from some of the greatest music that you can only hear around this time of the year. Of chorse you can play all year around but why would you. Yep let the Holiday Music roll.

Four Killed in Baghdad's Green Zone

Palestinian Authority Sets Elections Date

Fewer Exchange Students in U.S. Schools

Convicted terroristto run for PA leader

Drug cartel targets Border Patrol agents

8 executed by Cancun drug gangs

Bush seeking money to promote abstinence

Christians arrested, persecuted in Saudi Arabia


Floyd Norris Krispy Kreme empire 'cannot make money'

Charles Krauthammer talks about fighting the good fight in Iraq

Jonah Goldberg shows that Conservatives don't always wear the black hat

David Limbaugh is intresting read about the labels used in the world of public policy

Sher Zieve talks about the baining of historal documents of importance just because it mechions GOD.

Mike Rosen is thankful for a stronger GOP Congress. and the leftys that gave it to them

Holiday Lyric Line

A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again

"It's Begining To Look Like Christimas" Best known recordings by Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, and Perry Como

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving News & Commentary

Yep It never ends does it???? The News that is

Happy Thanksgiving people and thank you for supporting my Blog.

Petition: Get ACLU off taxpayer dole. How??? Change the establashment clause.

Chat rooms targeted in hunt for terrorists

Iran's nukes 'not the only target'

Is Declaration of Independence unconstitutional? Hope Not!!! Be maybe its time to pull our kids out of the Goverment Schools.

Before their was Matt Drudge and bloggers their was Paul Harvey. Harvey gives a thumbs up to a book written by World Net Daily's Joseph Farah.

Mom of martyr: 'Sacrifice more of my children'

A million Christians sign EU religion plea

Stores Court Shoppers on Thanksgiving Day


Daniel Pipes has a MUST READ concerning Islam in the Goverment Schools

Jim Nelson Black talks about the decline of higher learning and encorages parents to sue these places of such

Thomas Sowell talks about how tax cuts can equal tax revenues and can reduce the deficit MUST READ!!!

Bruce Bartlett says its time to streamline the economists. The ones in Goverment that is. Another MUST READ!!!

Mary Katharine Ham talks about the leftys disstored view of tolerance

Larry Elder talks about the dreaded race card the leftys love to play. Good Read

George Will has a thanksgiving piece. We should be thankful to those that came before us

Ann Coulter has a MUST READ concerning the GOP. Man they are such WIMPS!!!

William Rusher talks about the UN's history and its ties communism and the corruption from within

Hal Lindsey talks about Iran and The Shehab deception

Never mind the Housewives, here come the Desperate Republicans. Today's token lefty piece from The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel

Rich Tucker talks about the Xmas rush

Holiday Lyric Line

Speaking of Xmas rush, starting today and untill Christmas Day I will highlight a lyric line from the many songs out their that you can only hear during this time of the year.

It’s coming on christmas. They’re cutting down trees. They’re putting up reindeer, and singing songs of joy and peace. Oh I wish I had a riverI could skate away on
River-Performed by Joni Mitchell

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Declaration of Independence Banned at Cally School

The Smoking Gun's take on the above story

Holiday travel estimate at $37.2Million

Travelers Jam Airports for Holiday Getaway

Snow, Storms Slow Holiday Travel for Some

GOP Wins Govenership in Washington State but the Dems want another recount

Does Dan Rather ever shut up???

Could John Roberts be the one to sit in the anchor chair at CBS News???


Did Dan Rather use something from the Richard Nixon playbook??? Michael Goodwin talks about that.

Rupert Murdoch has a well written piece about giving thinks to the Immigrants. Murdoch as you may know is the head of News Corporation, which owns the FOX brand. Just make sure they come here legally. Like his points on the Goverment Schools and they do indeed cheat our children.

Fred Barnes says that Bush will not bow or bend to the DC people

Looking for level headed Muslims??? Looking for those who condem the actions of those who cut heads and then some??? Daniel Pipes will help you find them and those who pretend to be level headed.

How to End the Iraq War. Tom Hayden tells you how. By the way this is my token lefty piece here on the blog. Hayden was a 1960's student activist once upon a time.

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Morning News & Commentary

Over the river and though the airports??? Hey its the 21st Century

Purported Al-Zarqawi Tape Raps Scholars

Observers OK'd for Palestinian Elections

U.N. accused of rape, pedophilia, prostitution

Attempt to stop mandatory mental screening fails

Is the Declaration unconstitutional?

700 lawyers ready to fight ACLU lawsuits

Congress gets into ACLU cross brouhaha

Florida senator swears he'll help Scouts

Alberto Gonzales nominee member of La Raza


Walter Williams stand behind Condi Rice and shows how most blacks are Dems first

Phyllis Schlafly talks about mental health screenings and how that will be imposed on OUR KIDS!!!

A MUST READ from Tony Blankley. Europe is starting to learn that the certain Muslims are not happy with what Europe is and want to reshape it in THEIR IMAGE!!! Send them back to the middle east people

Paul Greenberg talks about Clinton's library and its 'sanitized history'

He's an alien, he's a little alien, Ben Shapiro is a orthodox Jewish hillbilly from Los Angeles. Yes I am doing a take off on a certain Sting song.

Here are some Thanksgiving pieces

Linda Chavez talks about the schools and Thanksgiving

Michelle Malkin talks about her child get the zeal about saying grace. Just make sure you put her in a Christian school Malkin.

Armstrong Williams has some simple words

Joseph Farah has words of his own

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Iraqis narrow the search for militant leader

Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad

France says its time to help Iraq end violence...OK NOW GET OFF REAR END AND HELP US!!! Maybe admit that were you were wrong and taking Saddam's money if you truly did

Tests Negative on Suspected Mad Cow Case

Guantanamo Trials Appealed at High Court

Dan Blather steps down as the anchor of the CBS Evening News but is not quite leaving CBS News...wish he did.

Black leader: Ban NBA fighters for life. Good ideal, maybe they should go talk with Vince McMahon of the WWE if they want to fight.

Union appeals suspensions of NBA players

Suit filed seeking early Ohio recount

Wisconsin Hunting Slayer Says He Was Fired On

AMBER ALERT Cops: Girl, mom kidnapped


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says that moral people must teach to HATE!!! Looks like the Jews that are not lefty's are truly taking the ball on this, and this my friends is a GOOD THING!!!!

Mychal Massie talks about the Dems racist history and explains why the Republican party was formed in the first place. He also shows that the Dems these days have been showing their true colors regarding the blacks that are not put of the Dems cult.

Michael D. Evans has a peace about "Arafat's civil war"

Is Bill Cosby being too hard on 'dysfunctional parents'??? Cindy Rodriquez says yes in this piece from the left.

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Radio ID Jingles/Imaging Part 3

When it comes to making jingles one thing that could endanger the concept is that if your jingles do not adapt to the times. Well several companies came into existence during the 80's, 90's and at the dawn of the 21st Century. I will not go in order of who came first but I will try to highlight them the best I can.

For starters I will begin with a company that turned CHR jingles on their head in the mid 1990's. That company is Reelworld and unlike most jingle companies that make Dallas their home base this one enjoys the city of Seattle, WA.

Reelworld was founded by Steve Thomas and Erik Huber. Their paths to founding Reelworld were very different. Thomas played in a high school marching band in Seattle and later studied recording technique at a local community college. At the same time he worked at Filthy Soundz Productions were Thomas co-wrote and/or produced tracks for artists in Seattle. It is hard to believe that he did all of this before he turned 21 and would be legal to drink. Thomas would take a job at Music Source working as a producer, composer, and engineer. He produced music elements for many commercial clients that were in the Seattle area.

Huber after ten years of piano lessons entered the musicology program at the University of Washington. It was during this time that Huber got bitten by the jingle bug. During his internship with Ed Ray Productions he produced a jingle package for a station called KJTT in Whidbey Island. This was done when Huber was only 17 years of age. As with Thomas, Huber moved into producing music for commercial clients with included KFC and Blockbuster.

In 1992 Huber was hired by Turning Point Productions in northern California. His boss at Turning Point was Max Mace who is best known in Christian circles as the founder of the Heritage Singers music ministry, which is still in existence today. It was during this time that Huber wrote out the blueprint on radio jingles. In fact Huber along with Art Mapa composed jingle packages for several Christian radio stations and used the Heritage Singers to sing the jingles. However it seems that Mace was not interested in using his music group to sing the praises of radio stations, and Huber moved back to Seattle. Taking a job at Music Source he soon crossed paths with Thomas. Although they did not like each other at first they soon realized that they had very excellent productions and working as partners they could create great product.

Their first project together was a jingle package for WPGC-FM which they produced in 1994. An Urban leaning CHR/Rhythmic radio station that has been number one in Washington DC for years. The ideal was to create jingles that matched the sound of the current musical texture of the radio station. With the creation of the WPGC package Reelworld was born.

According to Reelworld many radio programmers in the CHR format were losing interest in using jingles to ID their radio stations because they felt the jingles offered by other companies were sticking to the styles of the 1950's and offered nothing that was cutting edge.

Radio consultant Jerry Clifton who did consulting work for WPGC introduced Huber & Thomas to KUBE-FM which has been the top rating CHR station in Seattle. They created a package for the station in 1995. The first package for KUBE had 12 short song based jingles about KUBE that had a dance pop sound. The KUBE package was a success and CHR stations across the country took interest in Reelworld's product.

With the signing of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 business at Reelworld would boom. In the same year of 96 Reelworld created packages for WXKS-FM Boston, WJMN-FM Boston, KDWB-FM Minneapolis, KHKS-FM Dallas-Fort Worth and WZPL-FM Indianapolis. With the sign on of the new WKTU in New York City Reelworld was called upon to create jingles for the station. This new WKTU would hit number one in its first book, which was close to a feat that a previous station that used the WKTU call letters in the New York market accomplished back in the late 1970's. They also began to branch out in other formats by creating a News/Talk imaging package for KOA-AM Denver.

In 1997 Reelworld would enter the Country format with a package created for Nashville powerhouse WSIX. The package matched the texture of what was being played on Country radio. Later on KMPS/Seattle and KYGO/Denver came to Reelworld for Country jingles

In 1998 Reelworld created the Windy 100 package for Adult Contemporary radio. In this package Reelworld kept the traditional horn sound that was used in many AC jingle package but use a hotter vocal sound. This would be the blueprint for most of Reelworld's AC jingles. One year later Z100 in New York signed on with Reelworld to produce jingles for heritage CHR station.

This year Reelworld produced a jingle package for Hot AC KHMX-FM in Houston and produced a jingle package for another heritage CHR. This time it was KIIS in Los Angeles.

While Reelworld did a great job of updating the sound of jingles, the jingle captiol of the world Dallas, Texas is far from being out of the game. Next time I shall talk about N2Effect.

Morning News & Commentary

Radio Host Apologizes for Rice Remark

Coalition Routs Out Terrorists in Jabella

U.N. Hostages Released in Afghanistan

9/11 type of attack foilled in UK

Time Warner Near Deal With SEC1

Our Congress sure love Pork, the other white meat. Bad for the everyday taxpayer.

Online petition supports Fallujah Marine

City gives break to terror-related mosque?

Andy Rooney admits CBS anti-Bush bias

One of the columnists I link here on my blog gets dropped from a newspaper.

U.N. accused of sex abuse

Fla. Libraries Ban Adults From Kids' Section


The middle east is not her best subject but Star Parker gives some of her insights regarding irresponsibility over there.

Cal Thomas talks about our lame duck session and how it laid a golden egg for those who get the Goverment goodies.

Dennis Prager talks about the events last weekend regarding the NBA and also talks about the media in general

Jason Whitlock has a warning to the NBA players that are black

Charles Krauthammer says Bush has nothing to worry about. Cheney will not run for the big seat.

Kevin Sites tells his side of the story. This the NBC news cameraman who shot the footage of that shooting you have been hearing about.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Bush Calls for Verifying Iran Nuke Claims

No Charges Filed in Pacers-Pistons Brawl

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack Won't Seek Chairmanship of DNC

Justice Rehnquist's Health Still a Mystery

The Donald Files for Bankruptcy. This is in regarding to his Casinos.

Southern California get SNOW 3ft. of it

The Gas is high this week. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Movie on sex researcher Alfred Kinsey makes $569,000. Currently playing on 3,017 screens

Christians Protest Movie on Kinsey

Shoot JFK from your own computer. 41 years ago JFK was taken from us

Tom Delay off the hook???


Bob Parks contuines to talk about the media's treatment of Condi Rice and says that the media's is showing their true colors. They are racists but because their liberal its OK.

Jim Kouri shows how political correctness is block our attempts to fight the war on terror

Lame duck congress raises the national debt and Bush goes along with it. James Antle III warns the Dems will go after the GOP on this, and it could give the Dems the power again.

J. Matt Barber calls the Democratic party the modern day slave masters, and I agree

Richard Mullenax has a piece on Michael Moore, College Football, and a resturant in New York City. Short and too the point.

Morning News & Commentary

Israelis Encourage Palestinian Elections

Bush Touts U.S.-Backed Anti-Drug Efforts

It seems that many of you find this newsworthy this weekend. Ron Artest is not playing basketball for the rest of the season and then some.

Iraq Sets Election Date; Cleric Killed

Iran Suspends Uranium Enrichment

TV campaign urging: Kick U.N. out of U.S. That does not mean that the U.S. gets out of the UN

U.N. employees: No confidence in Annan Workers express discontent with 'upper management'

Tax-snooping bill called Istook's mistook. Oklahoma senator says privacy was never endangered

Commies, Socialists, Reds, many of them Arafat and many of the above people live here in the United States


Joseph Farah says that if the Pentagon can fights the ACLU. They likely would have won. However it gives in to their demands. Farah condemes the Pentagon and calls the ACLU the American Taliban

Jeff Jacoby has a great piece about HATE. He says that not only a good thing to hate but its a must in certain cases.

Is public schools a cure for child abuse? Vox Day says no way

Barbara Simpson takes Bush to task for letting Mexico suck on U.S. taxpayers

Could the U.S. be headed towards never ending conflicts??? Pat Buchanan has this and more

Nat Hentoff commends O'Neal and the Swiftvets for their public service and also shows that O'Neal is a Dem and did not have kind words for Bush

Doug Powers nails white liberals and Dems for their dislike and contempt of minorties. Oh and Bill Clinton is just another white guy and not the first "Black" President

Meanwhile Helen Thomas says that Rice will send a negatitve message to the rest of the world.

Jason Riley says to ignore the anti-immigrant right just as Bush did. Let is hope that the GOP comes out on top when its all said and done.

John Fund says its best when we to bring intellectual diversity to higher learning

The Wall Street Journal has piece urging the Gay Community to trust democracy and not the courts. They make some very good points

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Bush Tries to Mend Ties With Latin America

Lawmakers Hold Out Hope for Intel Bill

Air France Flight to Washington Diverted

Israel Hit by Worst Locust Plague Since 1950s


Isaiah Sterrett has a MUST READ concering safe air travel. Guess who wants the friendly skies friendly to terrorists? 4 letters ACLU

Religious zealots (if any) put in their place at the Air Force Academy

You may have heard about what happened at the Air Force Academy this week.

Cadets who call themselves Christian have been told to curb their faith and I am very supportive of this, and why do I agree with this?

Because there are those among the cadets who may indeed put pressure on their fellow cadets to join them at their religious meetings or whatever. Some of these cadets with religion can't and will not take no for an answer. They just don't give up on these 'pagan' cadets (and I use the term loosely) and that gets to be a problem.

Even Fisher DeBerry was told to take down a banner which was very open about the Christian Faith. Don't get me wrong I think DeBerry has been a great coach for the AFA's football team for many years but a banner that talks about being part of "Team Jesus" goes to far.

I am not saying that we should comply with everything that the ACLU, Freethinkers, and the like demand. In fact I don't support the Pentagon in their decision in which they are telling the military bases not to sponsor the scouts. The Boy Scouts do require a belief in God but that all nothing more and nothing less. Any young boy who wants to join the scouts could be Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Muslim, or even a young Harry Potter in training. They just have to believe in "God" even if they have a belief that God is a female.

My take on religion is that it should not used to make people act or think a certain way. Now Pastors and other spiritual leaders can encourage their flocks to live better lives but they can't and should not force people to think a certain way. They can guide but they can't force someone’s hand. Those who serving in our government who have religion should also take this into account and should any among them be supportive of some law that creates Blue Laws (can't be open on Sunday) and bans Abortion should give a secular and logical reason for such laws causes if its totally based on their religious beliefs then these government officials are out of line.

Morning News & Commentary

EU officials implore new immigrants to learn 'European values'

Iraq Sets Jan. 30 for National Elections

Lawmakers Say Intelligence Bill Not Dead

THIS IS MUST READ!!! Its about PHISHING and how companies must fight this this is were someone send an e-mail that uses a company likeness (mostly a corporate bank) to get your information.

Iraq PM's Cousin Released by Kidnappers

Bush Renews Support for Immigration Reform but he is doing it the wrong way.

Jonathan Pollard: 'Israel groomed jailed terrorist to head PA They want to trade me for a murderer,' says Israeli spy of Sharon government

Air Force cracks down on Christian 'coercion' AFA Cadets are put into their place


Jay Bookman warns of the mixing of church and state

John Caldara talks about the teachers at Boulder High School in Colorado and how they training the youthful idiots their. The parents are no better. Hey its not called The People's Republic of Boulder for nothing. Clear Channel markets their lefty talker KKZN to those idiots too.