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Banning American Flags in Cally

Well that is one country that might go back to Mexico if we are not careful.

Here are some posts by San Diego radio talker Rick Roberts. Roberts is also a fill in for Michael Savage.

Flags Banned

School wants Rick to shut up

A Little Good News

Friday, April 07, 2006

Cindy Sunshine speaks to San Fran High Schools Students

...while Mark Crowley is left out in the cold LITERALY!!!!

The one thing they have in common is both are parents who lost their children in the Iraq war. Cindy Sunshine fits the 'left-wing mind set' and since the Government Schools think the same way more/less like her their is no need to be fair and balanced and invite Crowley to speak his peace.

Melanie Morgan of KSFO-AM is speaking out aganist this action

Now read my next post regarding a rally I attended today. These Government Schools are going to kill the country if we are not careful as you will see.

Don Takes a Stand with others Lovers of Freedom at a Denver Metro Middle School

This is the one reason why you did not see a post all day here at "The Blog according to Don." I have taken weekends off a lot lately but most of the time during the week I try to put something up. Unless I find a paying job, yours truly will try to keep the blog fresh so that you can keep coming back and wondering what currently Don has to say.

Today yours truly went on a long trek to the suburb of Westminster in Denver, Colorado; to take a stand with other freedoms loving Americans (regardless were they convictions on public policy land) regarding the mistake that Shaw Heights Middle School made in banning the flag (in any form ranging from shirts to patches) within the walls of that respected school. Although they backed off this ban, this rally was not going to be called off. Here is a letter that Shaw Heights Principal Myla Shepherd wrote to parents.

Dear Parent and Guardians:

The safety of our students is a main concern at Shaw Heights Middle School. The issue of illegal immigration that has been featured in the media and discussed by legislators at federal and state levels has caused some unrest and increased tensions among students at our school. Some clothing worn recently by some of our students has created a tense and sometimes hostile environment in our school over the last few days. This is not the environment we want for our students.

In order to rebuild relationships and avoid further tension, I have altered our school’s dress code. I am asking students to dress neutrally so that we may shift our focus back to learning. I believe this will help calm some of the frustration and hurt feelings generated this week.

You and your student can help by complying with our current dress code and by students not wearing:

clothing that makes a political statement

camouflage clothing

banners, flags, bandanas of all types
Our goal is to live up to our “Falcon Four” by showing respect, responsibility, integrity and pride at all times. My goal is to keep this the best middle school in the city – safe and focused on learning. I will keep you updated and aware of our progress at Shaw Heights.

I appreciate your support. Please contact me with any questions.


Myla Shepherd

But Tom Tancredo Got up out of his bed and wrote this.

Dear Principal Shepherd,

I was astonished to learn that officials at Shaw Heights recently threatened an honor student with disciplinary action for wearing a red sweater, a white T-shirt, and blue jeans. The student was apparently reprimanded for violating the newly formulated dress code banning “clothing that makes a political statement,” purportedly because of the color combination she chose.

To say that it is disturbing to see school administrators spending their time and limited resources scrutinizing the color combinations of students’ clothes in search of hidden political messages would be an understatement. As a former educator, I am frankly shocked by how far afield the public education apparatus appears to have wandered.

When teachers like Jay Bennish and Ward Churchill transform our classrooms into personal platforms to disseminate delusional and nihilistic propaganda, the education establishment seems too paralyzed to respond. Yet when students take the initiative to passively express pro-American sentiments by, for example, sewing a stars-and-stripes flag patch on a backpack (or choosing a red, white, and blue outfit, evidently) school administrators are quick to discipline, punish, regulate and suppress.

I believe this kind of double standard sends the wrong message to students, and I hope that you and other administrators who have recently implemented these kinds of misguided policies will seriously consider rescinding them.



Tom Tancredo
Member of Congress

The Mexicans who are coming to American have not taken over this country just yet, and until that does happen (I Hope It NEVER Happens so you know) we are still the "United States of America," and our flag has "Bright Stripes and Bright Stars," Red and White Stripes, White Stars, Blue of the left hand corner with those Bright Stars in it. This is the official flag of the United States or America...GET OVER IT!!! Respect this country, for once rather than the usual Political Correctness you Educrats are known for.

I want to thank the Clear Channel Denver Talk Radio Hosts (Peter Boyles, Mike Rosen, 'Gunny Bob' Newman, Dan Caplis & Craig Silverman) for making aware of the dumb stunts that certain Government Schools in Colorado regarding the way they were handling the Mexican Immigration issue. Let this be a warning to OTHER Government Schools in the country who dare ban the Red, White and Blue.

Oh and if your from another country please come here legally and respect our country if you plan on living here for the long term.

Thank Your Very Much, and Thank You for visiting "The Blog according to Don." Please come back often.

Related Links You can find those above letters at the Free Speech for Students website

Story from a local Denver news affilate that used the American Colors since the mid 1970's. KUSA-TV aka 9News. Would your child get banned if he wore anything jacket from 9News since they have the Red, White and Blue Colors???

The 'Caplis & Silverman' page at KHOW-AM's website

The 'Gunny Bob' Newman page at KOA-AM's website

Story from KDVR-TV FOX31 News/AP I have linked them in spite of the fact they don't mention the rally in this piece, but FOX31 News and 9News stuck it out longer than their competitors so they just a reward by having links here on my blog.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

TV Numbers Talk and Tonight's Shows to Watch Numbers Wise

Well 'Amazing Race' moved to the 7/8 slot on Wendnesdays and it seems the numbers will still hover around the nine million when the final numbers come out next week. Still does slightly better than the sitcoms it replaced. Those final numbers however are the key. The special airing of 'Deal or No Deal' on NBC once again took the top spot in the 7/8 hour. 'Law & Order's' number went up again now that it is back in its cozy 9/10 slot, second only to a 'CSI: NY' rerun on CBS. Other than that its another win for FOX and the American Karaoke results show. Sorry about the loss Mandisa, but that is the game of getting a record deal via a singing contest.

The Overnight results via

Tonight the show to watch numbers wise a encore of the Pilot episode of NBC's 'Teachers' which gets a trial night in place of the 'The Office' in the 8:30/9:30 slot. Office has proven to be more of cult sitcom as with 'Scrubs.' If Teachers can do better than The Office expect Teachers to be paired with 'My Name is Earl.' Then again 'Will & and (the Pregnant) Grace could not help 'Four Kings' either. :-)

Goodbye View, Hello Today or so says Meredith Vieira

Now we need to find a nickname for Vieria.

Story from

Some Recommended Readings

Just how liberal is 'Perky Katie Cookie Cutter Koran Couric'???? Lowell Ponte says she is worst than Danny Boy.

Related Newsmax story to Lowell's commentary. Unlike Ponte's piece itself, this is a quick read.

CBS's Andy Rooney is not happy about Couric's arrival at The Eye. Watch it brother she is going to be part of 60 Minutes and someone should give him a copy of Ponte's piece and highlight the parts in which Cookie Cutter went after people that wanted to see get the 'Shaft.' Damm Right; and she is One Bad Mother...I Better Shut My Mouth. :-)

OK about some commentaries regarding Tom DeLay leaving Congress. I shall start with Robert Novak.

Ann Coulter's take on DeLay.

Cal Thomas take on DeLay.

Toney Blankley's take on DeLay

Am I being unfair to the 'Other Side' not linking pieces that prove that DeLay is the Bad Guy...The Devil Incarnate OK here is a token lefty piece and it comes from Robert Scheer.

Here is another token lefty and her name is Molly Ivins

Feel Better, Good cause I want move away from DeLay now.

Want to know how Mexico treats its Illegals??? Larry Elder shows that Mexico is doing what we fail to do on this issue and shows the true feelings of these illegals.

No Wonder Rush Limbaugh calls him Dingy Harry. He has a change of heart on the issue of Illegals from Mexico. Hello we have another Flip Flopper, other than 'The Kerry.'

Craige McMillan says the Mexicans are thiefs and not because they are taking jobs from Americans.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Predictions on the Renewals

Keep in mind that does not include 'Pepper Dennis' (WB) or 'What About Brian' (ABC). Last night Pepper had its first airing but Brian has yet to air so these shows I will not deal with.

ABC's Bubble List

Commander in Chief
Hope & Faith
Sons & Daughters
The Evidence

My safe bet is that none will get a renewal. Chief has too much behind the scenes turmoil and Freddie and H&F are not runaway hits. For the record H&F is in its third season, and being canceled will not make the show a money maker or a show that will be remembered. ABC picking up Scrubs from rival NBC could boot one of above out of ABC's prime lineup this fall. ABC remains committed to the show Sons & Daughters (maybe becuase of its semi-scripted) as of this post but 4 million viewers is very likely to tell ABC that its not a keeper. The Evidence has the right ideal but maybe not the right cast members, writing, and settings but that's my opinion. With NBC's Law & Order returning to its cozy 9/10 slot it will not help ABC at all regarding making The Evidence a keeper.


CBS's Bubble List

Close To Home
Out of Practice
The King of Queens

'Close to Home' and 'King of Queens' will both be renewed. Home might have slipped on recent Fridays but last week it had better numbers slightly than its lead in 'Ghost Whisper.' Home earned better ratings in Friday night 8/9 slot than it did in the 9/10 slot on Tuesday when it started out. Queens is on the bubble cause Kevin James ('The King') wants a new contract and more money per episode. He will get that deal and Queens will go on at least for one more year. 'Out of Practice' has proved that it can't stand out on its own and only did well because 'Two and Half Men' was a lead in. Practice is going, going, OUT!!!


NBC's Bubble List


Scrubs will likely get a 6th season but maybe not on NBC. NBC however will fight hard and will keep Scrubs at the Peacock and keep it from The Mouse Broadcasting Company (ABC is owned by Disney) in spite the fact that Scrubs is owned by The Mouse (via the Touchstone imprint). The others are too new and too early to tell, but I think Teachers might get a second season.


FOX's Bubble List

Bernie Mac
Free Ride
The Loop

Bernie Mac got a few close calls but Mac is at a point in which their are enough episodes for the daily syndication strip (Monday-Friday). None of the shows will get renewed.


The CW's Bubble List (WB, UPN)

Half and Half
One on One
One Tree Hill
Veronica Mars

Six shows and which ones should The CW take aboard? Its very cloudy right now but I say The CW will take the following: Reba, Everwood, Half and Half, One Tree Hill and maybe just maybe Veronica Mars.

Those are my predictions. We shall see who stays.

Check out my previous post regarding the Renewals, Cancelations, and Bubble shows

Daytime Drama Producer Gloria Monty has passed on

This was the woman who gave the ABC Daytime Drama "General Hosptial" a fighting chance back in the late 1970's...and now is no longer with us.

Never really got into GH, but my father watches the show. If not for Monty, my dad would not likely watch it and he would not get the chance to watch the ongoings in the city of Port Charles; the fictional city GH takes place in. When Monty became producer of GH she only had 13 weeks to turn the numbers around or it would be history. Man did she turn the show around. Monty went beyond the 'kitchen sink' when she ushered in storyline ranging from action-based to Science Fiction (know about the plot to put Port Charles in deep freeze???). Also Monty casted younger actors and actress and make them an important part of the GH cast. Oh and lets not forget Luke & Laura Spencer. In the 80's it was the number one daytime drama, and stayed at number one until CBS Daytime's 'Young & the Restless' took the top spot somewere in the late 80's and early 90's which by that time had the Newmans and the Abbott families assembled on that show's respected canvas.

I will not go into details of a certain GH storyline regarding Luke & Laura but a musical cue from it did help a certain Trumpet player get a number one hit (his second number one using his trumpet rather than his voice ala "This Guy is in Love With You.") and was able to shed off his Easy Listening Mexican Music stylings. The artist was Herb Alpert, and the piece was called "Rise." By the way 'Rise' was sample in another hit many moons later. That hit was called ‘Hypnotize' by late Hip-Hop artist Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Small a.k.a Chris Wallace.

Yes their was a short lived spin-off of GH called 'Port Charles.' It did introduce the 'telenovela' style of story writing to American audiences. Meaning that the storylines are resolved in 13 weeks. Port Charles may be gone, but soon Telenovels might become a new format of scripted TV here in the states. FOX will be getting into that with its new Netlet 'My Network TV' this fall. The major networks might give it a shot during the summer months, and ABC might purchase a show for the upcoming fall season based on the popular Colombia telenovela Yo Soy Betty La Fea. It would be likely along the lines of their hit show 'Desperate Housewives.'

Story on Gloria Monty's passing at

Some Recommended Readings This Morning

John Stossel (The real world 'Mallard Fillmore' who works at ABC News) has accepted the Challange from Government Schools Teachers. Guess What People??? The Union (American Federation of Teachers part of the AFL-CIO for the record) stonewalled Stossel. Big Mistake you so-called Caring Teachers. Now Stossel has called your bluff even if that was Not His Intent.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani warns of another terrorist attack. The question is when will it happen.

The Dems lost their kicking boy when Tom 'The Hammer' DeLay bowed out. Tony Blankley says The Dems are not happy as you think.

How about a Token Lefty Piece from John 'The Poodle' Kerry. Abort The Iraq Mission...Cue the song; "We Do,Run, Run." You know that one that The Godfather of Talk Radio plays.

How can the GOP can get their Mojo Back??? This List from WSJ can.

This also can be a winner for the GOP. Click here to visit

Rich Lowey talks about importing Latin America’s poor.

In Taxachusettes, Governor Mitt Rommy is planning to sign a state bill which is going to get the Government of that state into Health Care. Yes we will get 'National Health Care/HillaryCare.' The term you should really use is Socialist Health Care. It will not be neat when the United States gets it. By the way Rommy is a Republican it would like to be President of the United States.

What???? Nothing about Cynthia McKinney???!!!! Lets go on to the next post.

The Cynthia McKinney saga continues

Allthough Tom 'The Hammer' DeLay is bowing out of the game of shaping public policy he still comes out and tells America this and I quote (at least according to Drudge)

Cynthia McKinney is a racist. She has a long history of racism. Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance, and -- that sometimes hits these members of congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney...
Yes Mr. Hammer that is a true statement, and you know what? The fellow Democrats that tried to depose you continue to play the race card, and I just heard that you are going to file an ethics complant aganist McKinney. All I say is RIGHT ON!!!

The Democrats who at one time felt nothing wrong with racism and segregation until the 1960's and had to promote a new kind of racism, one that would not be seen as an evil in the American eye. Rather than wipping and kicking them around on private plantations, we now make them dependent on Goverment and that has become the new plantation. The results are so clear, and the Black Community suffers, and even with great black conservative thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker to name a few, the Dems still have a lock on the black vote and keep telling them that they are 'Victims.' If only someone would remind them that its the Democrats that made them victims in the first place. Democrats THEN, Democrats NOW!!! They just figured out that the black community could be more valuable if the Dems could try to "Buy Votes" from them rather than impose something like "Jim Crow Laws."

You Dems says that McKinney is a distraction. Good!!!! Your kicking boy Tom DeLay is leaving and hopfuly the voters still see what kind of nutcases your party is. Neal Boortz recanted McKinney's hair style and that does not do you leftys no good. Speaking of Neal Boortz...

Releated Links

Neal Boortz is not letting up on this

Michelle Malkin has her take

Current AP Story about McKinney

Current story from and guess what??? Nancy Pelosi has no love for McKinney.

I Welcome Your Comments

'Perky Katie Cookie Cutter Koran Couric' is going to CBS Yeaaaaaaaa!!!

Who really cares, unless your The Eye, and you need someone that will put a jolt in your evening ratings. Why they put up with Dan BlabBer (unlike Dan blather is many rightys calls him, since you take out the R and substitute a it with a B & L) for so many years is beyond me.

What Uncle Wally (Cronkite, and the man that Danny Boy replaced) had was the charisma and man oh man he used that to make us lose the war in Vietnam, and put Jimmy Carter in office (he says he admires the guy, and I am not surprised). Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Uncle Wally advocates for World Government (read: Global Socialism under the United Nations aka UN), and Carter never saw a socialist that he hated. You can say the same thing for Dan Rather.

Even since Danny Boy Rather left the anchor chair of the CBS Evening News that respected program saw its ratings go up in spite of still being in third place. One has to wonder how the newscast would do if Bob Schieffer was allowed to take Uncle Wally's place. Any way that jerk is also happy that Katie is going to take his place...can you say Retirement?

Granted I don't expect the CBS Evening News to return the numbers during the years they had Uncle Wally in the anchor's chair, but man I think the rival networks are sweating just a bit including so to be Cookie Cutter's so to be former employer NBC.

Well Matt Drudge you can pat yourself on the back once again.

Story from WNBC 4 New York City

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

USA Today's 2006 Save Our Shows Survey

Well its become a traditional piece and project at USA Today regarding those shows that the networks have not decided to renew just yet, and what the viewers tell them to renew in hopes they will do. This feature also tells you which shows have gotten a renewal for next season and which ones are going to be put to rest. Before I link the story here is rundown for each network. Also for the shows that have gotten canceled, I will point out how long those shows ran cause some were on for quite awhile. One more thing, this survey ONLY deals with "scripted shows" (sitcoms and dramas) and does not highlight the newsmagazines, game and/or reality shows. With that I shall start with...


Renewed or Soon Will Be

According to Jim

Boston Legal

Desperate Housewives (I am a guy and I would rather watch the Bell Daytime dramas on CBS over this anytime. Oh for those who don't get, it Y&R and B&B. Still don't get it, please vist CBS's website)

George Lopez (Not a big numbers getter, but hey he is survivor in many ways. Not to mechion he stars in the very few sitcoms that have hispanics in the core cast. Remember "Que Pasa U.S.A?" which aired on many public television stations back in the late 1970's anyone?)

Grey's Anatomy (Would love to find a woman to make love with. Don't need to watch a series about the sex lifes of Medical Interns. I have to admit the Post Super Bowl have allowed this show to overtake the Housewives overall ratings wise)

Lost ('Bad Robot's' best show yet...Speaking of Bad Robot we move now to the first show of...)

ABC shows Canceled

Alias: 5 Seasons, 105 Total Episodes (Hope the fans come support the show's final episodes. They need to if they want to see this cult hit wrap up.)

Crumbs: 8 total Episodes

Emily's Reasons Why Not: 6 Episodes produced but only 1 aired

Hot Properties: 13 Episodes

In Justice: 13 Episodes

Jake in Progress: 2 Seasons, 20 total Episodes, 14 aired

Less than Perfect: 4 Seasons, Apox 81 Episodes

Night Stalker: 10 Total Episodes, 6 aired and all Episodes can be downloaded via iTunes (It was a good show. Not great but not bad either.)

Rodney: 2 Seasons, Apox 37 Episodes

ABC Shows on the Bubble

Commander in Chief


Hope & Faith


Sons & Daughters

The Evidence



Renewed or Soon Will Be


CSI: Miami


Cold Case

Criminal Minds

Ghost Whisperer

How I Met Your Mother


The New Adventures of Old Christine


The Unit

Two and a Half Men

Without a Trace

CBS Shows Canceled

Courting Alex: 13 Episodes were ordered, 10 were produced but only 8 aired (Well I hate CBS when it comes to sitcoms anyway and that includes Old Christine)

Love Monkey: 8 Episodes Produced, 3 were aired (Note: The monkeys at USA Today missed/omitted this cancelation from the list. Hope they take note of it for the correction/mistake box)

Still Standing: 4 Seasons, 86 Episodes (Looks like Renee Olstead can focus more on her singing carrer. She was just in the adults shadow anyway. I will not miss this show)

Threshold: 13 Episodes, 9 aired (I am still in withdrawal over this series)

Yes, Dear: 6 Seasons, 122 Episodes (Good Bye and Good Ridance)

CBS Shows On The Bubble

Close To Home (Not really into this show but man Jennifer Finnigan is a hottie. She deserves another chance.)

Out of Practice

The King of Queens (Note: Kevin James wants a little more money. If he gets it this show will go into a 9th season)



Renewed or Soon Will Be

Crossing Jordan


Las Vegas

Law & Order

L&O: Criminal Intent



My Name Is Earl

The Office

NBC Shows Canceled

E-Ring: 14 Episodes aired

Four Kings: 13 Episodes Produced, 7 aired

Inconceivable: 2 Episodes aired

Joey: 2 Seasons, 45 Total Episodes, 37 Episodes went to air (Note: The first episode of the second season of this show was beat by the Premiere of "Everybody Hates Chris" on UPN. That is scary if your NBC)

Surface: 15 Total Episodes (The worst of the alien invasion shows that aired this season. Good riddance and to quote TV Guide of the 2005 Fall Preview regarding this show; "Glug, Glug, Glug." It took some time but it got their. Now I have one question. Deal...or No Deal? Ooops can't do game shows. The TV elites hate that. Lets move on)

The Book of Daniel: 7 Episodes were Produced, 3 or 4 episodes were aired (Again the Question is Deal...or No Deal? Note to the TV Elites; Most people would rather face that question that watch a show that mocks religious faith. The track record for this kind of entertainment is poor at best)

The West Wing: 7 Seasons, 155 Total Episodes (Also known as "The LEFT Wing" what we rightys like to call it, cause it is.)

Will & Grace: 8 Seasons, Apx 190 Episodes have aired

NBC Shows On The Bubble



Scrubs (Note: Might move to ABC since its produced by its sister production company Touchstone)




Renewed or Soon Will Be


American Dad


Family Guy


King of the Hill

Prison Break

The OC

The Simpsons

The War at Home

FOX Shows Canceled

Arrested Development: 3 Seasons, 53 Total Episodes

Head Cases: 6 Episodes produced, 2 aired

Killer Instinct: Apox 13 Episodes Produced, but 9 aired

Kitchen Confidential: 12 Episodes

Malcom in the Middle: 7 Seasons, 151 Total Episodes

Reunion: 22 Episodes Intended to be produced, 13 Episodes Accually Produced, 9 went to air

Stacked: 2 Seasons, 18 Total Episodes

That 70's Show: 8 Seasons, 200 Total Episodes

FOX Shows On The Bubble

Bernie Mac

Free Ride

The Loop


The CW (WB, UPN)

Shows that are or very likely will carry over to The CW

All of Us

Everybody Hates Chris

Gilmore Girls




WWE Smackdown

WB and UPN Shows Canceled

7th Heaven: 10 Seasons, 221 Total Episodes

Charmed: 8 Seasons, 178 Total Episodes

Cuts: 2 Seasons, 25 Episodes at least went to air

Eve: 3 Seasons, 66 Episodes

Just Legal: 3 Episodes aired

Living with Fran: 2 Seasons, Apox 17 Episodes

Love Inc: One Full Season, 23 Total Episodes

Related: 19 Episodes Produced 18 Aired

Sex, Love, & Secrets: 13 Episodes Ordered, 8 Episodes Produced, 4 Went to Air

South Beach: 8 Episodes

Twins: 10 Episodes

What I Like About You: 4 Seasons, 86 Total Episodes

WB and UPN Shows On The Bubble Regarding the move to The CW


Half and Half

One on One

One Tree Hill


Veronica Mars


In a upcomning post I will predict what Bubble shows get renewals.

For now Click here and let your voice be heard regarding the Bubble Shows that you want to see saved.

Some Recommended Readings

The real face of Zero tolerance. Boy turns in knife to his principal. Might be expelled. Ever thought about Home Schooling or Private Education??? Goverment Education out of control.

David Limbaugh talks about Russ Finegold's recent appearance on FOX News Sunday. His goals can be seen ever so clear. David was just as disgusted with this socialist as much as I was.

What if Billy Boy was a Republican??? Burt Prelutsky gives you something to think about that one.

Dennis Prager talks about The intolerance among leftys and Democrats.

The Republicans spending money like crazy. They really outdone what FDR only dreamed of. Gutting "The New Deal?" Don't worry Darth Fargo, they are far from doing that right now.

Cal Thomas talks about the recent ABC News flap.

Michael Barone shows us why the Old Media would like to see the new media stiffled. He tells it like it is. 90% Dems, 10% Republicans. That is most of your major newsrooms. They need lots of Dirty Lanudry. Cue the old Don Henley song.

While we are on the subject of the News Media Thomas Sowell presents this piece which I say is a MUST READ!!! Sowell points out that Certain Agendas TRUMP Clear Facts.

Bill Cosby keeps speaking out about how his people act especially in the geto called New Orleans. If we only had more people like him speaking out.

Want to Nag Me???? Please Do:

Tom DeLay Calls It Quits

If your a Democrat you are probably going to buy yourself some Champaign a celebrate a victory for your party since you feathered and tarred the man in the first place. To be career politician especially a Republican, it can very tough. It seems that if your Uncle Ted, Barbara Boxer, Robert "Klansman" Byrd its easy as pie, cause your loved among the elite that runs this country. That elite is not friendy to those who believe (or talk about) in limited goverment and individual freedom and liberty. Say what you want about DeLay but at least he had spine and stuck to his guns. I Don't agree with everything he did but the Republicans could learn a thing or two about leadership from him. He was not called "The Hammer" for nothing.

The rest of the Republicans can still grow a spine and hopfuly figure out that your better off not trying to make nice the limo leftys especially those in the National News Media. Their are nothing but an unofficial Public Relations machine for the Democratic National Committee (or DNC for short). Neal Boortz is warning you and so is Sean Hannity (or Slan Head as Darth Fargo likes to call him) that if the Dems do "take back" American the very two things they will do is Impeach Bush and try to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine." Once those two things are acomplished then very likley nothing can stop these 'Jack@$$'s' (literally) from making the United States of America into the new Soviet Union. I say it again but with different words. This Soviet Union will not be in Russia but here in the United States.

Why do you think so many liberals went after President Reagan back in the 1980's. They wanted to enable so many communist fronts especially in South America at the time. Today these socialist scum bags are taking over these countries without as much bloodshed. If only our current Republicans would take the time to reflect on what Reagan did during his time as President of the United States. He did what he had to do and did not care about what the Crankenhouses, the Rathers, the Breakjaws, The Barbs, The Sheens or the Donaldsons of the world thought of him. Reagan was consistant in what he believed in and stuck to his guns.

This is a reason why he got elected for two terms and why he replaced an imcomptant President who has proven his love towards dictators especially those with communist/socialist tendencies.. Even as a lame duck Reagan stuck to his guns and believed in what he believed in. Bush (Father and Son) will never compare to the Great Communicator, but maybe just maybe they can show a little Reaganism and do the right not only for the Republicans but for our Country.

Story from

Comments about the DeLay Retirment from Neal Boortz, and he says we are losing a great advocate.

Right now the lovers of Freedom and Liberty see hope in Cynthia Mckinney as she continues to act up and her sympathizers let her get away with it. Its in Boortz's Nuze as well.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Guess who made the following Remarks

Its not who you think.

"It's the wicked Jews, the false Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality," It's wicked Jews, false Jews that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic!"

These comments were made by Louis Farrakhan. Yep the guy that is part of the Nation of Islam. Yet the media would rather go after Jerry Fallwell when he makes a dumb statement like this.

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the A.C.L.U., People for the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say, 'You helped this happen."

He is correct about the ACLU and 'People for the Socialist Way' no doubt about it, but to blame those who perform abortions, Gays/Lesbians, and all feminists (the feminists that have a socialist bent do deserve the blame), and all pagans (don't mind a few pagans that agree with me, those I do and WILL applaude). That is what I call going off the deep end.

Fallwell did recant the statment he made, but what about Calypso Louie??? Well since he is black and not a Christian then I guess makes it all right to those in the News Media at large. Once again the media is only looking out for their own selfish interests.

I don't care if Johnny McCain is hanging with Fallwell. I like to see this guy grow a spine and fight for what the country stood for as a politician as much as he did as soldier in our Armed Forces.

Story from

My E-Mail:

Savage Ticks The Catholic Hierarchy Off

While I don't agree with him on certain things, I have always enjoyed the bluntness and passion that made Michael Savage the radio talk show that he is. Anyone that enables illegals in this country deserve to be chastised...and that includes the Catholic Church.

Click here for the story from

Let me get one thing straight. I don't hate Catholics. I DO have issues with the Catholic Church. If anyone tried to keep people in the dark ages, it was that church. Regardless if it was keeping the masses illiterate, forcing women to become mothers especially those that did not to be mothers (and those who should never be mothers), rapeing young boys, and simply sticking its nose were it just does not belongs especially in the private sex lives of people. The icing on the cake would be helping illegals.

If what I said is Catholic Bashing, then so be it. You deserve to be bashed for all your sins. Just be glad that I don't want the government to sue you out of existence like so many of your enemies do. Unlike the wannabes that want to sue you, I do not believe in collective punishment. Guilty by Assocation??? Not always.

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Some Recommended Readings on a Monday Morning

Neal Boortz recants for calling Cynthia McKinney a Getto S--t, but still is calling her bluff regarding the use of the race card. Click Here to read his thoughts.

Boortz ran across two articles from the online version of The Nation. The Nation is a left wing rag which like Air America Radio (maybe) hang in their because of the limo leftys that support them. I need to link these myself.

Number One: A character by the name of Ronald Aronson says that the left 'needs more Socialism.' Click here to read it. Finally somebody wants to come out and tell everyone what they really are and its honest than calling yourself "Progressive."

Number Two: Eight Pages, Eight Different Writers and they are talking about Taming Captialism at the Global Level. What is the background of these people??? Lefty wing groups, Unions, College Professors just to name a few... you get the ideal.

Now that you have read these pieces (or not) its time you know the turth about The Nation. Click here to read a profile on this far left rag from Some things that The Nation did will truly shock you.

Other DiscoverTheNetwork Profiles that are related to 'The Nation'

Nation Books

The Nation Institute

A weekly radio program called Radio Nation. Please note that the show that DTN discribes is no longer be on the air. However Radio Nation has made an alliance with Air America Radio and is now tied in with Laura Flanders weekend talk show on AAR.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Editor and Co-Owner of The Nation. Did you know that The Nation does make yearly runs on Cruse Ships. Yep and it only costs you around $1,400 to $4,000 to join these limo leftys and how they want to tell you that the working stiff needs socialism. Remember the masterminds of socialist movements were never from the working class.

Victor Navasky: Publisher, Editorial Director and Co-Owner of The Nation. This guy defended Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs both were proven to be communist spies.

Hate all this Nation Bashing...Good!!!

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some Recommended Readings for a Sunday Night

Remember I told you about a Indian Reservation in South Dakota that will offer to abortions in case South Dakota's Abortion Law in upheld Click here for the story.

Smart Remarks from Don:
Well Bobby (Enyart), you still have ways to go in your quest to empower men to put women under their thumbs once again. Forget the "Stepford Wives" how about "The Enyart Wives?" However he would never "Murder" the wives unlike the Stepford Men. Don't forget to practice what you preach Bobby.

Oh and here is my take on all of the above

Another reason why the Old Media Hates us and Fears us. Click here to find out why. Please don't give this garbage about a "black eye" your freaken idiots. Uncle Wally and the Cigarette Smoking Journalist (Edward R. Murrow) are just as guilty and neither did not have deal with Blogs and the New Media.

"Basic Instinct 2" (along with the first movie from Larry The Cable Guy) has a 'meltdown' of sorts while "Ice Age 2" stands firm. My first time link to a story from's Movie section